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The Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has said that anybody found out to have more money than he or she should would be held to account for it.

He also said that people who loot the public treasury or their organizations are doing so out of greed, and not because of any political objective of keeping a war chest for the future.

Osinbajo made this remark today at the celebration of Father’s Day at Aso Villa Chapel, during which he also challenged the church to teach the lessons of honesty and integrity.

”Many would say the reason why they steal is because they want to have an arsenal for future political exploits. It is a lie. It is greed. In any case, even if you want to do that, you have no right to do it,” he said.

His message from the pulpit certainly strikes a chord against the backdrop of the avalanche of corruption cases the Buhari administration has been pursuing.

The campaign had suffered some setbacks of late, with controversial verdicts by the court that tend to let go the accused.

Osinbajo, a professor of law and also a pastor of the Redeemed Church felt the church has a role to play. “If the church says we will not accept you here or that we will expose you if you are stealing the resources of the country or stealing the resources of a private company or other establishment where you work, we would not have the type of problem that we have in this country.”

“In Genesis 18:19. God was speaking about Abraham. And God said he had known him or called him in order that he may command his children and his household after him that they keep the way of the Lord with righteousness and justice that the Lord may bring to Abraham what He had spoken to him. “In other words, God was saying that He called Abraham, in particular, because he realizes that Abraham will command his household, will command his children to do righteousness and justice and to fear God.

And if you back this up with Genesis 12:2, God has spoken concerning Abraham, that He will make Abraham a great nation. Genesis 12:3 says, God said, I will make you a great nation. “In other words, the role of the father is supposed to be that of building nations, building generations. And Abraham is the example God set for us; of a man who God wanted to be the exemplar of the type of conduct that God expects of fatherhood; a man who will teach his children and children thereafter the way of righteousness and justice and the way of fear of God.

“When I listened to His Eminence, the Prelate of the Methodist Church a few minutes ago, talking about the importance of the type of training that he received as a child in his family, I’m sure many of us here are reminded of that type of training. A type of training where you are taught and reminded about integrity, primarily as the first order of business; that you must be a person of integrity. You must be truthful, you must be trustworthy, you must be honest, you must be forthright. That is the foundation. And in the days he referred to, Catechism was an important part of our lives.

Even just knowing the 10 Commandments was enough to teach you about righteousness, teach you about the way of truth and I think that is very important, especially for us today as Christians. “Christian fatherhood in particular is a position that God has placed us as exemplar to our nation. The Christian father is the one referred to in Genesis 18:19; the one who will teach the way of righteousness and justice to his children and would teach the fear of the Lord. And I just want to say to all of our leaders (and I was speaking with few of our Christian leaders just last week, both of the PFN and CAN just last week on various occasions) that it is the role of the church to build this nation.

And the church has that role because God has said concerning us that we are the light of the world and we are the salt of the earth. That role is a very, very difficult role. “We are not to teach the world how to be like the world but to teach the world how to be like the one who saved the world, how to be like Jesus. It is not easy. “Every time that we come to church, we are told about giving. But we need to talk more about honesty. We need to talk far more about honesty. In the same way we talk about giving, we need to talk more about honesty because just like His Eminence said, Nigeria’s great problem is not the absence of prosperity. It is as he so eloquently put it, that we have enough for our needs but we don’t have enough for our greed. The greed of many is what has landed this country where it is today.

It is the greed of so many; many who have been placed in position of authority. It is their greed that has landed us where we are, where it is difficult to do the sorts of things His Eminence saw in Washington and so many other places. You cannot steal half of the resources of the country and expect to build the sort of things you see in other places. “And if the church says you are not allowed to steal and we will ostracize you in our midst if you did. If what a man has does not measure up to what he has, if we found that a man has more money than he should have, if a man is earning a salary of a civil servant or a public servant and he has houses everywhere, we have to hold him to account. But he must be held to account in the church. He must be told first in the church we will not allow you here.

If the church says we will not accept you here or that we will expose you if you are stealing the resources of the country or stealing the resources of a private company or other establishment where you work, then we would not have the type of problem that we have in this country. If only the church does so, just the church.

“Just as Christian fathers today, it is our duty as God spoke concerning Abraham in Genesis 18:19, it is our duty to build up a generation of righteous men and women, a nation of just men and women who fear God and puts God above everything else. And I believe that the Almighty God will help us.

“I just pray that the Father of fathers, the One who has called us, one who has saved us will bless each and every father here today in the mighty name of Jesus. The Almighty God who is the great Father of all fathers will ensure that we get everything we need to make our families, to make communities truly great and to make our nation great.”

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  1. Nigeria should introduce same policy called CRT-Civil Recovery and Tax- in the UK,where the state has legal rights to seize any money or assets held by any citizen suspected to be either engaging in illegal deals or inability to explain source of income.Governmental agencies are empowered to seize the assets in a civil proceeding without going to court once the wealth can not be explained or justified.It has made life much easier for us tackling fraudsters,drug dealers and looters

    1. For Naija? Who will allow such a bill? Osinbajo is talking in a den of thieves, to thieves. They are looking at him like why will I allow that?

    2. Well,when you Nigerians suffer enough you'll confront the thieving politicians making them make laws that you Nigerians wants and knows would save you and your country from ruins and destructions.Nigerians are too timid or stupid believing the country belongs to the elites who are mostly rogues.Great nations became great because the citizens stood up to irresponsible and unethical leaders not for them just shouting on social media.I You Nigerians must open your eyes and steer the country to greatness

    3. Nigeria is not a nation with a common goal and vision so nobody is going to stand up. Divide it.

    4. June 19, 2017 at 3:05 AM
      I do not share in your opinion that the Country should be divided. However, if it should be the general view so be it. But the way I see Nigeria is that the greedy people are in all the communities, the youths need to rise up and overthrow this group to have a better future for generations unborn.

  2. Really Nigerian's cannot stand up for that bill, because of our uncivilized behavior a situation where you can hear people are jubilating for looters who were given traditional title and protested for the support of a looters and called for the release of criminals such as kin pin of kidnappers, Boko Haram suspects and arm Robbers. But is a painful situation, May God save us. Ameeen


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