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The Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has urged Nigerian youths to ‘quit whining’ and that no body owe them anything. Fayemi made this known in a lecture titled ‘The Successor-Generation: Reflections on Values and Knowledge in Nation Building’ at the 2017 UNILAG Convocation Lecture in Lagos, Monday.

Fayemi who went on memory line told the graduating students of his Alma Mater that as a UNILAG graduate and a post-graduate student in the United Kingdom for him to survive he drove taxis and worked as a security guard, amongst several other menial jobs. He said ‘the last lesson I want to talk about is the debilitating entitlement mentality that is commonplace among young people today.

The earlier we realise that no one owes us anything, the better for us, and the more prepared we would be to face life’s challenges. ‘Don’t think you are entitled to a job, just because of your parents’ influence or what they have. Don’t think things would be all rosy because you graduated from UNILAG with good grades. Be prepared for surprises and disappointments because life is bound to hand you a couple.

only guarantees you have in this life is what you do for yourself with the grace God has bestowed on us all.’ We need to get off our high horses, quit whining and start doing — for ourselves and for our country. If something angers you so much, instead of whining, think hard about possible solutions and do something about it.

Doers have a way of finding each other out, and before you know it, you are in good company with progressive minded people that exude positive energy — comrades with whom you can challenge the status quo, fight together, and succeed together. Some of the closest friendships I have kept to this day are from my UNILAG days — people I can actually trust to surmount challenges and get things done.

So also, complainers have a way of finding each other out, to indulge in very depressing rhetoric about why things can’t work and who is at fault. From their comfort zones they criticise without offering any solutions and always end up frustrated — run away from such people.”

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  1. Seriously? WHAO!!! Bravo! What a speech! Thank God Fayemi said he went to UK for his post-graduate.

    1, This means his parents could afford it, how many families in this buhari's regime can do that?. Also, the UK government has worked day and night to ensure youth (of today) have a better tomorrow- systems are made to work, policies are not killing enonomy (throwing the same youth out of jobs).

    2) As a minister, for almost 2 years your govt has been in power, and from your office, how many opportunities have you created for the youth?. In fact, how has your office help in aiding the groth of the economy?

    I can go on and on with this because WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR SENSELESS AND USELESS excuses for the state of the nation. All of you should just pack your loads and goooo. What else do I even expect from someone that was booted out of office in Ekiti for doing nothing even when Jona was pumping money out to states appropriately and timely too? Today the people of Ekiti feel liberated bcos (a so called 'thief') is there- what would he have done to Fulani herdsmen in d state if he was in power?



  2. Headlines should always be quoted in the context. It's an excellent speech that should propel young men to strive to achieve.

  3. Excellent speech. Thank God for experienced people like Fayemi. It only shows anyone can become anything is they are persistent . My own father told me trying to study for a masters degree in England is an impossible project for a middle class family like ours. It took me time, I sold planks in Abuja, I saved, worked hard, but ultimately trusted God for His grace, today I have a PhD from a top 10 university in England and had become sorted after. Yes you need government to provide some things but government can't provide you vision for your life. We can get things done easier with a working system but without a perfectly working system, you can still get to wherever you desire with the grace of God and your determination.

  4. So if the UK govt behaved as the current Nigerian govt which the excellent speech giver is a part of, will both you and the speaker had gone there to do your post graduate studies? Let the charity start from the speaker!


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