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Libyan authorities on Thursday repatriated 135 Nigerian migrants, including women and children, who had made failed attempts to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, an official said.

“We are organising… the voluntary repatriation of 135 clandestine Nigerian migrants who were rescued offshore by the coastguard,” said Hosni Abu Ayanah of the Libyan government agency tackling illegal migration.

The first group of 75 men and 10 women gathered Thursday in downtown Tripoli to board buses with metal grills towards the capital’s Mitiga airport.

Others were set to depart from other migrant detention centres.

The Libyan authorities have coordinated with the International Organization for Migration to run special flights to repatriate migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa.

Ever since the rule of longtime dictator Moamer Kadhafi, thousands of people have crossed Libya’s 5,000-kilometre (3,000-mile) southern border to make perilous bids to reach Europe in often unseaworthy boats.

Following the 2011 NATO-backed revolt that toppled and killed Kadhafi, people traffickers have exploited the chaos rocking Libya to transport ever more migrants towards Italy, 300 kilometres away.

Those who fail often end up stuck in Libya in dire conditions and opt to be repatriated.

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  1. Why is it that we all want to leave this country called Nigeria? What is wrong? Is something actually wrong with those that wanted to leave this Nigeria for another country at all means possible or is it with the government that something is wrong with? I don't want u to start thinking that I'm the one that something is wrong with but u may be right if u think so. Who is to blame? Hahahahaaaa, something is wrong, seriously wrong somewhere. And until things are working out very well in any nation, this kind of Exodus cannot and would not stop. Then who takes the blame? And things cannot work out well without changing the system and the system cannot change without changing the hearts of those that run the system. This present government of Mr. Buhari's Presidency cannot change Nigeria until their hearts are changed and not only their hearts but also the hearts of the governed. We are in deep, very deep trouble. Sorry that's the truth and we need to face it. It's better to know the truth and face it than to go after shadows. This government needs a change of heart for their agenda to work out for Nigeria. And Nigerians, all Nigerians need a change of hearts to receive a changed system for the system to work out. Now, do u understand what I mean by saying that, "We are in deep, very deep trouble?" On behalf of the government, this so called war on corruption is a one way street and we can't win this kind of war by it being a one way street. It has to be fought as EE (Double Es), meaning at both "Entry and Exit. It has to be on everything that has life in Nigeria, on every member of every political party without an assigned partiality of party affliation becos once there's partiality, that is corruption in itself and no corrupted element can successfully fight another corrupted element based on corrupted standards. So, Mr President, that's my advice to u sir and I love u but something started to go wrong a little time ago when we started this our fight against corruption and that's one of the reasons it's not working out or it may not work out. U need the confidence and trust of the governed for u to be successful but if they think that u are one sided, it may be tough for ur success. I want u to be successful not becos I'm a member of ur political party becos I'm not and as a matter of fact, I'm not in any way politically alligned to any party. Let's start from there and u will see things changing on the side of the governed. Tell the EFCC to go after anyone and all of the politicians, let them go after all party members accounts and u will see a change. To the governed, we need patience becos the hardship grew over time to where it is now. It started little and became a way of life and it can't be destroyed in a day but over time. The effect we are experiencing now is as a result of past few years of bad governance and the effect of proper anti corruption fight will not be visible until years to come but we shall enjoy it and if not our children shall. But until then, this Exodus shall not cease. Now, how do we have a change of hearts that can usher in a change of system? That (The change of hearts) can only be achieved by ACCEPTING Jesus Christ as one's Savior and Lord, becos only Jesus Christ can change hearts, evil hearts to righteous and loving and obedient and holy hearts. May God bless us all with the grace to see, to know, and receive the source of heart changing inJesusChristname. To have patience to wait, we need Jesus Christ, to have trust in the government we also need Jesus, and for us to have these qualities about our government, they need Jesus to help them to be transparent and be trustworthy through changed hearts. So, we all need of changed hearts for things to work out as they should. As usual, be blessed and tanx. Today, Thursday 08172016 @ 70:44pm.


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