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Prof. Zhang Yong-Peng, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS), in Beijing, China on Tuesday said that for more Chinese development assistance to be extended to Nigeria, both countries should become active partners.

Yong-Peng told a Delegation of visiting Nigerian Journalists in Beijing, while making clarification on “The Belt and Silk Road: Creating New Development in Africa,’’ that it was imperative for Nigeria to become more active with China.

“China knows Nigeria as a major power in Africa and would continue to create more opportunities to access her development assistance and funds. Let me say that Nigeria can benefit a lot more from the Chinese government.

“The Chinese Government’s Belt and Road Initiative currently covers 100 countries, including Ethiopia, South Africa and Egypt.

“Nigeria should give us good development plans, because China is ready to provide more support to Nigeria. Therefore, Nigeria needs to be more active with the Chinese government.

“China is today rising as a political power and needs to extend her political and economic power. And China also needs protection where her political and economic interest is,’’ he said.

The Professor of International Politics at the Institute of West, Asian and African Studies at CASS said that many other African countries had been benefiting from the agreements reached on the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation(FOCAC).

Yong-Peng said that the Silk Road Economic Belt was proposed in 2013 by Chinese President Xi Jinping, to build a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa, along the ancient trade routes.

According to him, more than 100 countries, including European countries, have already signed the Silk Road Economic Belt with the Chinese government, with many roads already built by Chinese companies in the European countries.

He said that the initiative was meant to promote peaceful co-existence, mutual respect for other countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression and mutual non-interference in others’ internal affairs between countries.

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  1. 1 of 2.

    "China gives conditions for Nigeria to receive more assistance"

    Is this caption true? Sincerely? Shame on these past Nigeria leaders because u are the reason for this! And are u the present leaders going to fall for this condition? Selling your birth right for a piece of cake? A cake u can bake yourself. Why are these our leaders this way? Is it a curse? I can't believe this. Anyway let me tell u a little bit of why I'm mad at this type of request.

    First we have all the money and resources to fix our country Nigeria and make it what it's expected of her for every citizen of Nigeria if not for our leaders greedy behaiors. Nigeria shouldn't depend on any other nation for conditions of assistance as this if not for the evil behaviors of our leaders, or let me say our past leaders.

    Secondly, we just need to be very careful as to any condition we sign into for assistance. Every nation seeks only her own interest and don't really care about others interest and that brings me to the subject of another form of slavery and oppression.

    I had a dream in 2016 about Nigeria. In the dream, I was walking, going to a very good neighborhood in Nigeria. I don't know the neighborhood nor the particular town but it was in Nigeria. It was a very beautiful neighborhood in Nigeria and in that dream, as a Nigerian, I believed there shouldn't be any restriction on me to go to any neighborhood in Nigeria but it was not the case. As I was in the neighborhood, a small police patrol car drove towards me and stopped. On that police car was clearly written, "Chinese Police." I marvelled as two Chinese policemen (Chinese looking) stepped out of this police car. They had guns on them and and they started to ask me questions. They asked who I was and what I was doing in that neighborhood. I looked at them and in my mind, I asked myself, "What's going on here?" Are they supposed to be asking me what I'm doing in a Nigerian neighborhood or I should be asking them what the Chinese policemen are doing in a Nigerian neighborhood. But rather,they are asking a legitimate Nigerian what he is doing in his or her father's land. If I was at the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria then such a land or environment is considered a Chinese land or ground by international diplomatic law but that is not so. I was in a neighborhood in the middle of a town and why should Chinese policemen harrass me? What are they doing there, all from far away China? Is that another oppression in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole? Is that going to be another South Africa all over again? Is that going to be another Soweto repeating itself over again? Is that going to be an oppression over Nigeria by foreign nations? Is that because of selling our birth right because of more conditions for assistance? We may say that we are rightvnow under oppression but whatever oppression we may be under now is under the surface but this that I saw in my dream is above the surface, it's not hidden, it's a face to face oppression. Then I challenged those Chinese policemen by telling them that they have no right whatsoever to challenge me by asking me any question whatsoever because I have the right as a Nigerian to go to transact business at any Nigerian neighborhood as long as it's legal business. And I told them that I should be the one asking them what their business is, patrolling the streets of Nigeria towns and questioning Nigerians in Nigeria being Chinese policemen. And afterwards, they looked at each other and they just turned around and entered their car and drove off and I woke up, woke up very terrified. I don't know what it is but I don't think it meant well. God knows I'm saying the truth of what I saw in my dream and now some government wants more condition to help Nigeria. Tanx all and may God bless us all IJN. As usual, RADEO 04172017 @ 4:16pm. To be Continued on 2.

  2. 2 of 2. some government wants more condition to help Nigeria. Wake up Nigeria, wake up Nigerian leaders, and wake up Nigerians. Don't sell your birth right to any nation anymore, enough is enough and enough should have been enough long time ago. Think and pray about it, don't just believe me or what I say but be careful, be very careful. Tanx all and may God bless us all IJN. As usual, RADEO 04172017 @ 4:16pm.


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