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Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, has reportedly given a timeline that he may resign if he fails to recover from his undisclosed illness.

The President left Nigeria for London on May 7 on a medical follow up, leaving the office for Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo.
Independent reports that, though the president has made immense improvements in the last couple of weeks, he has told one of his close aides that if he doesn’t recover by a specific date, he will tender his resignation letter.

According to the newspaper, which reportedly spoke to the Presidential aide, contrary to the views by many, the president is not desperate to cling on to power but he is being advised by doctors to continue with the treatment while Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo presides over the affairs of the nation.

It also reported that though some aides of the president tried to bypass the acting president in order to get to the president, the president directed them to relate with the acting president who is presently in charge of the affairs of the nation.

It quoted the Presidential aide as saying that the fact that the decision of the president to direct all state matters to the acting president has greatly contributed to the remarkable progress the president has made in the last couple of weeks.

According to the report, when the president was transmitting the second letter of his medical vacation to the leadership of the National Assembly intimating it of his trip to London, he wanted to transmit a letter of resignation but a retired General from Taraba prevailed on him not to do so.

Recall that Buhari’s Special Assistant, Femi Adesina had said “the length of the president’s stay in London will be determined by the doctors” after transmitting “letters about the trip to the Senate and the House of Representatives, in compliance with Section 145 (1) of the 1999 constitution.”

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  1. Baba, I am one of the few that love you. I love you because of your discipline. You know your health better than anyone else. Please if sincerely you are sick, look after yourself first and may the Almighty Allah heal you and me and every other person who may be sick. People are not really good. They are sycophants and only want to use you. Health is wealth and your health first. We all know you have tried and I will advise you leave Nigeria for its people. At the end of it, they will regret their actions. Some of them are diabolical and evil. They have forgotten that we did not bring anything to this world and we will all leave with nothing. "Asiwere on koro jo, ko meni toma lo."

  2. PMB is too sincere to the core ! I almost shed tears reading this report if it's true, we need sincere people like him to lead this country only the few bad guys that surrounds him and they are trying to force the power on him because of their selfish reasons. May God grant you quick recovery sir PMB. Your health is more than power.

  3. Northern corrupt people charm Buhari. They built charm from Niger to Daura, they pray Yasin against Buhari. Buhari will be feeling confuse whenever he thinks of Nigeria. Buhari cannot come back if they didn't free him from the charm. They might even send him far away from London again. And wallahi they are from north those who did it.

  4. Person weh don die already. Hausa should keep on fooling themselves. No truth in this country at all.

  5. @9:44..what you just said now is not supported,let's wait until we see,nobody wants him dead,all we want is a change of mind for good.

  6. The Presidency should stop fooling Nigerians,how come they have been forming several activities saying the president will return soon,after NAF 1 left the UK without coming back with our president. APC lead administration is the worst ever since on the face of Nigeria.. Is this the change you promised Nigerians..Full of lies and propaganda.. The other day a US senator Mc Clea,said it clearly that he has a brain tumor and hes going for a surgery and hes coming back,Really he did and came back. From the recent statistic on the most corrupted country in the world,Nigeria stands first. We dont wish our President dead,but this Group of so called APC leaders are useless and lack the basic Knowledge of leadership. Change to chain.... Your imp-reparation to rule has turned Nigeria into a dry land of hunger...APC is a sickness to Nigeria.. We are surferring and smiling.

  7. Una know say una yansh go soon open,so una want change the format now. Fake and lie lie administration.

  8. I read through some of the comments and couldn't believe a comment from an Anonymous, August 9, 2017 at 8:56 PM, who said, " I almost shed tears reading this report if it's true..." How can you cry for a man who is being tormented for his numerous killings and massacre of Biafran youths - young people who are just starting in life? Buhari is 74 years old and he authorized his military personnel to massacre peaceful protesting Biafran youths. We are not even talking about the civil war killings and when he was military dictator, how he massacred many Igbo businessmen. May God punish all of you support such a dictator and murderer.

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