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Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, said on Wednesday he would not commit suicide following the return of President Muhammadu Buhari from his medical vacation in the United Kingdom.

The governor was reacting to claims by the opposition elements that he boasted that he would commit suicide if Buhari returns alive from his medical vacation.

Fayose said the alleged statement came from “miscreants on social media.”

The governor spoke during an interactive session with political office holders at the Government House in Ado Ekiti.

He said his statement that Buhari was on coma prompted “a quick return” from the UK.

Fayose insisted that the President is sick and advised him to go back to his country home in Daura and rest.

He contended that the Office of President needs somebody who is healthy and fit to meet up with the demands of the position.

He warned Buhari’s minders “not to send him to his early grave,” saying the President’s physical appearance after his arrival showed that he can’t withstand the pressure of the presidential office.

Fayose said: “How can I can I commit suicide because of an old man? Such are from miscreants on the social media. Let me tell you expressly, why would I commit suicide, I cannot even commit suicide because of my mother.

“Even if they are burying my mother now, I will cleverly stay away from the grave so that I won’t fall into it. I can’t commit suicide because of Buhari. I never said that and would never make such statement. I never said I would commit suicide if Buhari returns.”

The governor said he would not honour any invitation to go and greet the President saying “such action would be misinterpreted to be something else. So, it is good for me to wish him well from a distant and be able to tell Nigerians the truth.”

He added: “If not for our efforts Buhari wouldn’t have returned now. Buhari is sick and tired and even his physical appearance betrayed this and he needs to go home and rest.

“Today they have cancelled the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting. You cannot hide the truth forever, it will reveal itself someday. You cannot continue to deceive Nigerians.

“Every word that has come out of my mouth, I have no apology for them.

“President Buhari was indeed in coma and one of those who visited him said his recovery is a miracle and that showed that he was indeed very sick.

“Let Buhari go back to Daura and rest. Don’t send him to early grave. Buhari is not old enough to be my father, my mother is older than Buhari. He cannot be my father, he can only be my uncle. I am close to 60. I stand by all I have said about the President. We are glad he is back, but don’t overflog him.

“I am not a sycophant and I stand to speak for Nigeria. Somebody must be able to speak on behalf of the poor masses. This was how they deceived us during the time of Yar’Adua.

“I am not a hypocrite and I will never be one. This country deserves a very healthy person. Office of the President is not for a sick man.

The President is tired and should be allowed to resign and go and rest. “

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  2. Mr fayose if u r looking for sick person is u fayose, cos it is Beter to be sick naturally dan artficiary sickness. d president is sick naturally but u, u r sick with hate in ur mind for d president not cos political affiliation, u hate d president cos of defeate of PDP in 2015. n again cos after ur tanure u r going to be jail for ur atrocities against d state.
    u r psychologicaly sick which d President is not
    u r emotionally sick which d President is not
    u r neurotically sick which d President is not.
    u r pathologicaly sick which d President is not
    u r socioly sick which d President is not
    u r mentally, cognitively n inyelectualy sick with defeatvirus so ur treatment is going to be in kirikiri prison after ur tanure. good luk.

    1. This is absolutely true Mr shehu. Let fayose continue saying whatever he want on Buhari, all we is that Buhari don't pass his level interms of everything. Hausawa sukace shure shure Baya hana mutuwa. So let him wait for his time.

    2. This is absolutely true Mr shehu. Let fayose continue saying whatever he want on Buhari, all we is that Buhari don't pass his level interms of everything. Hausawa sukace shure shure Baya hana mutuwa. So let him wait for his time.

  3. Mr Diarrhoea mouth, shame on you. PMB is back. You should commit the suicide!

  4. You people abusing Fayose are either blind, illiterates, sycophants or just misguided. A man than campaigned sick and he hid it away from us, a man that has spent nearly half of his tenure abroad in hospitals, his appointments very sectional, a man who's emergence has created the worst ethnic and religious divisions since the application by the Lugards. It was evident that anytime he leaves, once Osinbajo takes over the economic situation in the country is rejigged.

    A man that went abroad to save his life, upon his return hasn't said anything about our health sector to bring it to world standard. Now the worse of all is that he'll work from home for 3months because rats caused some damage to his office. People just think. The future of your children have already been mortgaged, and still some youth will continue to curse people trying to say the truth about obvious anormallies. I weep not for these old men manipulating the destiny of citizens of this country, but for the young men and women who's future have been mortgaged but yet are so docile, regressive and oppressed.

    Una mum don do.

    1. Well Spoken. The Buharimaniacs are speaking with ethnic sentiment and forgetting that Hardship does not recognise Ethnicity or religion, it only knows the economy, which we all belong to.

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  6. U know Nigerians like some one who is sentimental, how can u see someone saying the truth u said he is running his mouth, some people are blind that they cannot understand things around them Buhari is clearly sick, but his Hausa brothers are playing sentiments even on the social media, must ur tribe become president, Nigeria is not for any particular tribe, if anyone emerges president fine, provided he can serve, but letting a sick person there that is too wicked, I have been hearing youths the leaders of tomorrow but I can't see that in Nigeria, I can only see the same Old men leading, at the age of Buhari he should allow to be a president, he should have been an adviser to a youth or sponsor a youth if he is interesting in the government, we can't be tired of money in this country that is our problem. Fayosa has always been right cos no one can that kind of joke, the presidency has always been lying to us but one day the truth must come ashore. God bless Nigeria

  7. Most of people kicking against PMB are beneficiary of corrupt politicians directly or indirectly, that's why when PMB started waging war against corruption he become their enemy over night. Not withstanding corruption must be fight decesivly.

    1. Abeg can you mention the corruption war, your master won since he became president. Except the whistle propaganda you people brought. Dieziani has not been brought to court fort trial. Only noise and lies. For how long will these continue?

    2. I like it when you finally said "fight corruption decisively. It means you know that Buhari is selective in this crusade.

      My brother how can you have disagreements in anti-corruption and security agencies in the same government and you say you are fighting corruption. The EFCC chairman was rejected twice due to reports from another agency of the same government - the DSS, Abubakar Malami- the AGF is at war with the EFCC chairman and you say you are fighting corruption, the SGF and NIA bosses where indicted for over 105 days and they have only been suspended not prosecuted. Only opposition figures that stayed in PDP are being persecuted not prosecuted. So is Buhari fighting corruption.

      Finally kindly answer me, is travelling abroad for almost a year at different times visiting hospitals on our tax payers money not corruption. Tell me, the total bill Buhari has incurred on medicals, does it not exceed his medical allowance as a civil servant?

      Not disclosing his ailment to Nigerians, is it not moral corruption? Over to you

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  9. Nigerians should wake up. The President office is not an inheritance

  10. The man just wants to be recognised.


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