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A United Kingdom-based civil society organisation, Citizens United for Peace and Stability, said on Friday it has started gathering facts about the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, intending to ask the UK Government to revoke his British citizenship.

Kanu is a dual citizen of the UK and Nigeria.

According to the Convener of CUPS, Dr. Idris Ahmed, the move seeking the revocation of Kanu’s British citizenship was connected to alleged acts of “terrorism perpetrated by IPOB, including the recent attacks on Northerners living in the Southeast.”

In several Facebook posts on Friday, Ahmed said, “Beyond any doubt, IPOB is a terrorist organisation. I have watched so many video clips on Facebook in which Nnamdi Kanu talked about mobilising weapons and financial resources to wage war against the Nigerian State.

“The CUPS organisation has started compiling evidence to pass to the British Government to strip Nnamdi Kanu of his UK citizenship.

“Under a new law, over 100 UK citizens who went overseas to commit acts of terrorism or fight for ISIS have been stripped of their citizenship by the Home Secretary (Minister of Internal Affairs).

“Nnamdi Kanu perfectly falls into this category.”

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  1. Dr Idris Ahmed, before you start a fight you can not win. Read article below and let QC interpret the law for you before you made a fool of yourself. I live in London. Law was one of my courses in the Uni.
    The new powers of deprivation of citizenship in the UK

    Published on Saturday, 28 June 2014 13:15
    by Helena Wray

    There are now several categories of British citizens whose status is more or less secure depending on their situation.
    (1) Those who are British citizens by birth and do not have another nationality cannot have their citizenship removed.
    (2) Those who are British citizens by birth or naturalisation and are dual nationals. They may have their citizenship removed if that is considered conducive to the public good.
    (3) Those who obtained their citizenship by naturalisation who are not dual nationals so that deprivation will leave them stateless. Their British citizenship may be revoked if: 1. It was obtained by fraud, false representation, or concealment of a material fact; or 2. They are considered to have acted in a way which is seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the UK and there are reasonable grounds for believing that the person is able to acquire another nationality.

    Reportedly, 53 Britons were deprived of their citizenship since 2002.

    1. With your post here, I believe you've shot yourself in the foot, because, Kanu falls under two of the categories stated in this document. Did you say Dr. Idris Ahmed is fighting a battle he can not win. Maybe, you need to revisit what you posted vis-a-vis with Kanu's situation.

  2. You're out of your mind.

  3. Anonymous 10:39. Reread your first number two whether kanu falls in or not. And my greatest surprise when this guy is making insults, creation of BSS, biafran National Guard and making all such preparation you people just kept quiet ,but when there is reaction against his deviance you started to defending him. Why? ??

    1. Idot Zali u are here again. U will all burn to blazes. Bastard.

    2. Msheliza, I went through the 3 points before I posted it @ 10:39. British law deals with crime committed in UK not the once committed outside its boarders. Remember what the Chief Justice of Nigeria said when Charley boy and his group were calling for repartiration of former Petrolum minister. It is time Nigeria come to round table to discuss our existance as a nation not the time to kill innocent civilians. I hope we will choose the right way out of this mess.

    3. Tell me then, what happened to some British citizens who joined ISIS and returned back to British soil without committing a crime on British soil?

  4. Dr Idris Ahmed you are a big fool like your brother PMB. I was not a fan of the IPOB but this killing PMB has instructed the Military to kill innocent citizen in south-East will come to the North one day. All the killing that was done by the fulanis in Kaduna and the other parts of North PMB did not send army to kill the perpetrators,who are his brothers. I am from Edo,a stounch APC member but this act of PMB is not of democracy in best international standard. Nigeria if falling and most of our leaders are there keeping mute. It will get to all of their door step. This PMB government is just like Kin Jun Hun of North Korea. This is nother the oat he took to protect each and every citizen in may 29,2015. I quote,I belong to every body and i belong to nobody.. Now you only belong to the North. PMB wicked terrorist.

    1. So, democracy in international standard condones Kanu's disregard for authority, by forming his own security forces and declaring war on a sovereign state? Be realistic man. No country in the world will accept such acts of brigandage.

  5. We declare APC lead administration by President Buhari a terrorist administration.


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