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Former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Allison Madueke has finally spoken on several allegations of financial impropriety levelled against her by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Diezani said she never stole Nigeria’s money. The former Minister made the claim in a statement she issued yesterday.

She said the anti-graft agency was taking advantage of her silence to try and convict her in the media hence her response.

Recall that the EFCC had alleged that Diezani Alison-Madueke, a former minister of Petroleum Resources, by an order of a Federal High Court has forfeited $153.3 million to the Federal Government.

Diezani’s statement, which was made available to newsmen in Abuja, reads, “I wish to state I cannot forfeit what was never mine.
“I do not know the basis on which the EFCC has chosen to say that I am the owner of these funds as no evidence was provided to me before the order was obtained, and they have not, in fact, served me with the order or any evidence since they obtained it.”
“Let me re-state categorically as I have always maintained, for the record, I have not and will never steal money from or defraud the Federal Government of Nigeria. I am willing to respond to charges brought against me that follow duly laid down procedures,” she said.
The former Minister dared the EFCC to without further delay, publish details of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC’s accounts from where the said $153.3 million was taken.

She also said that the report that Italian prosecutors indicted her for sharing in the loot of the $1.3 billion OPL 245 oil block deal, which involved Malabu and the Joint Venture Multinational partners, ENI (AGIP) and Royal Dutch was false.
She continued, “Let me once again state for the record that this is another figment of the author’s imagination, which, given the persistent bid to ensure my destruction and stick all of the sins of the corruption that plagued oil and gas sector in the last 30 years upon my head, probably emanated from the EFCC itself.
“Let me clear the history of OPL 245, otherwise known as Malabu. You will find a full chronology in the attached report that I made to the House of Representatives in late 2011 (Annex 2A/Annex-2B).
“In 2010, shortly after I was appointed as Minister of Petroleum Resources, the issue of OPL 245 was brought to my attention. I looked into the case and immediately became aware of the inherent and long standing sensitivities around this issue.
“It became clear from the onset that this case was not within the direct purview of the Minister of Petroleum Resources, but, in the main, was centered around issues of law.
“By this time, there was already an International Centre for Settlement of Investment Dispute (ICSID) investigation and claims against the FGN running into billions of dollars.
“Therefore, we took directives from the Chief Legal Officer of the nation; the Attorney General and Minister of Justice. In all of these matters due process was followed to the letter at all times.
“I wish to categorically state that I have never held any discussions on this matter, with any individuals or entities outside of official channels.
“As Minister of Petroleum Resources, I did not participate in any activity relating to financial payments on the Malabu matter, other than those statutorily mandated to the Minister of Petroleum Resources by the Petroleum Act.
“My role in this matter was purely a statutory, one as required by law in the Petroleum Act 3.
“In response, I have chosen not to insult, accuse or demonise any person or persons. In spite of all the allegations that have been made against me, not one has been factually proven.
“I remain very proud of the fact that all the policies, tenets and plans that I initiated in the oil and gas sector are still underpinning the entire structure. This is because they were put in place with the good of the entire nation and its people in mind.
“They were not factional or tribal, neither were they based on religious bias.
“I am a woman from the Niger Delta, who, through perseverance and sheer hard work rose to one of the highest positions in the country’s premier International Oil Company, and in tune with my ethos of hard work, I earned the prestigious British Foreign and Commonwealth Chevening Scholarship Award and was, thereafter, admitted to my MBA programme at the World renowned Cambridge University,” she said.

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  1. this woman has from time to time denied all allegations against her, the problem is who do we believe?? Efcc keeps flashing properties upon properties worth billions of dollar allegedly owned by Alison plus billion dollar stollen cash, our anti graft agencies should conclude investigation before rushing to news house. London is Nigeria's second home after all our c in c has been there 100days plus. efcc should as matter of urgency go to court with proves of this woman's misappropriation/corruption, try her, convict Alison Madueke and stop making a mockery of the fight against corruption. this woman has earned so many names in the media since inception of APC led fed govt. I am tired if this accusations and counter accusations, convict her and her cronies even her employer as well, efcc you have everything at your disposal. this jungle justice trial order of is becoming childish, put these corrupt politicians to jail

    1. Why can't you behave like an educated person you claim you are by finding out the truth yourself.The US Department of Justice instituted a suit against Diezani and her associates for looting and money laundering,she couldn't accuse the Americans of lying but Diezani knew very well that some Nigerians are soo foolish and stupid they lack the mentality to reason by themselves,so she denied looting in Nigeria and the foolishness of Nigerians would make them believe her

  2. Super thief your even have the guts to say you never stole Nigerians money, just wait because the unbiased Judgement is Coming in the day of Judgement by our creator who knows the Hidden sins of all Mankind, keep on Deceiving your self Madam Dizieni Smart Woman.

    1. Are u normal? So u acknowledged the fact that no court of law, has convicted her n you're calling her super thief. EFCC should use the so call evidence they talk about loudly on media to prosecute and convict her. Till that is done she remains innocent

    2. Just shut it, if you can't say the truth

  3. You just dey talk anyhow @Eugene. Na yu make am innocent idibia Abi. Stupid people wey dey spoil nation

  4. You just dey talk anyhow @Eugene. Na yu make am innocent idibia Abi. Stupid people wey dey spoil nation

    1. So you are the one that has tried her in court and found her guilty abi?
      Let EFCC go to court and get conviction, enough of this media trial.

  5. Na wa o !!! This is getting interesting as it gets uglier. Dieziani Alison Madueke has never stolen any Nigerian money before? Hmmmmmmm but what about the US charges and where is that coming from, as a matter of fact? Are they lieing against her? Anyway, anyone caught will keep on lieing until properly cornered or except with a changed or regenerated heart. These things will keep coming until when hearts are changed and the only person that can change hearts is Jesus Christ God's Son. We will continue to lie, manipulate, hide, cover, steal, loot, kill, be dirty, accuse the innocent, rob, conspire, witness falsely, and LIE until we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. And Nigeria will ever experience any permanent change until are hearts are changed by the permanent Changer, Jesus Christ. Be blessed and as usual, Today Tuesday 08152017 @ 6:48 pm.

  6. The turn and twist of all these EFCC stories is somehow , whose story are we to believe? All People Confuser (APC) and the unending story. Come to think of it, nobody have been convicted from the Senate story, CPC, Customs and all those looters and they are saying fighting corruption.

  7. From the inception of APC administration, has any looter been convicted? How long does it take to convict a political criminal? Where is even Evans the kidnapper matter?all bunch of thieves in as rock...if Na pick pocket ,he will be tried convicted and sentenced to 2yrs just in less than 30days...mshewwww

  8. Fellow Nigerian's, I wish to inform you that this blog is pro Biafra. My observation is that priority is highly given to anyone who can write well and destroy this present government of PMB. At the same time priority is given to those who encourage talks on the realisation of biafra. The few positive comments about Nigerian government you read is intended to make it look as if they are unbiased! Nigerian's should stop wasting their time writing on this blog. It is biafran's blog.


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