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The Chairman of Ekiti chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC) Olajide Awe, has denied report circulating online in which he was reported to have denigrated the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye over the comments made by the cleric during his visit to Governor Ayodele Fayose over the weekend.

The APC Chairman  in a statement on Monday said he did not speak or issue any statement condemning commendations given to the State Governor by the RCCG General Overseer described the stories circulating in the social media as deliberate lie as APC would never dabble into any controversial issue involving religious leaders.

Awe was alleged to have said Fayose could have bribed Adeboye with huge amount of money to get such endorsement.

However, Awe said the report is one of the fictitious stories in the name of APC leaders put in the media space by the State government in order to put the opposition in a bad light.

“On many occasions, stories allegedly written by APC either denigrating its own leaders or painting the party in bad light to turn Nigerians against it had been traced to a notorious liar that shares lack of integrity with his boss purporting that APC issued such press releases that never emanated from our party.

“Taiwo Olatunbosun is our party’s Publicity Secretary who always signs all the press releases by any official of our great party, but in this instance, the writer of the purported press release alleged that I wrote to condemn Pastor Adeboye for doing his reverred pastoral job in Ekiti State.

“In recent times, press releases either attacking APC leaders, President Muhammadu Buhari or his wife purporting to be written by APC had found their way to the social media.

“At a time, Fayose’s so-called media man, who has no certificate to back up his purported professional calling in journalism and who never worked in any media organisation all his life, once conducted an interview with himself with denigrating comments on Ekiti people as perpetually hungry people and ascribed the interview to Erelu Bisi Fayemi at the time the woman was far away from Nigeria for almost a month without any contact with Nigerian journalists.

“In each of the cases, Fayose’s media men, who neither have record of integrity nor professionalism, have been found to be behind these lies to set Nigerians against Ekiti APC leaders.

“Fayose and his media aide, Lere Olayinka, are known for guerilla journalism in its hit and run tactics, but Nigerians are no fools, as they understand their lack of depth and professionalism in the practice of journalism.

“We all know that Fayose has no respect for integrity, the same tradition inherent in his media aides’ conduct, but we counsel that Fayose should not drag Pastor Adeboye into Ekiti political ring, as the man cannot allow his integrity to be dragged into the mud where Fayose is king.”

Awe urged Nigerians to see the purported media statement by him as “another story from the propaganda machine of the colony of crooks who found their ways to the seat of power through criminal manipulation of electoral process to earn undeserved victory”.

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  1. I see that the real issue here is that, if the Man of God wanted to be a real Pastor and Elder Statesman, then he should have been well balanced in his speech.

    He should have also advised Fayose to do the right thing by stepping down and submitting himself for appropriate prosecution regarding his sin against the People of Ekiti and indeed Nigeria at large. The looting of CBN to finance his rigged Election, the recorded evidences by the Army Officer. Abi Holy Spirit forget those ones. Are they not sins against the Constitution of Nigeria.

    It is obvious stack truth here is that "Whether RCCG Members Like It or Not, The Man of God is No Longer His Old Holy Spirit Filled Self". How else can a true Man of God be this excited in the presence of a known Criminal that all the AGF is waiting for is for the immunity cover on Fayose to expire and Fayose be made to answer for all his complicity.

    God is indeed a God of mercy but God is also a God equity since "To whom much is given, much shall certainly be required".

    Indeed Nigeria, wahala dey oooooo...

    1. You must be mad to have said all this rubbish against a person of pastor Adeboye and l bet you, your end is here and you have by dis course your whole generation and you will never experience peace henceforth

  2. Sincerely, only Spirit Filled Individuals will discern that a great "Man of God" is gradually Backsliding or has completely Backslidden.

    Unfortunately for Nigerians, this is the case here. How are the "Mighty Fallen..."

    A close observation of the Words of this "Great Man of God" shows the following contrary to all expectations;
    1) The Man of God is no longer Walking in the Spirit (Galatians 5 v 16) by this he is controlled by his sight and not by faith which he uses his mouth to profess.
    2) The Man of God does not have a clue to the actual reasons behind the Cattle Rustlings nor does he even have any understanding of what it will actually take to properly save Nigeria from it's effects. This means, the Man of God is NOW a Problem To The Problem Rather Than Being a solution to Nigeria. He is no longer in touch with Secrets of the All Knowing God of Heaven.
    3) The Man of God is a victim of his own self belief and thus profoundly unguarded statements. How else could an Elder Statesman be making statements that are totally unclear, inconclusive and thus open to all sorts of misunderstanding and misinterpretations.
    4) The words of the great man of God are no more seasoned with salt.
    5) The man of God is "No Longer a Man of Prayer Like Most People Presumptuously Think He is". How can someone that is interested in encouraging Democracy in Nigeria not be careful in how they fan the ego of a Governor that it is record to have conspired against the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria not only to Loot our Treasury but also to Rig Election. I wonder how that Patriotic Army Officer who risked his life to get evidence on tape will be seeing the God that this man of God talks about.
    6) The Man of God is "No Longer a Man of Faith". He is in dire need of Money to satisfy his personal ego and desires rather that fulfill the commandment and desires of God.
    7) The Man of God is "Now in the Class of those that their belly is their God". The Man of God "Respects the Powerful, Rich and Wealthy" and overly excited in their presence.
    8) Unlike this Man of God, The Lord Jesus Christ was never this a confusionist.
    9) The Man of God, is now a Business Man (Not For The Lord Jesus Christ) but for himself. Meanwhile, a he professes to be a Full Time Minister of God. Meaning "More than one Road into the Market" and also that, to this Man of God, "The End Will Always Justify The Means"
    10) Obviously for the Man of God to have degenerated to this level, he must have "Consistently Ignored the Warnings of the Holy Spirit", he must have also "Consistently Bold-Faced the Chastening of the Holy Spirit" by deliberating attributing the Chastening of the Holy Spirit to attacks of the Devil and generally "Proclaiming Needless Long Fasting Coupled With Misguided Prayer Points".

    The Man of God may have 3km by 3km Auditorium that he built for his own ego, but He has obviously demonstrated that He is not even 1 millimeter deeper in the Lord Jesus and the things of the Spirit of God.

    It is thus not surprising that since his misguided decree during the marking of his 70th Birthday that "Boko Haram will be extinct in just 3 months which was July 2012", Boko Haram is still alive and just being eradicated when a Honest and Sincerely God Fearing President was elected into Office. Till date, the Man of God cannot help Nigeria with the insight on the real sponsors of Boko Haram.

    It is a common knowledge that most of the Officers under his leadership are "Self Serving" and "Absolutely Corrupt" and "They Do Not Fear God At All", "They Area Mostly Nothing But Pathological Liars".

    I personally pity everyone that does not know how to fully "Look unto Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher of their faith"

    Wahala dey oooo.....

    1. Is like u r sane

    2. Baba has spoken as holy spirit direct him,who doesn't like should go and hang him or herself

    3. Why do you have to keep flagging this old and baseless comments everywhere. You short of new comment against the Pastor?

  3. Stupid mallam talking rubbish, the truth must be told ekiti is not a feild of blood like u have done in enugu or other parts of tge north.

  4. Now that APC has distanced themselves from the purported Press Release.

    It is now left for Baba GO to demonstrate that he is indeed still in touch with Secrets of the All Knowing God of Heaven. He should be able to know those behind the mischief and he should mention their names and even the particular place where they planned the whole mischief and equipment they used.


    Let Somebody Shout Hallelujah!!!!!!!

  5. Obviously anonymous 5.38pm and 5.39pm are one and the same person who has an obvious grouse to settle with Pastor Adeboye. These are the same statements that the person posted when the statement which the APC Chairman has confirmed did not emanate from him came out yesterday.


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