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The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET), a non governmental organisation, has appealed to Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, spiritual director of Adoration Ministries Enugu (AMEN), and TB Joshua, founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, other anointed men of God to avoid hate sermons.

In a letter entitled: ‘Hate sermons: Urgent need for prayers and understanding’, the group observed the tension in the country and urged the pastors to continue to pray for Nigeria.

“We consider it particularly very urgent to write you this open letter based on our understanding of your respectful status in Christendom in Nigeria,” it said.

“We have observed with bewilderment recent events in our dear country, Nigeria and after a thorough analysis, we have come to the painful conclusion that current happenings in Nigeria are quite unpleasant. And there is the imperative for collective actions to nip in the bud, any possibility of potential mass conflicts and crisis likely to sprout from it.

“Nigeria is on the cliffhanger at the moment; burdened by agitations, mutual distrust and suspicions, viral criminality as well as crises of all dimensions, which in some cases, have mutated into violent conflicts.”

The group said the current administration had been overstretched by the challenges confronting the country.

It also accused some “men of God” of fanning the embers of discord, wondering the infusion of “a delicate and extremely sensitive issue like religion” into the troubling afflictions of the country.

“The federal government of Nigeria led by President Muhammedu Buhari has been strained and overstretched in its attempts to contain the crises in different parts of the country in the face of dwindling economic fortunes,” the letter read.

“We are equally encouraged by our implied assumption that you are aware of certain supposed “Men of God” who have stoke the fire of discord and overheated the polity with bile sermons, utterances and discussions from the pulpit which have a strong potency to spark religious crisis of genocidal magnitude in Nigeria.

“Initially, this organization was not too worried with the divisions publicly manifest in the disorderliness, in-fighting and leadership tussles which have characterized the body of Christ in Nigeria in recent times. We had hoped the concerned leaders would devote time and energy to resolve these internal squabbles in the nearest future in the interest of Christianity.

“But we cannot pretend not to know that this negative trend has not only spiraled outside of the Body of Christ in Nigeria, but pulling the strings very hard in attempts to destroy Nigeria by pitching members of one faith against another.

“We feel compelled to write you because of the respect, honour, integrity and acceptance you have earned amongst Christians and Muslims alike, within and outside Nigeria. We perceive in you, anointed men of God with the best credentials and wisdom to save the body of Christ at this crucial time on this sensitive, but potentially explosive religious incitement. We are further encouraged by your non- discriminatory roles as father to both the orphans, the vulnerable and the widows, much as banking on your vast knowledge of humanitarian complexities countries face when such religious matters are allowed to explode in violent clashes to promptly.

“But Apostle Suleiman’s inciting comments happen to be the trouble at the moment. Initially, he opposed the Bill on prohibiting extreme religious views or preachments sponsored in Kaduna state and placed a curse of death on Governor Nasir el-Rufai. But it never bothered anybody because it had personal effect. But invoking the powers of God Almighty to herd Christians into killing and beheading all Fulani herdsmen at sight is not only ungodly, but mocks the thinking of orthodox Christianity and reflects more the thoughts and actions of Nigeria’s external enemies bent on destabilizing the country by causing crisis of genocidal proportion in Nigeria, worse than Somalia or Sudan. In his latest outing, we can see a nexus in his still opposition to the Bill.

“Calling for the mass killings of members of an ethnic group- the Fulani herdsmen, who pasture their cattle because of the transgressions of a few criminals suspected to be their kinsmen, is tantamount to exterminating a whole race. This action would also be interpreted in Christian ethos as battling against flesh and blood, which true servants of God, (including you) have repeatedly warned us that we cannot win any war against the spirit.

“Similarly, we deem it extremely bad faith the tendency of some anointed and venerated clergy, who are advocating for the extra-judicial killing of Boko Haram terrorists in the presumption that they launched war against Christianity. But the same Boko Haram insurgents also slaughtered fellow Muslims in their rage of raids. The bickering in the aftermath of the split in Boko Haram leadership between Abubakar Shekau and Abu Musab Al Barnewi sufficiently placed this notion in public domain. But in all, does it not betray the essence of being a good brother’s keeper, love of neighbor and respect for sanctity of human life as decreed by God Almighty for anointed men of God to mount the pulpit to preach internecine wars with the religious card.

“We believe Apostle Suleiman is acting the script of external enemies by inciting Christians in Nigeria into a religious war. And he goes further to blackmail the Federal Government into shielding himself by instigating Christians to perceive his impending arrest and interrogation by security agents to unearth the masked forces behind his actions as persecution of the church and Christians in Nigeria.

“would wish to remember that the break-up of Nigeria was predicted for 2015, but the Almighty God saw us through the trying times, but the same forces have not relented. Having studied the sociological psychology of Nigerians on religion, they have realized sparking a religions crisis would instantly actualize this prophesied break-up. The devil is surely at work and we must put on our shield of prayers and not guns to overcome this moment of torment to defeat the devil and his agents.

“God Almighty has bestowed the onus of avoiding the looming calamity in the land in your hands, as His ordained servants. Please, do not let His children down, to inspire the Western world to laugh and mock us, by allowing the crisis to erupt. Your congregations and Nigerians indeed, listen and heed your words and advice, which beckons to your immediate intervention to save your dear country from ruination. It will be unfortunate if Christians allow themselves to be used as the vehicle for bloodshed that would lead to genocide, hunger and suffering of the ordinary masses of Nigeria who are already pauperized and burdened in several ways.

“If you kindly devote attention to this cause, you would save Nigeria from a clearly masterminded plot to destroy our country by enemies waiting in the wings to fuel genocide in the country on the platform of religion. Acting thus, you shall also save the entire body of Christ from disintegrating and embarrassing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who laid down His life for us.”

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  1. You are quick to comment on hate speech and to give pieces of advice to these two men whose Christian foundation are questionable. Why did you not in the least write to condemn the wantom killings of innocent and helpless citizens especially in Southern Kaduna?

  2. All these bla bla bla, why the killing of Christians in southern kaduna? What is their ogfence?

  3. Oh... Now telling christians do defend themselves now is a sin?

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  5. EVERYBODY IN NIGERIA CAN KILL AS FAR AS IT IS A CHRISTIAN BEING KILLED. Once a Christian moves to retaliate, the referee (NGOs) will step in and stop the fight. My only problem with men of God pushing for killing is that they were silent for years and are now speaking because their church (money) and personal lives are affected. They have refused to carry the gun themselves. They want their members to carry it for them. Let them lead the vanguard. After all, kings used to go to war in the past.


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