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Residents of Sabon Tasha, the Kaduna slum from where operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) recently recovered an alleged loot of $9.7million and 74,000 pound sterling are angry with former Group Managing Director of NNPC, Mr. Andrew Yakubu, who is believed to have kept the money in his house there.

Such is the bitterness of the residents’ anger that they now rain curses on him for locking up equivalent of billions of naira in the community where many go to bed in hunger.

Yakubu remained in EFCC custody yesterday, battling for bail.

Following the discovery of a whopping $9.7m in a Kaduna slum house allegedly belonging to the former Group Managing Director of NNPC, Yakubu, residents of the area have expressed anger and rained curses on the owner for locking up billions in a community where many go to bed in hunger.

The residents gathered in twos and threes yesterday discussing the recovery which was widely published yesterday by the media.

They were shocked that such a huge amount of money was kept close to them when many cannot afford three square meals or meet their basic needs.

Some branded his action as sheer wickedness.

One Jerry D. Ishaya said: “If you keep a large sum of money somewhere, whether you got it legitimately or illegitimately, bring it out and invest it for the people to benefit.

“If anyone is caught looting, let him face the law. After all, EFCC was established by PDP.”

Another resident, Mrs. Shila Musa said “those stealing our commonwealth and making us languish in abject poverty will not know peace.

“Just imagine, an amount that is enough to resuscitate the entire textile industry in Kaduna in the hands of one man, ‘Allah ya isa’ (God will judge).

“I am a Christian and I know in a situation like this some people will be blindly supporting this kind of person. But the question is: of what benefit has his loot being to Christians?

“So, Nigerians must wake up and fight their common enemies looting our treasury irrespective of their religious or ethnic affiliation,” Mrs. Musa said.

Yakubu, according to EFCC sources has admitted ownership of the money.

He claimed the money was a gift.

The anti-graft agency, The Nation gathered yesterday, is also reviewing certain actions of Yakubu when he held sway at the NNPC.

The Acting Chairman of the anti-graft agency, Mr.Ibrahim Magu is full of praise for the head of the commission’s operations in Kano Zonal Office, Mr. Adamu Dan Musa who led the team that recovered the money.

Yakubu is said to be keen to go home on bail.

Also working hard to get him released on bail are several prominent Nigerians including a Senator.

However, EFCC sources said its investigation of the detainee is far from concluded.

A top source said: “The ex-GMD is still in custody, we want him to give us the list of those who gave him the $9.8million as gift.

“We are also considering other clues which we have stumbled upon in the course of this investigation. We will grant him bail as soon as we sort out a few things.

“It is interesting that some prominent Nigerians, including a Senator, have been begging us to release the ex-GMD. But EFCC only complied with the rule of law and not sentiments.”

Meanwhile, Magu yesterday commended Mr. Adamu Dan Musa, the commission’s head of operations in Kano Zonal Office, who led the team that recovered the money.

The Head of Media and Publicity of the commission, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, said Magu spoke after the commission’s monthly keep fit programme.

Magu said the officer and his team “demonstrated courage, professionalism and integrity in executing the raid that yielded the astounding discovery.”

He asked staff of the commission to “emulate the team as the EFCC is poised to take the fight against corruption to new heights.”

The statement added: “The EFCC boss also used the opportunity to clarify the misleading information in a release by the Police Service Commission (PSC) concerning the promotion of six policemen for outstanding performance.

“One of the newly promoted officers, Suleiman Abdul, who is currently on secondment at the EFCC, was purportedly promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police because he “recently recovered N42billion for the Federal Government”.

“Magu said he is unaware of any recent recovery by the officer.

“He may have made recovery in the past. But in the last six years I am not aware of any recovery by the officer to warrant commendation by the commission.”

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  1. Where are the supporters of evil doings, supporters of a PHD holder who knows nothing about governance, who does not know how billion of naira, euro, dollar ........etc. phd my foot. Now look at primary school holder, how he is unearthing all the bad things they did. Check the cost of kerosene the only energy for the poor. Why will things not go up, when every of our needs are import based. Foolish PHD mumu man ran down the economy of this country and somebody will come out and talking rubbish. Those idiots should comment on the above and let's read. Expose your myopic thinking again for the world to read.

    1. Fool u are, GEJ it was who sacked this criminal 2yrs after his appointment as NNPC boss after reports emerged of his corrupt activities. Evil persons like u linked his sack to politics accusing Diezian of influencing her sack for insubordination and leaking of information to the house of Representatives.
      Under GEJ, any one accused of corruption is relieved of his or her appointment irrespective of who u are, check ur records. PMB has never done same despite glaring evidence littering every where.
      Shame on u emany, no one supports corruption but mind u every politician is corrupt, and when u are fighting corruption, there shouldn't be any sacred cow.
      SGF, Babachir has been accused with glaring evidence staring in our face yet the presidency has done nothing, why?

    2. My Anon with High sense of reasoning, thanks for your response to that Almajiri called Emany. I wish U will channel the energy used in reply that Idiot-Emany to good use.
      MUMU Emany that PHD man better pass Ur whole GENERATION of Almajiris, including your CURSED zero certificate hold Mallam-Almajiri BUHARI.

  2. it is only a Hàusà Man that can rob the country this way without thinking of investing Rather bury the money at home and continue to groom Almajeri. That is why they always want to rule

  3. Foolish you can you tell me what happen d to Stella oduah during JEG time over bullet proof cars...

    1. She was relieved of her appointment and EFCC waded into the matter. Her EFCC case started under GEJ, check ur records. Mean while are u are in this country?

  4. EL MATOSKY, you are a drug addict, I heard you said is better than stealing or being corrupt. You have taken your usual before coming to the air.
    Monkey like you. Like father like son

  5. Bunch of confused set of people, the guy in question is a Christian o
    If you hear say them killer am you will changed by saying they are killing only Christians in the north. Now you don't like Christians again. All of you have failed because all your comments are sentimental based comments. You have no direction of what you want. Please go back to school. Almajiri are much more better than you selling on hold up. You cannot rent a simple shop.

    1. You are the confused and sentimental one here, first you insulted GEJ who did nothing to you forgetting the fact that GEj fought corruption to the best he could while fighting boko haram that was created by this same administration and also fighting APC. No one could ever have survived in GEJ's shoe otherwise what is happening to PMB after just tasting a tip of the ice bag?

    2. What is the reason for this verbal war?every corrupt mallam or christian should be made to pay for it.They should be thrown into prison like James one is above the law.

  6. El MATOSKY you are Very Stupid Idiot who was Born from Useless Family God will Punish you in hell fire your life is a waste. Stupid Idiot and non of your entire family will Attain the one Quarter of President Buhari Achievement in your life. Stupid Jelous Idiot Bastard shame on you. Jelousy go kill you.

  7. ANON 7:38, 1:02, 4:21 God bless you, I suspect all these posts are by the same person. Your reasoning should be rewarded.
    GEJ is being crucified everywhere because of corruption, yet he visibly dealt with most corrupt people under him, if not all. PMB is being praised for fighting corruption, yet, he has not sacked anyone serving currently, no matter the amount of evidences that are brought against them, eg Babachir, Amaechi.
    We can quickly say he is recovering loots, good, I support it, how many of these corrupt being have been prosecuted? How many have been hanged or fired by firing squad or even jailed? Where are all the billions and trillions of hard currencies recovered and we are still looking for money to fund budget, selling our Eurobond and other assets.
    Truth be told, tribalism put aside, PMB should sit up. Nigeria voted him to fight corruption and bring change positively, there is no accolades if he does it. If I employ you to open my gates every morning, don't expect me to keep clapping for you each time you open that gate. If not GEJ would still be president, so PMB should just sit up and work.
    Regardless of abuses that may come, lets say the truth, because that's the only sign that Nigeria is ready to change their status!


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