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Musa, a 43-year-old businessman from Port Shepstone, KZN, has declared that one wife is not enough. 

Speaking to Daily Sun he said his four wives – Busisiwe MaCele, Nokukhanya MaYeni, Thobile Mseleku and Mbali MaNgwabe are happy to be married to him.

He said although some people have criticised him, he wanted to change people’s perceptions of polygamy. “I want to show men that you can be in a polygamous relationship and also be considerate.

My wives impose restrictions on me. I have to be home an hour earlier than them so I can prepare to spend time with all of them,” he said. His wives have nothing but love and praise for him.

Thobile said: “I knew what I was getting into and didn’t have a problem with it. I also come from a polygamous family.” She said the other wives are like sisters to her and they all rely on each other for advice and help.

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  1. This guy won't make me die of laughter. Asewo, Oloju kokoro! I am also a man married to my wife, I pray she lives long and even live after me after I might have grown old and die. She is a great woman, full of respect and love. Why would I go and marry another woman? For what? In fact, I believe, any attempt of me to marry another woman, is like looking for God's rancour. No justification for that. What else do I need in another woman? Why would I try to hurt her when I know she loves me and I would not like someone to try something like that on me also? I thank God for our lives. I am contented and appreciative of the kind of woman that I have. I cannot also really blame some men that practise polygamy. They know what their problems or interests are. I will never judge. But this man is just very funny and kind of awkward to be saying what he said.

    1. ....the case of, one man's dream is another man's lunch.
      We all are not the same

  2. Oga carry your preaching and go to Hell, the man is telling you his experirnce and and his life and you are here talking rubbish, see I am a christiain but the problem in christiandom today is selfish, envy and quest for materialistic life styles,marry many wives have nothing to do with one's work and love for his God. Is not better you marry many wives and remain faithful to them than marrying one one and keeping tens of cumcumbinesor harlots outside? let us call a spade a spade and stop deceiving ourselves in the name of religion. Contact me, verysoon my book on "problems of black African man, problems of Religion and Politics" will be ready, I will deliver one to you.You can respond to me through this plattform if you need my respond so that I can you give you my contact.

  3. What's better for one may be a sour to other. Married more than one wife has nothing to do with religion,tribe or ethnicity. But applying wisdom, courage, maturity and faith is the basis. Going by the population all over the countries, the ratio of woman, ladies or girls is more than the male counterparts. If I'm to marry one, you are to marry one and other to have one each what will happen to the left over woman? However, the level or the genesis of all, criminality, unfaithfulness ,harlot,running brothel etc are the consequences of marring one wife. There is an advantage in marry more than one wife, you save life,protect infidelity, reduce the level of harlots and contribute to family growth. Many woman, ladies and girls were roaming the street, praying and hoping to get hooked(married)but none.asked them they will have story to tell not that they were not beautiful or lack any quality but!? So don't discourage anybody wishes to marry more that one wife,so far he has the capacity and what it's entails to have them. My brother or sister you are just fortunate or luck to get one go out there seeing many. At least have seen a lady saying she just want to change her daddy's name,seeing some saying not need for the man to be feeding her she will take care of herself but none,seeing some crying louder to get baby but without husband how could that possible? In this south Africa ladies have troop out saying they don't have someone to married them,her in Nigeria in eastern part ladies have cry out that they should reduce or abolish there traditional bride price in other to get husband. Last to month in Kano their government and governor did mass weeding for them all because they didn't have husband to married them. Till other time.

  4. You see the corrupt people. When you fight corruption, corruption fights back. Somebody explained his own experience and quite open that he does not blame anyone who does not share his belief and you are condemning him. Who told you the polygamist men don't also have concubines? Nonsense! We live abroad and we see how life should be well lived. I am sure some of you are never married and if you are, it's either you are naïve or being mischievous. If you like marry 1,000. It's your life.


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