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Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has claimed that Oduduwa Republic will be created 6 months after Biafra becomes a sovereign nation.
Fani-Kayode, who has been publicly supporting Biafra’s movements for secession from Nigeria, took to his Twitter page on Friday, to insist on a referendum.
He wrote: “‘Treat the surrendering Biafrans well or risk their children rising again’- Gen. Phillip Effiong, 1970. Prophetic words.
 “Oduduwa Republic shall be established no more than 6 months after Biafra has been created. Then we shall be free. TIME FOR REFERENDUMS!”
Yesterday, Fani-Kayode said Nigeria should be begging Igbos for forgiveness and not threatening them.

According to Fani-Kayode, the people from the South East need to be apologized to, after “we killed 3 million Igbos in the war including 1 million children.”

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  1. I think we need to start asking mr fani who he represent.because his comments are not trajectory to any directions.speaking of division instead of unity.speculating negative thing. Oga kayode. Wake up

  2. Thank God you affirmed you and your family killed the igbo Fani who are you to talk on behalf of Oduduwa and more also take your family to igbo and apologized to them since you realized you past, you always create issue when there is none it high time you stop that your idea of generating and invoking bad idea.

  3. He just wants public to be hearing him always, not knowing that he is a public nuisance

  4. Why is it that the Black race hate truth? Are we truly animals? FFK is saying the truth and you all are here verbally attacking him... I remember some of you saying Nnamdi Kanu will die in Kuje Prison, but when he was released with the hopeless conditions you people started calling for his re-arrest. Now, that one has closed. I see hatred in you people which will not produce anything good but shame to whom ever that hate Biafra. Whether you like it or not, Biafra is alive for God almighty has made is so! Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is just a mere mortal being used by Chukwu Okike Abiama to accomplish the task. So, nobody on earth can stop Biafra restoration! If you want to fight, do that with God almighty.

  5. The creation of Oduduwa Republic shouldn't take that long.

  6. I am in support for Biafra to get it's country, being together is not by force, May Allah help you to get what you want. But bear in mind that we will not receive refugees, because I know igbos, Ijaws, ishekiris Ohobors ,ikweres, kalabaris and Ibibios cannot leave for long in peace. . Take note on what southern Sudan is passing through up to now

  7. This FFK has inadvertently confirmed he is a fake fink, a traitor and an impostor. I kept on telling friends he is an impostor and not real. he speaks and writes from both sides of his mouth and pen. Who is he to say that on behalf of the Yorubas. Why the creation of Oduduwa six months after Biafra, why not before or even "during". Real Igbos and Biafrans should beware of this blood-sucker's antics. He hates Igbos more shit. He has so much animosity against Igbos because of what happened to his corrupt and bestial so-called father. Who is even sure going by that man's life style that he was his real biological father. He hates the Igbos yet after Ojukwu's death FFK wanted an affair with Bianca. He hates the Igbos, yet his only son/child was through his Igbo girl friend. The Igbos should not forget his earlier articles against them. FFK is at best an animal and at worst a carnivorous lunatic. he is always courting public space as if he knows anything. he is just a hireling, a mercenary and blood sucking buccaneer. Does he want to deceive the Igbos a la Awolowo during the build up to Biafra in the 1960s. No way. A man who stumbles on the same stone twice deserves to break his neck. Igbos should beware of those who may mislead them even among their so-called chiefs and governors. A word is enough for the wise. As for that hired assassin cum mercenary called FFK, he is just a loafer and jobless corrupt lunatic always out to court attention and hug limelight. Responding to his antics is just a waste of time, space and money, only that the uninitiated Igbos must be warned to be wary of such assassins. JAY 2, Abuja.


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