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The photo of the cripple who was brutalised by soldiers in Onitsha, Anambra state for wearing a camouflage has surfaced.

He has been found by a volunteer of Kokun Foundation which has pledged to help him with accommodation and other financial assistance.

"We are going a step further to meet him and do the necessary things to support him via accommodation and other financial assistance," the organisation said in a statement. "This is a democratic era and we say No to era of military dictatorship. Our job is to eradicate hunger and hardship in this country," it added.

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  1. Why should he wear Army Uniform,is he a soldier? This country need Iron hand for people to obey simple law, although the Soldiers would have not beat him up, rather to than to take him to Barack, explain and warn him for his misconduct.
    The truth is that everybody misbehave in this country especially our so called Politicians and Leaders.

    1. Is it stated somewhere in the Constitution not to wear army uniform? Sonce when did it became a crime? Here in Europe you see people with army uniform and i used to wonder is everyone a soldier? No. They call they patriots for even wearing such. Stupid Nigeria army

  2. That soldier need to face fire squad so that others will learn from it.
    Long live to those that have human feelings.....short live to killers in military uniforms

  3. People wear camour in USA, the country we always copy as role model,

  4. They are nothing but Monkeys, Camouflage clothes are sold all over the world, its fashion, Not Uniform.

  5. WOW ! I can't imagine anyone siding with those army thug killers as this Anonymous comment does. Is it a law and if it's one, who made such a law? Even if it's a law not to wear camouflage, is beating up a law breaker the way to punish law breaking? Is that beating, the punishment or fine for breaking the law? If not, then the soldiers are barbaric and law breakers as we may say about the one in the camouflage, if it's the law. Either it's the law or not, the soldiers should be arrested to face the maximum allowed by the law and the demands of the law. So many soldiers think they are above the law and they misbehave. The abused man being physically challenged is even the more reason to put those soldiers in jail for life or make them to be court marshalled and face the death sentence, because they should know better. A physically challenged man and on the wheel chair? Common now ! What happens if they were in the war front? What would they have done in the war front if they capture an unharmed enemy soldier? They would have put a bullet on his or her head. This is crazy. I thank God that I was not that maltreated by this good soldier man who stopped me in my camouflage T-shirt about three months ago in Nigeria. I was sitting in back of the vehicle and may be that was what bought me protection. The soldier man stopped us at a check point and looked into the vehicle and saw me and asked me who I was. I just told him my name and he asks, "Are part of us?" I didn't really understand him and he knew I didn't. Then he said, "Are a soldier, retired or active?" I then said, never in the military. Then he said, "Why are u in our T-shirt then?" And that was when I understood where he was coming from. And I said, I'm not in your T-shirt but mine. Then he started smiling and he said, pointing to another soldier in a camouflage T-shirt but no camouflage pants, no camouflage shirt, and no soldier boots, "What's the difference between your T-shirt and his T-shirt?" And I answered, a little difference in the colors and pattern. He again smiled and then said, "Have a good day" and tapped on the vehicle's body, signalling to the driver to leave, becos it was at a checking point. That soldier was very understanding, respectful, and loving. He is about my third born's age, in my estimation. Thank u this soldier, u were very professional and respectful and may u be blessed IJN. Everyone I told about my story said that I was lucky and I say I'm blessed, that most soldiers would have given it to me just the way this physically challenged man was treated. I can only thank God for the respect that soldier man accorded me that day. I was coming from the burial of my mother-in-law that took place at Ekiti in November 2016. I don't live in Nigeria only came home for the burial. And all my answers to that soldier man was based on my ignorance of what happens in Nigeria and if I had known what I now know about Nigeria, especially in reference to the camouflage attire, I wouldn't have had the camouflage outfit on, talk more of responding to that soldier man the way I did. I never knew it could have been a problem for anyone to put on a camouflage outfit. I never thought it's insulting to anyone or the army to put on camouflage. I use it here where I have been living for the past 28 years and I have never heard of anyone going through such embarrassment of wearing camouflage. When I read the treatment account by these soldiers of this physically challenged man, I was surprised and I can only thank God for protecting me the day I broke the Nigeria army law but not the Nigeria law. Make it a law passed by the legislative aspect of the Nigeria government if we think its worth passing into law but don't just make it a law becos of a thinking pattern of any agency. 1 of 2. Tanx all & be blessed IJN. As always, RADEO 02102017 @ 5:07 p.m.

  6. 2 of 2.
    .... any agency. And when it becomes a law, don't just put the law into your hands by passing judgement on those that break it by beating up just becos u are more powerful than the law breaker because then, you are more of a criminal than that law breaker. Nigeria Soldiers, you are nigerian citizens and should not behave like anti citizens of Nigeria. Tanx all & be blessed IJN. As always, RADEO 02102017 @ 5:07 p.m.


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