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Pastor Oyedepo in one of his messages said it takes ones tithing to qualify for God's blessings. Well, OAP Freeze doesn't agree with him as he says most billionaires in the world today don't pay their tithes yet are blessed. Read what he wrote after the cut...

''Only Those Who Pay Tithe Are Qualified to Receive Blessings From God'' - Pastor Oyedepo
This is absolutely not true!
Bill Gates, the richest man on earth doesn't pay tithe, Mark Zuckerberg, the youngest billionaire on the Forbes top 10 doesn't pay tithe, Dangote the richest man in Africa is Muslim, while Linda ikeji, the foremost and most successful Nigerian blogger doesn't believe in or pay tithe.
Please be careful what you let these men teach you. Jesus only mentioned tithe once in the bible, in passing, and he never linked it with success or salvation. Jesus, the head of the church never collected tithe and his disciples, our first pastors didn't collect tithe either.
According to historical records the first church set up by the disciples didn't collect tithe, and tithe was not collected by any church for 600 years after the death of Christ. ~FRZ

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  1. Your thoughts are actually human to share but If you research Bill Gate, you will know he pays more than tithe, support the course of the less privileged over continents. I think that is more than tithing. If you believe every other injuctions of God, I do not see a reason why you should wait for Bishop Oyedepo to tell you about tithing. I believe 10% is the least I should give to God and His course if truly I believe that whatever I have comes from Him. I think comparing yourself with someone else in obeying God is not wisdom, (They that compare themsleves with themselves are not wise). Brother it is wise not to just bless a pastor or pity a church setting to give to them, it is wisdom to covenant at least 10% of what you receive to God if you indeed believe He is what you sing about, and if you believe He gave you all that you earn and will ever have. God bless.

    1. MUMU! You give to God in a church and the church leader or pastors use the money to buy Cars, private jets and build big houses for himself and his family.
      Continue to deceive yourself. Mugu!

    2. If you can give to comedians and many other entertainment shows because you believe the help take off stress from you why should you not give a tithe to a servant of GOD who prays for you and teaches other around you to love and stay in peace? Can't you see how mean you are?

  2. Enter your comment...all these self acclaimed men of God are just deceiving people.we are no more under mosaic law,so y paying & collecting tithe.well by their fruits we shall know them

  3. The fact is of the whole thing is that Charity and sacrifice is the ultimate. And tithing is a subset of this. Therefore we shouldn't emphasis only on tithing rather on charity works.

  4. it is more Godly to help the poor around you with 10 per cent of your resources than paying tithe to lazy Pastors. A Pastor should not be a liability to his church members. St Paul admonished thus "he that does not work should not eat". Remove tithe and offering in the churches today & you will find out that ninety nine per cent of today business centers (churches) will fade out. Why? Because many today pastors are there for their stomach infrastructure.


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