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Donald really reminds us of Nigerian politicians for all the wrong reasons. Here are some of the ways he reminds me of our very own.

1. He thinks he deserves to be President just because he’s rich.
Before he started running for President, Trump was one of America’s richest and most successful businessmen. He probably thought this meant that the presidency would be handed to him on a platter. The good thing is that, unlike in Nigeria, money is not the only thing that helps to win an election.  The only thing he has not done is share items like bags of rice or tubers of yam.

2. He tweets recklessly all the time.
Donald is the King of reckless tweets, and he tweets like a parody account. We’ve had quite a few Nigerian politicians make a mockery of themselves on twitter several times. Ben Bruce does that almost every day, even the First lady of Nigeria was recently involved in a tweet fight with the Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose.

3. He is anti everything and anti everyone.
Trump is openly racist and has stated on several occasions that he hates immigrants, black people, Muslims and even women. Nigerian politicians do tend to run their campaigns on tribalistic and sentimental lines.

4. He only wants white people in America
He has plans to build a great wall to keep immigrants out, conveniently forgetting the fact that he is the son of immigrants. He also plans to deport all immigrants and black people when he’s president and is of the opinion that they do not deserve to hold political office. This is kind of similar to Nigerian politicians who only give political appointments to people who are of the same tribe or ethnicity with them.

5. He does not have any clear plans for America
When he is interviewed, all he does is throw random words around the place without actually saying anything concrete or sensible. The average Nigerian politician does not care about being politically correct, all they do is apply to sentiments like ethnicity or religion and make wild campaign promises that never get fulfilled.

6. He thinks Hillary Clinton is an unworthy opponent because she is female.
Trump’s opponent is the formidable Hillary Clinton, who actually has plans for when she is elected. Trump has made it no secret that he thinks that she is less than he is, by virtue of the fact that she is female. The last presidential elections in Nigeria featured a female candidate, Mrs Remi Sonaiya who was largely ignored by her opponents.

7. He tells lies and somehow thinks nobody is going to notice.
During the debates, Trump said that he didn’t support America’s 2003 Invasion of Iraq. This lie was just pointless forgetting that his support of the invasion has been public knowledge for a while now. Of course, Nigerian politicians have something to parallel this. In 2013, Former President Goodluck Jonathan said,  “now, we are generating more than 5,000MW,” only for the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) to come out days later with proof that Nigeria had never (at the time of course) generated up to that amount of electricity.

(Source: OMGVoice)

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  1. Mumu Nijer people, make unna no even think how to solve all unna problems, make unna dey carry other people problems for head

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