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Pastor Joseph Obayemi has replaced Pastor Enoch Adeboye as the General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Here are few things about Pastor Obayemi

1. Pastor Joseph Obayemi was a deputy in charge of Finance

2. A member of governing council of the Redeemed Christian Church of God

3. He was the pastor in charge of Lagos Province 28, region 2 of the church

4. He laid the foundation of the extension of the province’s temporary place of worship in March 2015.

5. He was Chairman, board of governors, House fellowship of the RCCG

6. Special Assistant to General overseer on Finance PICR Region II

7. He is happily married with children

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  1. May the grace to excel exceedingly be granted unto you. May that purpose of which you were chosen by God to succeed daddy Adeboye be fulfilled in RCCG. Higher and higher shall RCCG soar towards fulling God's purpose on earth during your tenure in Jesus name.

  2. Naked politics. Christianity is a religion that is now so basdardised and abused. It is a pity. Even a family of four can now found a branch of Redeemed Church. In my small street that cannot boast of 500 people , there is about4 Redeemed Churches minus other different churches.
    Is this division and I first others behind me What Christ taught and God desire among his flock? It is a shame!

    1. If you have nothing to say.... STFU

    2. What's your own? Are you a member of the church or why are you whining?

    3. T.j what's your own, even if they have one branch per house, how many shops, boutiques and beer parlours do you have on that street? Why not complain about that? Always church!

    4. Simeon sorry oooo ! It is blindfolded people like you that will continue to be manipulated and sheepisly follow mere mortal that way. If you had known what God really want from you you will stop worshipping pastors.
      So church should be competing with other business like banks and casinos or naija bet abi? See your life. These are organisation set up for profit and has no sacred mission as their focus. Mark you Christ established his church for a purpose.
      In fact your ignorance is legendary no need wasting my time.
      Afterall, even every house hold is transformed to church does it necessarily mean people now are holier?
      Look at crime level now and other atrocities. Why are they more now that churches are everywhere than when we had fewer churches? In those days there were nothing like Redeemed churches.
      Food for thought for you. Brainwashed and bewitched folks. God will open una eyes and liberate you one day. Amen

    5. Tj
      * Imagine what would have been the crime level without the numerous churches- may be a near decent person like you would have been heading one crime gang.
      2. Why have you not complained of numbers of bear parlours, hard drug joints, brothels, baba ijebu, occultist homes etc
      3. Please help set up a Christ type of church with purpose since others lack it- at least you would have set Christ standard. Critics should show a better alternative.
      4. The effectiveness of Christianity should be based on what would have happened or how it would have been in the absence of Christianity and not vice versa- go and live at regions or country where Christianity is insignificant and know the difference.
      5. RCCG or any church owes you any explanation on their structure and procedures, only to God and last time I checked you are not God's spectre of judgement.
      6. Regards

    6. My Dear, Church of God is to be just a distance of 5 minutes walk from your house. So having 4 branches in your street is OK. Just Give Your Life To Chrst and you will enjoy tremendous wisdom.

    7. @tj* You are not making sense at all. You are one of those gullible bigots following Pastors foolishly. LIt is a pity.
      From you illogical and contradicting comment it shows that you are one of those brain washed fanatic. You have no point joor.
      It is obvious that you don't even know why you are a christians. Mark you that going to church do not give you automatic ticket to heaven
      . You are so fixed on beer Parlour. But the scriptures says that by looking at a woman in a particular way you have committed adultery/ fornication in your heart. The same applies to a woman.
      So search your soul and mind.
      The ways of God is not the ways of man. Ode! Olori buruku!

    8. Holy tj* Do you know that by lying that you are tj* you are committing a sin? God is man and on the judgement day there will be many surprises. So repent now before it is too late.

  3. Time don come wey I go stop to de go church self. Na wetin naa. Politics! Politics! Politics every where. Haba. When was the election held to elect this new G.O? Anyway,, all these pastors were called by themselves and not God so they can manipulate the rules any how and any time to suit them as long as we remain gullible.

  4. We need to be cautious when discussing the issue of church because none of us is God. If the people attending RCCG are not complaining about the choice of their new G.O then I don't see why passers-by should cry wolf. Someone is complaining of politics in the church yet he's talking about election to choose new G.O, what do you think we are talking about here? Social club? Which election brought Pastor Adebiyi to helm of affairs in RCCG? You need to stop bringing Canality to the things of God. The bible says the things of God are foolish to a canal mind. Be careful what you say, you don't have to comment on everything let alone becoming a judge over God's creations. Leave judgement to God and stop being religiously naive. May God help you as you give your life to christ and let by the spirit of understanding. Amem.

    1. Let's connect man of God. Men like you are scarce in rightly dividing the word of Truth to the world with its many religious practicioners, intellectual nothings in the sight of God and standing up for the Church of Christ. Your responses where spot on. God bless you sir/ma. The frustrations of men all over the world seem to be misplaced and mistargeted towards the now Church. From the apostolic biblical church till now, never was a time in history the Church of God was perfect. There are still spiritual challenges as much as adminstration because God still has to use the fallen mankind but what remains perfect by the grace of God are His principles, His presence, His power and the mission on Earth he has called us to to spread His glory as waters covers the sea. Chosen vessels from time immemorial whos life too have been imperfect have been responding to this call. Sir/ma please be free to join, we have an online group,Kingdom General's International with a mandate in raising deep followers and disciples of Christ who do and look more like Christ Himself on a daily basis. You can connect by joining straightaway and identifying yourself https://chat.whatsapp.com/9CoHk9JEqFCGlAZgQz1wTC or simply mail me ololadeadedayo@gmail.com

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  7. What happened to the Promise, Church?

  8. his name is tj, meaning tijani. his a fanatic person. his words are nt relevant at all.


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