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By a unanimous voice vote, members of the House of Representatives at plenary on Tuesday jettisoned the government policy which subsumed Christian Religious Knowledge, CRK in Civic Education as a compulsory subject in the Secondary School curriculum.

This followed a motion titled “Call to make Civic Education an optional instead of a compulsory subject for Senior Certificate Examination”, filed by Hon. Beni Lar from Plateau State.

The members after an exhaustive debate on the motion agreed that the policy was incongruent with the spirit and letters of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) on the provision of religious liberties.

The members agreed that students with the inputs of their parents at formative years should be taught the religious subjects of their choice in school.

Essentially, the House while pointing out that the policy makers erred ab initio also agreed Islamic Studies and CRK should be taught independently and separately in the spirit of the constitution.

It will be recalled that the issue recently became a subject of controversy whereupon tempers flared.

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  1. In all that we do in Nigeria, because of the nature of our composition, we need to be sensitive. So if this is true, the house has done something great. Let's be sensitive and respect one another in all we do.

  2. So, without the house' intervention, this wldnt have bn corrected... Seems the person that stirred the air breathes from his anus

  3. So without the intervention of the house, the bloodsuckers of this country have already removed CRK inside the syllable but what I know is that in the southern parts of the Country, CRK as a subject is not a subject of choice it's compusory,you guys should not just come with the mind game of saying it's a choice.

  4. Why do we deceive each other like this in Nigeria? I don't actually understand. Or is it me? May be I'm missing something. I read sometimes ago may be about a month or so that CRK as a stand alone subject was not removed and placed under Civic Education and some major Officials of the Education department attested to that fact including a Professor that was the head of that Education department in charge of restructuring those subjects. Then how come it that the House had to fix it? Can we fix what's not broken? The House saw and knew those Education department officials were lying and they took it upon themselves to save Nigeria from hugging an electric transformer by fixing the lies of the Education department officials. Thank u so much House by stepping up for the good of Nigeria for which u were elected. Now what's going to happen to those ignorant and deceptive Education department officials? Indict them for treason? They lied and intentionally causing and sponsoring unrest. Indict them for something they can't come out of and jail them all for treason for lying. I can't believe what they did, trying to force their agenda and life style over Nigeria and Nigerians, so that we may begin to argue and fight over what is not. Why would they remove the CRK in the first place? They are liars and are not worthy of holdibg such positions of knowledge in Nigeria. Get rid of them all, there are other better neighbors of theirs waiting for their jobs and those their neighbors will perform better. Examples of what we want in Nigeria should be made of people otherwise the needed change may be difficult to achieve for Nigerians. I stand to be corrected in case there's any piece that I'm missing in the whole story. Thank and be blessed inJesusChristname. Today Tuesday 07112017 @ 12 noon.

    1. What you missed in your submission is the notion that somebody want to force his faith on you. This very amendment was not done by this government but by the former government headed by a Christian. The Muslims doesn't make the kind of noise your supposed appolitical umbrella association CAN is making you to make and believe.
      Listen to Cardinal Okojie, he had told you people that nobody can islamize anybody except the later has no faith earlier.
      Both CRK and IRK were bungled into that very Civic education but because of the CAN hatred for Buhari they begin to shout Islamization- a term that only exist in Nigeria and only during Muslim president regime but if a Christian president buy a private jet as a gift to a Christian cleric, it is normal, if he address Nigeria from Aso Rock chapel by Talatu Ezirike every Sunday it is not christainization of Nigeria.

      What you also miss is the fact that hunger, insecurity, unemployment, poverty, diseases and death are non-respecta of tribe, religion, ethnic and the amount of mineral resources at your backyard whether controlled by you or the central government.

  5. This country just has to break up. Islamic evil doers are getting away with too much evil, meanwhile their only contribution to the nation is half alive leaders.

    1. Half alive leaders that suddenly fall ill after your wicked poisoning. We shall get to it. The more you hate the North the more Nigeria is in trouble.
      You want referendum, separation, restructure, resource control etc by raining insult on the North on every topic and still want the very North to be praising you and organize the above for you peacefully, Mr man it doesn't add up.

    2. Sharrap Mr Defender of the North

      The argument here is -If CRK was not removed as a course in Civic Education as we use to have, why then does the house have to deliberate on it and pass a referendum afterwards?


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