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As Nigerians recover from the gory details surrounding the lynching of a young man for allegedly stealing garri, a legal practitioner, whose account went viral on Thursday claimed the victim and his gang tried to dispossess a woman of her belongings.

Kingsley Ughe, General Counsel for Joint Action Aids, in a Facebook post titled, ‘A Thief and A Frenzied Mob Baying for Blood,’ said the victim was a member of a gang of notorious thieves and not a seven-year-old boy, as claimed by media reports.

He explained that the young man met his dastardly end after his gang tried to dispossess a woman of her belongings, including an Infinix Note 2 phone, at Augustine Onwualu street, Orile Iganmu, Lagos last Saturday.

The woman, however, held unto her phone and screamed for help.

Read Ughe’s account below
The true account of the young man lynched and summarily burnt to death at Orile Iganmu last Saturday speaks of the uncertainty and brevity of human life in Nigeria. It was Saturday, the 11th day of November 2016. The venue of this macabre killing orgy was at Augustine Onwualu Street, Orile Iganmu, Lagos.

A woman, (name withheld) was walking along the ever busy road of Augustine Onwualu street, Orile Iganmu. She had an Infinix Hotnote 2 handset with which she was making telephone calls in high pitched voice, frantically gesticulating in the process. Close by, on the same street were a gang of 4 notorious thieves, well known in the area for their dare devilry and viciousness. They were there, waiting, prowling and surveying the entire scenery for a vulnerable victim to rob and dispossessed of their valuables as they often do in the past. And successfully too.

“The woman approached. Still talking on the phone and gesticulating with her free arm. She was immediately spotted by the very perceptive eyes of this criminal gang. A brief conference amongst them, she was adjudged a soft target. There was no need for further plans or careful surveillance. After all they had done this successfully in the past. More so, their sheer ferocity makes them a sort of feared mobster in the local vicinity. But it turned out to be a miscalculation. And costly one at that!

“They approached and circled the woman who was oblivious of her surrounding and the imminent attack on her person. The robbery attack was swift and very decisive. She was held from behind by two members of the gang. One of them deftly pruned her hand bag off her shoulder and the same time attempted to retrieved the telephone with which she was making calls from her other arm. The last of the gang stood guard, providing cover for the others.

“They had during their planning stage misjudged the desperation of a Nigerian woman about to be dispossessed. The victim reacted swiftly. She let the hand free and held on tenaciously to her phone. A struggle ensued. The victim plaintively cried out for help. A motley crowd gathered. The other members of the gang, appropriately appraising the situation fled the scene. The fourth member was not so lucky. He continued to engage in an internecine struggle with victim for the phone. In desperation, he brought out a dagger, and cold blooded stabbed the woman repeatedly in the chest, stomach and shoulder. There is a proverb, when a strong animal flirts too much with the trap, he makes his meat available for children to share with teeth.

“The gathered crowd became enraged and promptly apprehended the abandoned thief. He was beaten to stupor, Tied up and set ablaze while the maddening crowd continued to bay for his blood.

“Joint Action Aid was alerted on Monday when video clips of the dastardly murder went viral on social media. We reported the yet another resort to “jungle justice” to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos state. The video clips were carefully analysed and some arrest made. The six people arrested through our efforts denied criminal culpability and brought fast talking lawyers.

“More frustrating, the charred remains of the alleged thief had been removed. The area council and Orile Iganmu police claimed ignorance of the whereabouts of the corpse. Thus we have a dead zone situation. No dead body, no witnesses and then, most understandably, an unwilling complainant still battling for survival from the grievous multiple stabbing at the hospital. We returned back to the office, again defeated. Frustrated. And defeated.The rule of law is vanquished again. The rule of the jungle continues to win triumphantly.

Kingsley Ughe ,a legal practitioner and General Counsel of the Joint Action Aids, can be reached via

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  1. Jungle justice and extra judicial killing is never a better option and it is unacceptable in a sane society. However, the Nigerian media is now like APC who is nowban epitome of lies and deceit. The media was awash with report that the boy was 7 years and stole garri, but eyewitness and subsequent reports suggests otherwise. Even The Guardian of all papers has fallen into this decay? It is a pity. Whatdo we now believe in the media?
    This This lies and brazen deceit is the greatest dividend of APC useless democracy.
    Chanji dole!
    Sai Baba!
    Sai Tinubu!

    1. Isiaka or Iscariot, there you go again. Yours is a case assailant playing victim, most of the lies in the land has been from your PDP and this case is a typical example. Your people as usual abused the use of social media by misrepresenting this incident. You flooded the social media with comments indicting PMB for inaction over this matter, now the truth is out, you are quick to put a new spin to it. You have failed

    2. @the impostor Isiaka, you are not only gullible but blind like a bat. If you had eyes you will see from the photo that the victim is still a kid, and it does not make any difference if or not he was a kid, teenage or an adult, it does not justify the min lynching of anyone by a blood thirsty mob at Orile (which of course is where you trade).
      You are a confused and deranged miscreant who has only succeeded in confusing himself. No one pays attention or take your silly comments serious on NE.

  2. In this part of the world, when an adult thief is burnt alive we tend to say "it serves him right". Someone somewhere, in their bid to draw requisite attention to this issue of jungle justice, portrayed a picture of a seven year old, and we fell for it. Now that I know it is actually not a seven year old, I feel a lot more at ease, and it troubles me. Does this mean that I/we condone some level of jungle justice? Is there an acceptable level of jungle justice?

  3. Wow, I was following your line of thought until your derailed with your last sentence. Thought you were smart.


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