Buhari earns $58bn in 27 months to GEJ’s $454bn in 6 years, commended by EU and U.S | Nigeria News Today. Your online Nigerian Newspaper f

Nigeria’s earnings from oil production and sales in the 27 months Pres. Buhari has been in office is far less than what the previous government led by ex-president GEJ earned in one year, Daily Sun is reporting.
Since the Buhari government came to power, oil price has been in the all-time low, to the extent that a barrel of oil once sold for $27. Previous oil price peaked at $120 per barrel once, during the GEJ’s government.

According to figures from OPEC on Nigeria’s oil earnings since 2010 till date, the Buhari government has raked in $58 billion since coming to office. The statistics showed that the Jonathan government earned a total of $453.5 billion between 2010 and 2015.

Meanwhile, the Buhari government has received kudos from the European Union (EU) and the United States government over its prudence in managing scarce resources. According to EU officials, the Buhari government has shown responsibility in managing funds, in the face of low revenue.

“The EU is impressed that the Nigerian government has been afloat despite the drop in oil earning. From what we gathered, the government has been meeting its obligations. This is commendable,” an official said.

When reminded that the FG had borrowed to finance the budget, he said: “There is no problem about borrowing, as long as the money is used for the stated purpose. We have seen this in Nigeria under the current government. This is good development."

On the part of the U.S, the country’s official said the Nigerian government had shown fiscal responsibility. According to a top US official, for a government that is not earning much money to be running shows the ingenuity in economic management.

He said that the Buhari government has shown determination to ensure that government revenue was not frittered away by corrupt officials, adding: “This is the greatest plus for the Nigerian government.”

The US officials said if the Buhari government could keep afloat in economic distress, it means it would do more for the country if the economic were buoyant.

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  1. Is there any change in the country after all this? Everyone here knows the answer.

    1. You and your likes can never see the change because you're already blinded by hatred and bitterness and you have chosen not to heal from an electoral defeat almost two and half years after the election loss. Don't worry, you will soon get your own Biafraud and we'll see how you will manage it.

  2. In science there is what is called the 'same unit' when relating quantities. The write-up used 27months for one regime and 6 years for another regime. The comparism is bias and have no basis for intelligent reasoning. Next time you give us what Jonathan earned in his first 27months in office. Thanks

    1. Anonymous 11:58, a quick estimation cum guesstimating on your part would show you the GEJ administration made far more money within its first 27 months than the present PMB administration. Yet, GEJ has very little to nothing to show for it except wastefulness and high level corruption.

    2. Even at that, you too should use the first three entry years to justify what you are saying.
      Our former president had enough in any circumstances.

    3. Sorry, your knowledge of arithmetic is very poor. You ought to know by now that there are 12 months in any year. So, in year 2010 alone, uncle Jona made 70.7 billion dollars which is far more than what Buhari made in 27 months (2 years and 3 months).

    4. This is one of the greatest achievement that the present administration has done.
      And that is what Nigerian has failed to recognize.

      Crude oil was about $25 went they came in and did this little achievement compare to $120.

      the current on going infrastructure projects alone is a huge achievement,
      For exple, Lagos - Benin express way was awarded 3 times and nothing was done.


  3. In all these, Jonathan was still borrowing, still wasted d $20b saved by obj, yet 27 states couldn't pay salaries...what a shame??? Jonathan as just a waste


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