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former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has said that if Nigeria cannot be restructured, let it disintegrate into smaller independent entities.
Fani-Kayode said this in reaction to the National Assembly’s rejection of the proposal to devolve more constitutional powers from the centre to the states which would have kicked-off the process of restructuring Nigeria in earnest.
He urged Nigerians to understand that restructuring the country can never be achieved through the 1999 constitution or the current National Assembly.
According to him, the system was rigged and designed to protect and preserve itself, adding that and the core north effectively had a power of veto in the National Assembly which it will always exercise in order to block any form of restructuring.
Fani-Kayode wrote on his Facebook page: “For those commentators in this forum who have never participated in or understand Nigerian politics but who tend to speak and act as if they are the only ones that are sincere about restructuring I have the following to say.
“I hope you have learnt a lesson or two from the fact that during the constitutional review exercise that took place in the last few days the Senate has refused to devolve power from the centre and initiate the process for genuine restructuring in our country.
 “These are the hard facts, hidden obstacles and bitter realities about the struggle that some of us that are in the field have been facing and complaining about for the last 25 years!
“From henceforth let it be clearly understood by all, including those that desire restructuring but who have never participated in Nigerian politics, that we can never achieve it through the existing constitutional structure or the National Assembly.
“This is because the system is rigged and designed to protect and preserve itself and because the core north effectively has a power of veto in the National Assembly which it will always exercise in order to block any form of restructuring. It is this point that people like Nnamdi Kanu and other ethnic nationalist leaders came to appreciate long ago and it explains their ‘hardline’ posture on these issues.
“The bottom line is as follows: restructuring will not be given to us freely or on a platter of gold.
“It must be taken and if necessary it must be taken by force.
“Finally mark this: if it does not eventually come then I say let us cease to be one nation.

“I would rather live as a free man in an independent Oduduwa Republic than continue to live and die as a slave in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

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  1. FFK, when exactly did u realize you are living like a slave in Nigeria? Just these last 2years that you lose access to free money??? Wake up spoilt brat, you can just chose to die now and save us your wailing!

  2. Restructuring will be good but they will never allow it.

  3. FFK if you cannot win you spoil the game.But you were favoured by the game two years ago, you enjoyed it and danced to its tune. Everything was OK. Now you are agitating for the disintegration of the country . My adevice to you is please first return all the money that was alleged that you took illegally inwhigh Obanikoro testified to before the country can disintergrate. But I believe yr boss will disagree with you on this idea.

  4. U commentors are refering to 2yrs back while we are discussing abt our future wellbeing.. As far as I am concerned, Fani is speaking the mind of many Nigerians. Mindless of where I hail from

    1. But if PDP had won the last election, the status quo would have been okay and all these cry for restructuring won't even come up abi? PDP had 16 yrs, what did they restructure? And you think you're smart right?our problem as a people is not because of lack of knowledge but because of people that chose deliberately to remain stupid. FFK takes the lead in this team and some cretinous idiots are following him sheepishly.

  5. I don't know weather u r speaking for some one or for urself. if u r speaking for urself u r a big dreamer.
    nig is biger dan ur lack of native sense. plz hv some native sense, let me remind u APC will finish d nig project,

  6. very interesting. so that plp like you and Fayose can rule us in the west abi. Oleeeeee.

  7. “It is on record that our leaders, heroes and elders have been calling for this particular Restructuring before and after Nigeria Independence of which Mrs Margaret Ekpo was the first person who called for it; Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe in 1945, Isaac Adaka Boro in 1963, Chukwemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in 1967 that is known today as (Aburi accord) which later led to the massacre and starvation of Biafran children, women in churches, hospitals, schools and market places in cold blood between 1966 and 1970 and lastly Ken Saro Wiwa in 1993 who campaigned vigorously, without a single gun shot, for the survival of his people. All these people are Eastern Nigerians who saw the decay in the Nigeria system and called for a peaceful settlement that will benefit everybody. But the born to rule mentality of the core North rejected it with impunity. And, now, they demonstrated it again on the floor of the Senate.”

    Referendum is what we need in Nigeria, but it won't come so easily...

    1. You definitely have a very bad sense of history, I'll advice that you dust your history book and refresh yourself.


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