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Leader of the Biafra Independence Movement, BIM, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike has revealed those funding the Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

Uwazuruike, who formed Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, now led by Comrade Uchenna Madu, alleged that the Department of State Service, DSS, was funding Kanu and his followers.
He also accused the DSS of arranging Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest just to bring him (Uwazuruike) down and make him unpopular.
“If Nigeria could not intimidate me, who is Kanu? I just gave him time to fool himself. It’s just like a father fighting his son”, Uwazuruike to Sun.
“The idea of republic of Biafra was to enlighten the people. When I came out of prison, I felt I needed a radio to enlighten the people and the Federal Government.
“Before Radio Biafra, I had a radio in America called Voice of Biafra International, in 2001. Then there was no Internet exposure like Facebook and Whatsapp.
“We were then in South Africa with Emejuru but Nnamdi Kanu convinced me to come to London. But no sooner we started than Nigeria’s security apparatchik persuaded him to bring down the struggle.
“They had tried it with me without success; they also failed with Ambrose Anyaso, who was with me in detention. When the Department of State Security, DSS, could not get him to pull me down, they turned to Kanu, who wanted money and fame.
“Immediately I noticed this, I stopped funding him. So, he started getting his funds from the DSS directly. The idea was to bring me down and make me unpopular.
“When I noticed that, I kept quiet because I knew him very well; he does not have capacity but they did not know that he did not have the capacity but I knew he would fail at the end of the day.
“His arrest was arranged by the DSS. It was meant to divert attention from MASSOB to IPOB. Even his release was stage-managed.
“No senator deposited one dime anywhere; that is why he is violating all the conditions. How could he violate all the conditions and he is left alone? Even the northern youths coalition is stage-managed.
“What Kanu does not know is American diplomacy, which props you up, only to bring you down. The northern coalition was created to checkmate him.”

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  1. Uwazurike you're a big fool and a disappointment. You've really shown that you have a different selfish and devilish intentions other than the actualization of Biafra. Instead of you fool to be happy that the struggle is gathering momentum you are here fighting and antagonizing Kanu. Shame on you. You should know by now that you're not regarded as anything in Igbo land. You've told everyone you're a saboteur.Very soon your sins will be exposed.
    Shame on you.

  2. So that how People are going to run the Biafran country supposing the u succeed with it, that is why I said it time without number there is no trust in Igbo man, u now feel that Nnadi Kanu is more popular than u, how do u feel or believe that DSS is funding him, when DSS come after u now u will say Nnamdi Kanu send them after u, Shame u Uwazuruike, u are tired of the money u aare making in the name of running MASSOB, ur gme has crash u think we don't know, when u go abroad u will collect money u want run Biafran country when u come here u convert into ur pocket and build houses, u have not been able to make money through MASSOB that was why u want to distract every body with ur filthy comment. My prayer day in day out let God no approve Biafra, not because it is bad but Igbo will die and destroy in the cost of running the affair cus we are greedy, we can see ourselves to make money, if hear how the Biafra of Late Ojukwu was declared u will loose ur interest this thing the call Biafra, and Igbos cannot change, the bad ones among the good ones are numerous, with this Uwazuruike of a thing a right thinking Igbo man who has been told the story of how war ate they uncles and relative because of some saboteurs will not agree to join the crusade for Biafra what we want as am concern is RESTRUCTURING. One Nigeria, God bless Federal Republic Of Nigeria

    1. You're a funny and biased writer. I pity you for not knowing your actual stand

  3. I am convinced beyond any iota of doubt that as soon as Biafra secedes there will be another anarchy between two rebels MASSOB vs IPOB. The igbo man will be the one to destroy himself. Everyone is a king; loyalty is difficult.

  4. I pledge to Nigeria my country
    To be faithful, loyal and honest
    To serve Nigeria with all my strength
    To defend her unity
    And uphold her honor and glory
    So help me God

  5. Abrakadabra? IGBO and MONEY for what? ....ANS: for Stupid fame, power AND DEMIGOD.

    IGBO, IGBO and IGBO and MONEY, you sell and unrecognized your mother, father, siblings AND even go on to demised them and sold your soul CHEAP for the highest bidder for debase fame, money and transient power.

    Shame, shame and shame for those IGBO who seeks for personal expediency to mortgage their entire family for their Blindfolded ego manic and deluded short cut to life


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