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The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has reaffirmed government’s decision that any programme meant for Nigerians must be produced in Nigeria, saying he was not appointed Minister to develop the economy of other countries at the expense of the Nigerian economy.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Minister said the Creative Industry’s potential of creating 1 million jobs in three years cannot be realized if jobs meant for Nigerians are being exported to other countries under the guise of producing, in other countries, programmes to be consumed in Nigeria. ”I didn’t say that henceforth, all music videos and films will be produced in Nigeria, or that the production of music videos or films outside Nigeria will be banned.

All I said was that if a programme is designated as a Nigerian (local) content programme, we will amend the Code to ensure that it is produced in Nigeria,” he said, adding: ”On that, there is no going back.” The Minister recalled how his office was bombarded with calls from concerned Nigerians when the last edition of the ”Big Brother Naija” was produced in South Africa, saying he subsequently directed the National Broadcasting Commission to investigate the circumstances surrounding the controversy.

”Following the findings, we decided to amend the relevant sections of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code to prevent a repeat of that development. “We are now in the process of doing that, so that anyone who intends to produce a reality show or similar programmes for Nigerians cannot take the production of such shows outside Nigeria. ”Nigerians are a very proud and resourceful people, and we are sure that no Nigerian will be against a decision to prevent the jobs that can be done in Nigeria by Nigerians from being exported to other countries,” he said.

In a related development, Alhaji Mohammed has said the Broadcasting Code is also being amended to help develop the local football league.

”This (amendment) is not just about the Creative Industry. We are also going to ensure that the NBC Code is amended in a manner that if any company in Nigeria today invests a million dollars in promoting or supporting any (football) team or league outside Nigeria, I want the Broadcasting Code to be amended to the effect that it will not allow that programme to be aired unless that company supports the Nigerian League with a percentage that will not be less than 30 per cent of what was spent. ”This is because we cannot continue to develop the economies of the other parts of the world from the sweat of Nigerians and at the expense of the Nigerian economy,” the Minister said.

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  1. lie in action, i knew he will say Nigerians misunderstood him.Ndi ala

  2. General Lord IwinJuly 19, 2017 at 11:31 PM

    This man is so so shameless. But you can develop other peoples country by flying the president abroad and wasting billions of pounds not only on the president but also on the presidential jet. Idiots deceiving themselves. If you people have made the country conducive the producers would have stayed at home and perfect their works.

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  7. But wait o Mr lies what advances hAve you made to the Nigeria Electricity and good road water and all of that in the history of Nigeria, I got to know that we're largest richly in oil. Nigeria is stinkly rich in oil money, but Still No good road and water including Electricity, have ever visited South Africa and see how their road work looks? I will always wake up every morning and pray against everyone that has never let Nigeria as a nation to progress such fellow wI'll dead untimely death. Bcos people are suffering No good hospital No good infrastructure, I'm so ashamed that I'm from that country. If my country is good enough I wouldn't have any cause to go to other mans country, else you people are imposing "Gay Law" and jailing people for 14 year's for No reason instead of focusing on the problems of the country. God almighty that open today and make the sunshine will punishedit everyone of you that have not let the county work for us all Amen

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