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Despite calls by the United Nations for the arrest and prosecution of a coalition of northern groups which had on June 6 issued a “quit notice” to Igbo living in the northern part of the Nigeria, the Federal Government has explained why it cannot arrest members of the coalition, saying the group had already stated that they were misquoted by the media.

According to the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau; “The group that called themselves coalition of Arewa Associations that held a press conference in Kaduna where they gave October 1 ultimatum to the Igbos to quit the north as a response to what they termed as issue of separatist agenda of the IPOB and claim that there are lots of incitement from the Igbos against the northerners to which the Kaduna State governor responded that they should be arrested for what they reported.

“Of course they later claimed that the media quoted them out of context. I am very much aware that the DSS invited all of them, held a meeting with them to which they made a statement to the effect that what was reported in the media was not what they said.

“They further wrote to the acting President indicating that they did not make inciting statement as to the issue of violence or forceful ejection of the Igbos in the north. However, it was on the basis of that, the northern elders called them to also reaffirm from them that what was reported is not exactly what they meant”.

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  1. plz d police n d NOA should let us knw d terms n conditions of hate speech so dat we dat due comment on issues do not cross d line, although we don't use to cross d line.

  2. If that is not what said how come they re withdrawing their statement, that the reason why I said Nigeria is a funny country, stop playing on people intelligent one can not call off what he/she did not start, just tell us that u want to favour the north but u have taken authority to arrest people from the east, that fair treatment we are talking in Nigeria, Do unto them what u will wish them do u, God bless Nigeria. As event unfolding

  3. Could it be that am the one dreaming or the minister of interior? Something they blatantly claim they utter even there elder statesmen supported it. Whats wrong with this nation? We behave like we are all uneducated.

  4. That's zoo police for you. They must go and arrest the parasitic Arewa Youths who issued quit notice to fellow Nigerian citizens living in the north. What kind of a nation issues its citizens quit notice. Despite their hate speech, terrorism and treason, Buhari/Osinbajo/APC government is still treating them with kid glove. It’s Nnamdi Kanu – the leader of Biafra nation they want to arrest. They are looking for second civil war. Also for hate speech, IGP Ibrahim Idris should go and arrest president Buhari, VP Osinbajo, Tinubu, Lai Mohammad, parasitic Arewa Youths, Shettima, El-Rufia, etc., for their hate speeches before talking about IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra – a group that is using nonviolent means. Biafra is a nation and its people are peacefully seeking self-determination to exit from the murderous Islamic Nigeria. What's hateful about that?

  5. Oh God, what's going on with Nigeria my nation? Why are we this manipulative in behavior? Why are we this way? Why are we this ethnically driven and truthfully bankrupt? Righteousness is what exalts any nation, so said God. If we look away because we believe some people are better or more previledged than others, eventually there will be an explosion, big very big explosion will happen that no one may be able to contain it. But I still don't believe the above story that the Arewa youth said that they were wrongly quoted and out of context too, and the government believed them. I TRUST my man, Mr President Buhari can't be fooled that cheaply. He is wise and much more smarter than that. And he is not a man of corruption to believe such a cheap manipulation as this story, so please let's listen to what he as the President has to say about this but not that I'm putting him on the spot but I just trust him so much that he can't be behind this nonsense. And I'm not talking political because I don't care about poilitics but I care for my nation Nigeria and I care about truth and righteousness and I don't have any political party alliance. Anyway, may be it's all a joke, so let's wait and see where we are going and may the Lord God help us. And if the story is true, the more my recommendation of Jesus Christ as the ONLY solution to Nigeria problems is appropriate. And my recommendation is, "No system can be changed without the change of heart, no change of Nation without the change of nation's system because the hearts that execute the system is what is more important to be changed and once that happens, the system will change and then there will be a changed Nation becos out of the heart comes nepotism, lies, bribery, manipulation, hatred, superiority complex, oppression, tribalism, looting, robbery, ritual killing, cover up of evil, and all sorts of evil and once the heart is changed, all those evil will stop." Religion can't change no heart, going to church has no power to change any heart, being a good Muslim can't change any heart otherwise we wouldn't be fighting Boko Haram or Boko Haram wouldn't be trying to control us and kill us in the name of religion, calling one a Christian can't do the job of heart changing. The ONLY succesful heart change ever has ONLY been performed by Jesus Christ God's Son. It's only the mercy of God who Jesus Christ is that can change hearts. If we genuinely come to Jesus Christ for help, He will accept us as we are and change us to who we should be. He would take away the wicked hearts of the devil 😈 from us in exchange for a good, righteous, loving heart that God promised to give us by accepting Jesus Christ. That's the only way we can get to eternity in heaven and the only way to make changes to the system of our nation Nigeria, any other way would always be corrupt, unrighteous, evil, and one sided. Tanx and be blessed. As usual, Today Saturday 08262017 @ 6:58pm.


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