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Ex Special Adviser to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Electronic Media, Reno Omokri has replied Garba Shehu’s diatribe at the former President where Shehu, the current Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari had, while reacting to the rumour making the rounds that President Buhari is dead, said that Buhari is not like Jonathan who could be at Ota in Ogun state and at the same time be in the United States for President Trump’s inauguration as claimed by many platforms on social media. specifically, Shehu had while debunking the death rumour said, ” “The president cannot be holidaying in the United Kingdom and be in Germany, dead or alive at the same time. ”

 He added that Buhari “was unlike a past president who was ‎at Ota with Chief Obasanjo and attending the Trump inauguration in Washington DC, being in two places at the same time.”

However, in response, Jonathan’s aide, Omokri said, “We know that your boss has reduced the Naira to its lowest level ever but you do not have to go this low!”

It can be recalled that rumoured speculations that President Muhammadu Buhari was in a terrible health condition that could lead to his death left the social media abuzz Friday.

This was after the presidency announced that the President would be travelling to Germany for medical check-up. Also in his reaction to the speculations, the Special Adviser to the President om Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina also thanked all those who wished the president well while asking for the Grace of God for repentance on all those who carried the rumors.

He said: “Best wishes to all who wish PMB well. As for those who carry evil rumours, may they receive grace to repent.”

 Recall also that the Ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan had gone for a closed-door meeting with the equally Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo at Ota in Ogun state the same day that the U.S was inaugurating the new President, Donald Trump as the 45th U.S President. Many speculations filled the social media that the U.S invited Jonathan for the inauguration but snubbed President Buhari. A claim both quarters have come out to debunk.

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  1. Reno, it's a known fact that the Naira would have easily been worst than this if GEJ is still running the affairs of this our great Nation Nigeria.

    Reno, it is common sense and we do not need a specialist to tell us that the devaluation of the Naira is one of the key resultant effect of the plundering of our Commonwealth by GEJ and his cohorts. You have all looted our treasury and most of you also ran away and are virtually in hiding using our money that you all stole to be hiring lawyers to ensure you are not sent back to Nigeria to face the consequences of your unpatriotic and callous actions.

    By this Reno, please spare us the insincere, unpatriotic and absolutely idiotic comment.

    Reno, please come back to Nigeria and also face the heat of the furnace you all prepare for Nigerians.

    1. You don't have common sense, under GEJ, naira devaluation was under control, naira exchanged at $1 to #220 at the black market before PMB took over. Moreover what concerns PMB's death rumour and GEJ's whereabout? Why does the media aide have to go this low? Why would you attack GEj for no just course knowing he never caused Nigeria's recession in the first place? You need medical examination of your brain.

  2. Rantings of a Backslidden Fellow.

    Even hell can never take this guy serious. He has so much entrenched himself deep in sin that his case is no more an issue for hell.

    The devaluation of Naira would never have happened again in the history of Nigeria if Reno and his Oga GEJ had never been given the opportunity in their miserable lives to ever step into or even occupy Aso Rock.

    They plundered and looted the treasury of our Nation and they say it's currency will not be devalued. What exactly are these PDP fellows smoking or drinking anyway? I wonder which Secondary School they learnt their basic Economics from?

    1. Don't mind all these rogues talking rubbish. You call Reno thief very ugly man, Better go trim your tongue, You need to see a doctor ooooo.

    2. If these people like, let them continue to blame GEJ's administration for their woes, I know God will flush them out of that place even before 2019. Awon OLOSHI. People are dying of hunger everyday and they are there watching without any sensible solutions and they are still talking about GEJ visiting OBJ, seriously? It is our prayers everyday now that, any govt that will rule and bring sufferings and death to Nigerians, God should destroy them, their aids and beneficiaries. 'EEPE'(curse) na em remain for these useless people for my mouth now. ONYIARA.

  3. Reno, I have been following your posts in online media. I have never met you, but I believe within me that you are a committed Christian, born again, and a pastor in California.

    I admonish you to be careful and don't mess with God. You know your boss wrecked Nigeria's economy. But, for political and, ultimately, monetary gains, you see black and call it white. Let me remind you that God deals with His people more severely than with those who don't know Him. Those who don't know Him can steal and tell lies and it would seem that God doesn't know. But you are not one of them, and you should remember that God would deal with you more severely.

    It is people like you, Reno, that God gave an opportunity to help GEJ succeed by telling him the truth so he could lead well. Instead of you and other men of God telling him the truth so he could lead Nigeria with honesty and integrity, you all danced around him and made him comfortable in profligacy. God will hold you and others like you to account.

  4. Whether we like is or no Nigeria has been turned to a Banana state by the clueless buhari who promise to make 1naira to a dollar and petrol to less than 50naira, create job opportunities but only to now sell fuel for 145N, kerosine sold for 50N for 300naira, dollars that exchange for 210 to a dollar now 500 to a dollar. we are now worse off. u guys should bury ur filthy head in shame

  5. whether we like it or not Nigeria has been turned to a Banana state by the clueless buhari who promise to make 1naira to a dollar and petrol to less than 50naira, create job opportunities but only to now sell fuel for 145N, kerosine sold for 50N for 300naira, dollars that exchange for 210 to a dollar now 500 to a dollar. we are now worse off. u guys should bury ur filthy head in shame

  6. I am sure these suffering have entered into many people's head. Having read most of the write up above. I think most contributors are suffering from mental illness. How can you compaire a government with plan and strategy with a government that is clueless. If Buhari government has impliment quantitative easing or operation twist. Our economy might be better than it is today. When you have no forward or future looking policies about economy. Investors leave your country. When you put a policy fixing how many Dollars that CBN will sell. How do you expect investor to repatrate their profits. It is common sense but I have come to realize that common sense is not common in Nigeria. People are too TRIBALISTIC to notice the wrong done by who they see as one of their own. What a shame. May God help us Nigerians to see evil as what it is. When those in Government are ill or sick. They fly to UK, USA or America for treatment. How many times did we hear that Nelson Mandela travelled abroad for medical treatment? A word is enough for the wise. Cheers Guys


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