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A popular Sierra Leone-based Nigerian pastor, Victor Ajisafe has been arrested by the government after he was found to have made certain outrageous comments about Islamic religion during his Sunday sermon.

Ajisafe, was arrested in Sierra Leone after recordings of a sermon targeting Muslims went viral on social media.

The Guardian UK reports that Ajisafe, who is the founder and leader of one of the country’s largest churches, The Sanctuary Praise Church, while speaking to his congregants called Islam a “violent religion of lies and deceit,” adding that Muslims have been responsible for “every terrorist act in the history of the world.”

Sierra Leone’s population is roughly 78% Muslim, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center estimate.

Audio and video recordings of the sermon appeared online within three days, and were met with immediate and near-universal condemnation by both Muslims and Christians in the country.

The pastor was arrested on Tuesday, but has not yet been charged.

Head of Sierra Leone’s Criminal Investigations Department, MB Kamara, said, “Everyone is very upset by his message.

“We are a very religiously tolerant country and no one ever worries whether someone is Muslim or Christian. We all have lived peacefully for generations, and no one wants that disrupted.”

An initial press release from the social welfare ministry said Ajisafe was being held for his own protection.

And Kamara added that Ajisafe would be held until a charge against him could be determined.

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  1. Does he think he's in Nigeria where you can make such comment and some dullards with support him....

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  3. Hmmmmmmm !!! This is crazy, just so crazy. Arresting someone for saying how he feels based on his environmental circumstances or what he sees? He would be held until a charge against him could be determined? Ok o, go on and hold him. I'm not fully supporting his statement that, "violent religion of lies and deceit,” adding that Muslims have been responsible for “every terrorist act in the history of the world.” But I think that's the way he sees the world today. Common, just look around and what do u see? Look at ISIS, look at AlQeida, look at what goes on in the Philippines, look at Syria, look at Egypt, then look at Nigeria and Boko Haram. If u consider all these countries and their situations and conditions in reference to religious problems, what would u say and what would ur judgement be? There are more of these conditions caused by the people who claim to be Muslims, and not that they are called Muslims but they themselves called themselves Muslims. One thing I know and I'm sure of is that, human beings are violent and are liars. And if any religion is run by the dictates of human beings, such a religion is meant to be corrupt and would be found to be violent and deceptive. Look at the world today, the cause of most problems is religion and that's why we need to dump religion, push it aside, and embrace relationship, relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Look at these Pastors, how fat they are in every area but their congregants are lacking. Look at how they live large, very large and their members beg and lack. They fly around in jets and ride in the latest and most expensive cars in the name of the gospel. So, for this pastor to say that religion is deceptive is not too wrong. May be his only mistake is only calling out Islam but we shouldn't kill him for that. I don't know much of world history but so many people also have committed atrocities in the name of Christianity even though they were fake Christians as we may call them but this same argument of fake christianity a Muslim could make also. What's written in their book of code of conduct is most important and how did the leaders of these groups live their lives is paramount to their followers and should be used to judge their followers as long as we are here on earth. Christianity has been attacked by people even by Christians when a so called Christian does an unexpected, so what is the difference? I have seen houses burnt, churches destroyed and church members killed and slaughtered all over the world for the claim that Islam or Mohammed was disrespected and there has been a number of times when Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the church had been ridiculed but nothing had happened, I mean there has been no violence demonstrated in any form. What's going on? We need a lot of TOLERANCE for each other for things to be resolved peacefully. No one should defend God nor religion and if God is God and if any form of God's worship is designed by God, then let Him defend Himself and the form of worship designed by Him. We can't defend God and His ways in anyway. We are not equipped to do so because He is God and we are human, He is the One that needs to defend us because He knows the best way justifiable to both defend Himself, His ways, and us alongside, without being UNJUST in doing so. The only way by which any corrupt human being (All human beings are corrupt anyway) can be changed is by changing the heart and the only heart changer is Jesus Christ. ACCEPTING Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord will change heart and then RELIGION will mean nothing to a changed heart anymore because religion is a KILLER but relationship with God is God's will for humanity and can only be achieved by Jesus Christ God's Son. Some of the forms of religion is exist all around us and we must be careful not falling into them. On these things please think and may God's light shine upon them in ur hearts inJesusChristname, amen. As usual, be blessed inJesusChristname. Today Saturday 09302017 @ 2:25 pm.


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