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Petroleum plays a significant role in contributing to the African economy. Oil was founded in the Nigerian region in 1907. Nigeria supplies oil to the United States of America. 

Shell Nigeria Gas Factory was established in Nigeria country in the year 1936. The first shipment of oil from Nigeria took place in the year 1958. Shell is a fossil fuel company set up in Nigeria which operates 87 flow stations, 6,000-kilometer-long pipelines, 8 natural gas plants and thousands of producing wells.

In the 90’s, there was a lot of tension related to the environmental damage and displacement of people. When a factory is set up, it comes with several hardships. This was not free of consequences because many local residents were affected by this. The industrial unit has been in the news for many years. The shell factory was seized in Nigeria. What is the Shell Factory politics? What are the issues? You will find all that and more through this article. Before going through the article, take a look at the Viking essay for the much-needed help.


The Shell Factory
Shell Nigeria is basically owned by Royal Dutch of Netherlands and Shell Group. The two companies have been venturing together since 1903. They ran several businesses in West Africa, Argentina, and Nigeria. 

The company was founded in Lagos Africa. The oil extraction takes place at a region called Niger Delta. This Nigeria region is home to various ethnic groups, which includes the Ogoni. This group faces a lot of exploitation by the Shell multinational company.

The Plight of Ethnic Groups
When there is oil extraction, several people are affected by it because there is environmental damage. The factory provides an occupation/several jobs for people, but it is causing severe damage to the environment. The Government is not taking any necessary steps for stopping the injustice. 

The Government hanged 9 people for speaking against the Shell Group and Royal Dutch of Netherlands. This happened in the year 1995. 

The Ogoni people were enraged, and they could not stand the environmental injustice. It is a case of human rights. It is not just about the Ogoni people, but there are other groups, who are facing injustice as well.


The Ogoni villages do not have clean water to drink, and they are living with little electricity. The displaced farmers do not have jobs and fishermen do not have any option. 

The Shell factory is molesting the environment and taking away the limited resources from the people.

The Problem of Environmental Degradation
Crude oil is dangerous, and once it touches a leaf, it dries up. Imagine what damage it can do to human beings! The oil has killed many fishes in the water bodies, and most of the ethnic people were dependent on farming and fishing. 

There is no fish to catch, and the lands are barren due to crude oil. The oil companies such as Shell have significant influence on the government. The Ogoni people started a movement which is called Movement for Survival of the Ogoni People. It began in the year 1993. Several people participated in this movement for the struggle for saving the environment.

The Struggle For A Better Life
Shell Factory has overstayed in the Nigeria region, and 2017 is expected to stop this. In the month of August 2017, the locals from Bielema reached the factory and demanded that the Anglo-Dutch oil producer should leave the area because they are unable to improve the lives of people. 

More than 800 men and women demanded the right to live a better lifestyle. The locals were angry, and they feel that the Shell factory has overstayed in the region.

The industrial unit claims that they have created jobs for the poor people and they have spent a lot of money to improve the schools. However, the villagers are not in the same boat, and they reached a breaking point. 

Did they get clean drinking water? Are they breathing fresh air? The answer is NO! The anger of the villagers is justified because they do not see the change. Locals seized the Nigerian oil hub due to immense anger. 

Was it right? The answer is YES! If the factory cannot improve the lives of individuals and address their issues, it is best to leave their home and find another place. It is a major threat to the environment, and it has been continuing for many years. It is time to stop exploiting nature and individuals, who depend on the natural resources. 

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