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Nigerians may pay additional N5 per litre of petrol for road maintenance, if the National Roads Fund Bill before the House of Representatives is passed into law.

The Federal Government is targeting N100 billion per annum for the fund through the additional fuel price.

A technical committee set up by the Toby Okechukwu-led House Committee on Works recommended a N5 per litre increase in its report.

It submitted has recommended a N5 per litre increase as part of its recommendations to the committee.

Last November, the technical committee, headed by Chris Okoye, was mandated to submit a report, which would be reviewed and submitted to the House for consideration.

The committee recommended a “…fuel levy of N5 chargeable per litre on any volume of petrol and diesel products imported into Nigeria and on locally refined petroleum products”.

The National Road Fund, which shall apply to the funding, maintenance and administration of the road network in Nigeria, when established, will serve as a repository of revenues from road user-related charges and other sources for financing to be managed and administered for routine and periodic maintenance works on Nigerian roads.

The committee said other sources of funds include: toll fees, not exceeding 10 per cent of any revenue paid as user charge per vehicle on any federal road designated as a toll road; international vehicle transit charges as well as inter-state mass transit user charge of 0.5 per cent deductible from the fare paid by passengers as well as surcharge of 0.5 per cent chargeable on the assessed value of any imported vehicle into the country.

The report, which was signed by 15 of the 23-member committee, will be debated and reviewed by the Okechukwu-headed House Committee on Works, and passed to the House on the whole for consideration.

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  1. Nigerians should be prepared to pay, so long we can see what it is being used for.

    1. MUMU! The ones we have been paying for decades what are they used for?

    2. Emany..... Ode ni e.... Mumu special.
      How many of such collections or monies have been used judiciously by the govt since you are born into this Country?... Tell us!

    3. Pls were you anywhere near a site were NDLEA was burning confisticated Marijuana when you were reading this report and typing your comment?

  2. If d federal government can't repair d roads dey should leave.

    Everything is on the increase but salary us not. From were will dat increase b paid from?

    Are they thinking at all? Is it because they hv free access to d items nd to steal from d govt datz y dey feel everyone has d money?

    Pls father have mercy on us.

    Let ur kingdom come

  3. If this will prevent the FG from borrowing the proposed $30billion, am game. If there will be fairness, no religious and political manipulation in deciding which roads to fix, am game. If the roads are not repaired shabbily because they know that next year, monies will be generated by Nigerian motorist to repeat the same botched job, am game. If the people who prosposed the bill have also worked out the proper collection and administration of this funds so that it doesn't end up in our sleeping TSA account, am game. But what do I know. Honestly I don't think far.

    1. You are not thinking far truly. Think with your mind.

    2. Nigerian government has never utilised such funds properly. They should leave the masses alone and start by properly utilising allocated funds.

      The senators should rather pass a bill that will adjust/reduce their financial renumeration so that the savings from there can be channeled to things like road maintenance etc.

      They are very selfish and insensitive to even think of doing this

      The fuel price is already outrageous because we have refused to make our refineries to function at full capacity and some half baked senators are suggesting this nonsense.

  4. It is pretty clear the this government is not concern about the plight of the masses. Come to think of it, the template for the current pump price consists of levies in different forms that goes to the federal government and now they are looking for another backdoor through which they can increase the pump price. Also what happen to the vat being paid through the FIRS. Na wah oh.

  5. You are yet see some thing, by the time they put whatever amount please, stop buying fuel. Go and urinate in your car tank and move it anywhere you like. We the patriots knows your pains. You will ever remain painful through out your entire life. Your first name Corruption and stealing is not corruption is known to every one. If you are not prepared to contribute your quoter PLEAZE leave our dear country and go the USA, where everything is free. Thank God you no bi MUMU. Nothing you will ever find good in this administration. Go to heaven and bring Angel to do it for you. Only yesterday I saw you urinating in a public place like big fool. Simple adherence is not in your empty score.

  6. What are you using the tax payers money for, even value added tax. Please if African leaders are so daft that find it difficult to lead with example, so, we might as well opt for colonial days. From the look of things, I believe we were far, far better even without oil discoveries. May God intervain because we are exusted already. Nothing seem to be working again.


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