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Sokoto State's Governor Aminu Tambuwal has exonerated himself from being seen as a hater of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.

Speaking with newsmen on Sunday, Tambuwal, the former Speaker of the House of representatives said he only disliked the policies of the former administration.

“As the Speaker of the House of Representatives then, I was always raising the alarm on the way things were being managed in the country especially lack of prudence, but some people felt that I was against Jonathan," he said.

“I never hated Jonathan as a person, but only disagreed with his policies. The recession we are currently facing was as a result of the way the economy was mismanaged by the Jonathan administration,” he added.

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  1. You are very wicked, infact u contributed to Nigerian problem, Jonathan's regime is still the best

    1. Very senseless comment!
      If Jonathan regime was the best, PMB's administration would have started on a really good note and would have still been able to sustain what Jonathan has laid down.
      The poor performance of this administration so far is not but simply as a result of the shortcomings of the last administration.
      Get that into your maggot-filled brains!

    2. @ 10:18 you are the senseless one here, tell me why Nigeria will not plunge into recession when the president discontinued with the policies of the previous admin choosing to restart Nigeria? A president who refused to appoint ministers within the first 6 months of his admin, don't u think it also contributed to the present economic crisis by pausing Nigeria for six months? Over $80bn was pulled out of Nigeria's economy as a result of PMB's forex policy which contributed to Naira depreciating to its lowest value.
      Tell me how GEJ caused the current economic crisis?

    3. Which policy? Did the Jonathan govt have any policy direction? every tom dick and harry with a phone and data are now experts on every topic. If you still don't know how Jonathan caused the economic recession then your schooling was a total waste and you should apologise to your parents for wasting their resources on you.

    4. You re useless and demonic for continuing doing ur normal evil work and be using Jonathan name as an excuse to do ur normal evil. Gods wrath wil fall on top you people one after the other and he wil visit your families with dearth by his grace
      Because ur ways re extremely wicked. Continue caling Jonathan and spend four years on sit. And will come back again for second tenure. Dearth is you peoples portion to be sincere.

    5. Anonymous 1.51pm I doubt if you reason at all. Did you read what anonymous 11.11am wrote? your beloved Buhari know nothing whatsoever about governance. Go to your history books and find out. The same thing happened when PMB was military ruler of NIgeria. That was when Nigerians were queuing for essential commodity and there was recession in the land. Look at America when Barrack Obama took over from George Bush, America's economy was in shambles. Obama got to work immediately rather than complaining about Bush's government (as you and your blind and deaf acolytes are doing blaming recession on Jonathan) and now America's economy is doing great with the dollar strengthened. And for your information, Nigeria was the fastest growing economy in Africa when Jonathan was in power but now I don't even know where we are what happened?

  2. Can someone tell me the policy of Buhari that make this man to be talking like this?..

  3. Can someone tell me the policy of Buhari that make this man to be talking like this?..


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