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The devil has come under merciless pounding by thousands of pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, as they pelted it with almost 49.4 million stones.

This is not counting the empty bottles, shoes and other hard materials thrown at this evil spirit by pilgrims who passionately wanted it cast out of existence.

Saudi Gazette reported that the pilgrims during the first of the three Tashriq days, which was Saturday, threw 49.39 million pebbles at the devil in the Jamarat area in Mina.

The pilgrims pebbled the Jamarat Al-Aqaba (big devil replica) on Friday, the Eid day after coming down from Muzdalifah each throwing seven stones.

On the first Tashriq day, each pilgrim will be carrying with them 21 stones to throw seven at each one of the three devil replicas.

The throwing of stones is an important ritual in the Haj. Some pilgrims, who may be extremely mad at the devil, will throw empty bottles, shoes, slippers and other hard material.

Thanks to the intricate security measures, the throwing of the stones went smooth with no incidents at all to mar the ritual.

According to the new arrangements at the Jamarat Bridge, the pilgrims will not have to go back to their tents via the same road that they had used to arrive at the Jamarat area. This has prevented stampede and the pilgrims running into each other.

The Jamarat area has been raised to four stories providing more space for the pilgrims to use.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah prevented throwing stones from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. which has helped relieve the overcrowdedness.

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  1. Lolz.
    I expect the devil to have died completely.
    So why is he so very much alive and still operating more strongly everyday?

    1. Especially among those who claimed to have stoned him.... JESUS IS LORD.

    2. Your ignorance knows no bound. So when you go for holy communion when you symbolically Eat the flesh and Drink the Blood of Jesus Christ you are not then a Canibal? You Christians always have the propensity of mocking other peoples faith while your backside is just wide open.

  2. After stoning their devil, the devil will in turn use them in form of Boko haram, Isis, Taliban, Al-Shabab, and many many other Islamic Jihadist killing machines to commit countless killings.

    1. They will never accept this but studies show that it is part and pazzle of there religious doctrines. In fact it is the core of Mohammad's teachings and he practiced it.

  3. Also after symbolically eating the flesh and drink that blood through cultism, kidnapping rituals and baby factory for child trafficking and became drug dealers


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