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Former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has replied a statement by presidency accusing his administration of corruption and leaving Nigeria in 'tatters'. (read HERE)

Jonathan in a statement on his official Facebook page signed by his aide, Reno Omokri, faulted the statement by the presidency signed by President Muhammadu Buhari's senior special assistant on media, Garba Shehu.
 Jonathan's statement reads: "The Presidency's statement issued by Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant on media to President Muhammadu Buhari has only exposed why Nigeria is in an economic recession and is floundering in all spheres.
It is quite sad that Malam Garba Shehu does not know that oil constitutes only 15% of Nigeria's GDP and thus a fall in the price of oil should not lead to a collapse of the Nigerian economy as has been experienced under President Buhari.
If Garba and his boss are willing to learn, the Jonathan Foundation and the Peoples Democratic Party can arrange a course for them to be tutored on the subject-how to grow your economy to be the largest in Africa. We make bold that we are experienced in that area."
Jonathan accused Shehu of being ignorant, intellectually lazy and forgetful of important events.
He said: "When Mr. Shehu says 'There is nothing to show for the revenues earned, no major capital project was completed, neither power generation, road development, rail or agriculture benefitted from the windfall earnings' he only further exposes his intellectual laziness and failing memory.
"Obviously Garba Shehu has forgotten that when his boss was commissioning the Abuja-Kaduna 187KM fast railway that enables Nigerians work in Abuja and live in Kaduna, he was forced to admit that the project was conceived, built and completed by the Jonathan administration." Jonathan went further to list the achievement of his administration in the area of infrastructure developememt.
Jonathan went further to list the achievement of his administration in the area of infrastructure developememt.
"At that event, President Muhammadu Buhari said about the $1.5 billion project and I quote "This project was conceived by a previous administration, started by the last government".
"My question to Mr. Shehu is this-who is a liar between him and his boss?
"I also urge Garba Shehu to take note of the fact that the only Federal University in his boss's home state of Katsina was built by the Jonathan administration in addition to 13 other universities and 165 Almajiri schools built all over Nigeria. For people who don't value education, I am not surprised that they see this as "nothing to show"!
"It may also interest Garba Shehu to note that the Jonathan administration revived the moribund Nigerian Railways Corporation to the extent that the loquacious Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi was forced to confess on December 15, 2015 and I quote "In fact, I think we have a problem; most people don’t believe that the railway transport is functioning in Nigeria. I didn’t even know, until I started this tour, I never knew that the railway was functioning, it was even from his (MD’s) speech that I learnt that there are some coaches or services that go to Kano or Port Harcourt or elsewhere."
The statement also accused the presidency of being against restructuring and trying to bury the report of the 2014 national conference.
 "It is quite surprising that Garba Shehu now praises the former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, His Royal Majesty, Muhammadu Sanusi II.
 "Nigerians have not forgotten that it is the same Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, now Muhammadu Sanusi II who carpeted the economic policies of the Buhari administration, saying that under the Buhari administration, and again I quote, “There is one rate for petroleum marketers, there is interbank rate, there is another for money market operators such as western union, money gram, there is bureau de change rate and there is a special rate you get when you call the CBN for a transaction."
"My other question to Garba Shehu is this, how will an economy not collapse when you have multiple exchange rates?
 "Malam Garba and his boss continues to show that they are in over their necks by their statements. For instance, Garba says "At the inception of the current administration, 21 States were unable to meet their salary bills and the spectre of workers arrears had commenced. The PDP solution was the raid the Ecological Fund and selectively grant N2Bn each to the PDP States."
"Is it that Garba Shehu and his boss do not know that Nigeria is a federation and that the Federal Government cannot control the states? No wonder they are against restructuring and want to throw the report of the 2014 National Conference into the dustbin.
"We have already proved that the accusation re the Ecological Fund is a lie and it shows desperation on the side of the Presidency to rehash it.
 "When that notorious liar, Nasir El-Rufai first made the accusation, we showed, with documentary evidence, that core PDP states like Akwa-Ibom, where the then chairman of the PDP Governors Forum comes from and Ekiti state which was the only PDP state in the Southwest, did not benefit from the Ecological Fund. Meanwhile, 10 states which were of the then opposition All Progressive Congress did.
"Apparently, when Garba Shehu and Lai Mohammed speak, they speak their native language, lies!
"Mr. Garba Shehu would do well to remember that his boss promised Nigerians 3 million jobs every year. Rather, according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, 4.58 million jobs, created by the Jonathan led PDP administration, were lost in his boss's first year.
 "Laughably, Garba Shehu cites the fight against corruption and the terror war as major achievements of the Buhari administration. "How can Garba Shehu reconcile his so called anti corruption war with the fact that Nigeria has made NO PROGRESS in Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index under Buhari and in the latest CPI Transparency International said and I quote "Some other large African countries have failed to improve their scores on the index. These include South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya."
The statement also challenged Buhari administration's claim that the war against Boko Haram has been won.
 It reads: "On the alleged terror war, Nigerians will recall that President Muhammadu Buhari said that Boko Haram has been technically defeated.
 My question is how can a defeated Boko Haram now have the ability to kidnap policewomen and oil explorers? How can a defeated Boko Haram attack military formations? How can a defeated Boko Haram carry out more bombing a in the last eight months than at any other time in Nigeria's history.
Has Garba Shehu forgotten that on July 6, 2017, the World Economic Forum named Nigeria as the fifth most dangerous country in the world? Or that on the 4th of February 2017, the United States Congress cited Nigeria as "the most dangerous place for Christians in the world"?" 

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  1. Jonathan pls shut up. You are lucky being address as Nigeria former president. You don't deserve to talk.your over spending and looting has caused us many things.

    1. The three of you innocent , S's, alfa sky u speak like read the truth, close ur eyes and open ur mouth to insult your father thinking you insult president Jonathan..pls when you get home tell u r father to shut up

    2. There are slaves in the form of freedom, in everything stated above which one is a lie, can u and ur grandfather buhari challenge it?

    3. Kay from your comment, I understand that you don't even experience or have a father up bringing, a bastard will always talk like one. you a jobless that's why you are supporting this useless ogogoro man.mtcheew

  2. Apc led govt have done more harm to this nation than good.lies! lies!! excuses every now & then.......

  3. Yes ooooo! Nigerians are dying of hunger now. That is the koko!

  4. The ineptitude of GEJ made Boko Haram to grow stronger to the extent of controlling up to 14 LGA in northern Nigeria, is this alone not enough to make him the most shameful president that ever ruled in this world?
    You expect this government to continue importation of rice and subsidizing it just to make sure the price is ok? Where is the oil money to do that and is it sustainable?
    Are all the countries that relied solely on oil not suffering from the lower prices of it?
    Reno, let wait and see 2019 whether the dead PDP will eventually reincarnate.
    The embargo on rice importation had lead to Ebonyi, Lagos, Kebbi and even Zamfara, Kano close to self sufficient in the product.
    The road constructed by this government in 2 years are not comparable to that of PDP that use more than 10 years to construct Lokoja-Abuja road.
    At least presidency is now different from ruling party head office with different purses.
    Flamboyant lifestyle for president and his family are now reduced. We can't afford to share gold handset,gold this, gold that just because the president is marring out his adopted daughter.
    By 2019, naira and dollars will not rain again like 2015.
    Godfatherism will be no more because Buhari has no boys due to nobody wants to emulate him - running away from public fund with full access and control over it.
    The office of the unconstitutional first lady is no more.
    Fake life has gone for good. Earn your living legitimately and really from your stress. Fake businessmen and banks came across 'ebola' TSA and had all died. What of kangaroo oil marketers with no single tanker but claims billions naira of subsidy.
    Mr Man Buhari has done what is expected, but for economy we shall grow bit by bit not voodoo growth.
    Go back to Niger Delta and grow more avengers, biafrans etc, FKKs, Fayoses, deadly thieves masquerading as Fulanis herdsmen. Buhari will carry on despite your arsenic poison because GOD is bigger than humans.

    1. pls any party is better than body says the truth in apc both Buhari who drinks corruption and his cohorts no one can be trusted they both speak from both sides of their mouth, no transparency whatsoever. .worst administration ever...Buhari can only coordinate affairs of his farm but for Nigeria his incompetence is disgusting

    2. Most of those shouting and condemning PMB now are so irresponsible with initial mindset of sharing money they do not work for. They are used to defraudind individuals as well as government. To them any quick money is welcome no matter the source. Now such is no longer the case and they are protesting. Pls get a life and make better use of it.

  5. Nigerians we never learn all this accusation and counter accusation will lead us no where. I think what every serious govt should do is to concentrate on what he can do to liberate his people from insecurity, poverty and Bad Governance thereby putting every necessary controls in place to fight corruption that is becoming a norm in our present day Nigeria.

  6. When will these country leave sentiment to follow the path of truth. These government is full of lies and deceit. 27 months gone God help us.

  7. The North created Boko Haram, yet they want to use the resources from the South to solve it. I wonder why we Southerners will not unite and leave these dirty and parasitic North. Leave them with their demonic Sharia and Jihad. Leave them with their Almajiri and Boko Haram. Leave them to die of Hunger.

  8. Oluwaseyi may the Almighty add to your wisdom you seek like our elders. Truth is bitter but we just have to say it. Keep to the truth and God will see you through

  9. El monkey is it not PDP that strengthens Boko Haram to achieve their goals? ??. Money only you who have only GARI and AKBU /LOYI LOYI will die hungryly after taking your Kay Kay. Who wants to stay with a deadly cultists arm robbers and kidnappers.


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