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President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, hosted some All Progressives Congress, APC, party governors and leaders in London where he passed a message through the Imo state Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, saying he is laughing and unperturbed over the negative comments about him back here in Nigeria.

However, his aide, Mr. Femi Adesina has explained why President Buhari did not address Nigerians from his Abuja base in London.

Adesina gave the explanation during a phone conversation with Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily.

According to him, Nigerians should by now know that, not addressing them directly is Buhari’s personal style.

Mr. Adesina also said that is the President Buhari prefers to do things with Nigerians.

According to him, “It is a matter of personal style, there is no style that you can call ‘the’ style. The style of our President is what you have seen on display and by now two years after he came, I am sure that we should understand him.

“We should know the kind of person he is, we should know how he prefers to do things and that is how the President is.

“That just tells you that that is the way our President is, we elected him willingly and we have seen that this is the way he is.”

Recall that President Buhari has been out of the country for a medical follow-up in London for over 60 days since May 7.

Since he left the country, nobody has been able to say, with pin-point accuracy, what the President is suffering from but Presidency has on several occasions said that President Buhari is doing just fine and will soon be back.

First, it was his wife, the First Lady, Aisha Buhari who had told Nigerians in metaphorical words that Buhari will soon be back and that when he comes back, the Hyenas and the Jackals will be in for hot soup for trying to usurp the majestic government of the Lion who is away.

Her comments had generated lots of controversy as many, especially the Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose maintained that the President was incapacitated.

Also, about two weeks ago, the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo travelled unannounced to London to meet with Buhari and when he came back, he also confirmed that the President was in high spirits and recuperating fast.

Again, Nigerians lashed at that, saying the President ought to address Nigerians even if it is through a video recording so Nigerians will believe that he is doing fine.

Although President Buhari later addressed Nigerians through an audio recording, though in Hausa Language, many found such an address rather sectional.

Just yesterday 23rd July, 2017, President Buhari again spoke to Nigerians, though not directly, neither was it through audio or video recording but through the Imo state Governor, Rochas Okorocha wherein he said all the negative comments about him were all lies.

But Nigerians are eagerly awaiting the return of their president to continue the good work of cleansing the country of corruption and alleviating the poverty currently ravaging a majority of, especially, the poor masses who voted him into power to change their lots.

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  1. He now has permanent abuja base in London? OK oooo me I want to see him too

  2. Rochas Okorocha is the new Authur Nzeribe ..remember the ABN (Association for Better Nigeria) that jokingly flew a kite that MKO Abiola did not wine election

    When you see an Ibo man flying a kite,,,something is afoot
    Now I blv somethin is fishy.

  3. President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, hosted some All Progressives Congress, APC, party governors and leaders in London where he passed a message through the Imo state Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha......THIS IS GAME. THE WHOLE NIGERIANS ARE BEING TAKEN ON A RIDE...NIGERIANS ARE DOCILE PEEPOS.

  4. I thought before the election this buahri man is a sincere man and wants the best for Nigeria. This has proven me wrong. How can you hold the lives of many Nigerians to ransome by your absence? I wish good health but not at the expense of the lives of my family members who are now suffering untold hardship. the next thing now buhari will start telling us how pdp finished the country. Baba am so ashamed bcos my colleagues warned me that u don't like good thing in your life and that u will make life difficult, that is exactly the case. All your children are abroad schooling and enjoying, let me tell u one day these people u have made to become will carry arms and face your family. So better make amends by changing all those politicians u made ministers and bring young and vibrant professionals.

  5. Shameless lairs

  6. That its Buharis style not to address Nigerians Personally,what an over statement.

  7. Only God can give and sustain life. May HE, in his love and mercy protect our President and see to his safe return home.

  8. The situation of the country and govt makes one to be speechless. What a country and people. Even such can't be done in Zimbabwe and Benin republic

  9. As the President, and according to the Holy Bible, I wish him quick recovery... But, we all know his policies plus those around him is killing Nigeria the more. To this end, what do we choose? Restructuring of Referendum?

    Restructuring is a continuous political process, and not a sincere means of addressing the deprivation of the minorities, marginalization of the vanquished and environmental pollution of the oil-rich region. It is time for us to look back to history to see the harm this deceitful restructuring has cost the enslaved Nigerians.

    In time past, Nigeria has passed through series of restructuring which can also be referred to as 'True Federalism', of which all became exercise in futility because the regions that made up the geographical space called Nigeria never believed in themselves, neither did they see themselves as one. In this era of trying to restructure what is never a nation, unitary system of government was as well introduced by the then military ruler which later still failed; before finally, the current federal system of government was adopted which Nigeria has been running till date.

    The political elites always advocate for restructuring whenever the people lament on the poor state of governance, because they wouldn't want to loose grip of their political business office. Thus, with the present events in Nigeria, the political rulers have once again started calling for restructuring of the country in order to still keep the masses under perpetual hope of a better country that never comes.

    However, it is high time Nigerians start to reason deep to understand the hidden agenda behind the call for restructuring by all the political class so as to understand the reason why "total Dissolution of the Nigerian state" is much more preferred than Restructuring. We should rise up to destabilize the oppressive hands of these politicians that have vowed to keep Africa underdeveloped.

  10. Really? But the same Buhari can choose to address Nigerians IN HAUSA! Is that his "style" as well?


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