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The leader of Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has revealed the weapon his group has adopted in the fight against Nigerian government.

In a statement personally signed by Kanu in reaction to the federal government’s call for the revocation of his bail, the IPOB leader said pro-Biafra agitators will continue to use civil disobedience as a potent weapon in the protection of Biafran people from the dictatorial tendencies of the Buhari administration.
His words: “The directive to service chiefs to clamp down on IPOB is a continuation of the Buhari’s dictatorial and un- democratic approach to governance. I find it unacceptable, abhorrent, and insulting that somebody elected by the people can turn around to dictate to them.
“Buhari was elected to govern Nigeria, he should get on with the business of governance and not try to instigate another war.
“I insist on the boycott of November 18 Anambra governorship elections, because only the beneficiaries of the crumbs from Aso Rock will support those calling on me to rescind the boycott order.
“The call for boycott of the election is our legitimate right. IPOB has only one weapon with which to fight Nigeria, and that is civil disobedience not armed conflict. If we decide not to vote in Anambra, it is our prerogative. It is not targeted at Governor Willie Obiano or anybody.
“We have refused to be provoked to arms rebellion. That is what Buhari is looking for. Buhari wants a war but we won’t oblige him because we are civilised people. We are democrats at heart by nature and by essence.
“No amount of threat or intimidation would make him give up the struggle for Biafra autonomy because it is a genuine cause.
“We are not armed and we can never be armed. IPOB has done a lot to free other ethnic nationalities from the Caliphate’s bondage of retrogression and economic emasculation. Other ethnic nationalities should be grateful to IPOB for giving them the courage and the heart to speak up and say they are not slaves.
“We are not afraid because IPOB is a peaceful mass movement and not a violent arms group. IPOB is a non-violent peaceful mass movement. There is no recorded event of an injury sustained in any of the numerous IPOB gatherings. People converge in their millions to listen to this gospel of the restoration of Biafra.
“We are the most disciplined, most well behaved mass movement anywhere on the face of the earth despite the genocidal killings, arbitrary arrests, illegal detentions with- out trial.
“We are not fighting Nigeria as a state. We are not fighting any governor. We are not fighting any individual because we are a global organisation.
“We are fighting a lopsided, fundamentally corrupt system that has held people down in abject poverty for decades, leading to premature deaths, high scale unemployment, and complete decimation of the economic landscape. We are fighting a system which has made the rest of us slaves to people who are not qualified to hold public office.
“Do you think that if things were working very well that anybody would want to leave Nigeria? I am a pan Africanist. I want to establish good governance that will extend to the ends of Africa. The way Nigeria was formed and handed over to a band of scavengers can no longer be tolerated.
“The agitation is not against anybody. We are pursuing an ideal nation where hospitals and schools can function. IPOB is building roads but the media will not report that. We don’t molest people because we are under oath to defend those that cannot defend themselves. We cannot bring one to our people but we must agitate.”

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  1. Nice sermon! That's the difference between LIGHT-IPOB and DARKNESS- Boko HARAM!

  2. I stand with Nnamdi Kanu, I stand with IPOB. God Bless Biafra. God Bless Nigeria also.

  3. Why should u compare IPOB and dangerous Boko Haram. Boko Haram is a terrorist group, IPOB is agitation. Asking for a fair share is not a bad thing, it is now left for the government to dialuge with them and a better solution to settling their grievance

  4. is like u hv not been to school, plz wat is d root course of boko haram? answer, secession. trough which means agitation, which turn to terrorism, n now dy r d most dangerous terrorist group in d world.

    so believe it o not one day d ipob will turn to terrorist GRP.

    plz police authorities let's us knw borderline of hate speech so dat we don't cross it cos we r peace loving citizens n we believed in one nig.

    1. Rakumi! Boko HARAM is not a secessionist group. Boko HARAM is what 98% of U Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri Muslims want. U want to seize Zoogeria and turn it into Afghanistan.
      Tell me from Ur heart, don't U believe in Jihad? Yes U do! 99% of U CAMELS do. Please, I beg U with the name of Ur DEMON- Allah to stop comparing IPOB with Boko HARAM. Demon Shehu!

    2. Shehu no disgrace ur self sy u go school beside this place is not aa testing ground for academics but u should understand the different between IPOB and Boko Haram, their motive will tell u everything, please next time put ur fact very well before u place an argument, thank u, one Nigeria

  5. @Shehu Abubakar. Boko Haram simply means AGAINST WESTERN EDUCATION. Hence they are fighting against civilization, they are never a secession gruop......

  6. May almighty God grants us BIAFRA......!!!!!!!!

  7. This man El matosky need to be invited and introgated, his comments are hate speachs. Over to you security.

  8. Who can read this statement from IPOB leader - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and not agree and stand with him? In fact, he's deliverer of the entire Nigeria. The north does not want restructuring and do not support self-determination. So, they want us to remain in status quo – a decadent, corrupt, lawless and failed state. What kind of country issues its citizens quit notice to leave their region. That tells the level of decadence and that Nigeria is a fraud and can never work. Nigeria can never work as one united country - NEVER. So, let us stop deceiving ourselves. Nigeria needs to be peacefully divided now before it is done violently. Buhari/Osinbajo/APC government is very biased and hypocritical. They must go and arrest the parasitic Arewa Youths who issued quit notice to fellow Nigerian citizens living in the north. What kind of a nation issues its citizens quit notice. Despite their hate speech, terrorism and treason, Buhari/Osinbajo/APC government is still treating them with kid glove. It’s Nnamdi Kanu – the leader of Biafra nation they want to arrest. They are looking for second civil war.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. This man Nnamdi Kanu is a selfless freedom fighter ready to surfer and lay down his life to liberate the oppressed Biafrans. Freedom fighting is never a crime. Just like he said, it's only those who are benefiting from the crumbs offered to them by the FG that is against IPOB. In the world's political history God uses one selfless person to liberate the oppressed from their oppressors. I have been following this IPOB's activities worldwide till date and have never seen a single reason to tag them terrorists. Buhari should approach them with diplomacy and dialogue with them just like a father would do when one of his children is agitating for being loved less than other children. Instead of threatening and punishing the child which will make him feel hated the more and violent thereby scattering the family, he should be made to know that he is loved just like the others by action. I never took this guy Nnamdi Kanu serious until he was arrested and detained by the Federal Government. His arrest made him and IPOB more popular within and outside Nigeria because people started sympathizing with him. News about him and IPOB makes the Newspapers to sell because everybody wants to be updated with the latest. So if Buhari and his advisers want the country to remain as one, they should not use force on these people but dialogue. Seeing the multitude that gather to see Nnamdi Kanu anywhere he visits, I can say that this Biafra struggle has now grown to be an ideology. So arresting or jailing Nnamdi Kanu and the IPOB members can never stop them rather it will make things worse because they might resort to arms to defend themselves and that will be the end of one Nigeria.

  11. @elmatosky! Don't you believe in crusade? Keep leaving in a world of denial about your religion and your so called prince of peace who said he's not brought peace to the world but war! Were, oloshi, oloriburuku, omo ale jatijati. A chimpanzee who doesn't know his origin, now claiming Israel....Israel ko, south Sudan ni


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