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Since the story of the sex video involving former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke, broke a few weeks ago, several groups and individuals have come forward with different versions of what transpired between the embattled 20-year-old beauty queen and the organisers of the pageant.

The former beauty queen was seen in a shocking x-rated video with a lesbian partner. Surprisingly, the video was released on October 11, 2016, a few days before the expiration of her tenure originally billed for October 28, 2016.

Every day across the state since the video hit the streets, different versions of what led to the scandal are churned out by the actors, leaving the people confused and unsure of what to believe.

Since the scandal broke, Miss Chidinma Okeke, who won the Miss Anambra beauty pageant, organised by the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), has remained incommunicado, choosing to go into hiding over alleged threats to her life. She has also remained silent, leaving her lawyer to do most of the talking.

While the father, Sir Jeremiah Okeke, had claimed in recent reports that his daughter had been handed over to a relation for safety, some others claimed that the ex-beauty queen had relocated abroad.

But after weeks of keeping quiet, Miss Okeke has finally broken her silence. In a chat with The Nation newspaper, she debunked claims that she threatened to commit suicide, adding that there was never a time such thought came to her mind.

She also said her life might no longer be in danger, adding that her traducers were no longer threatening her life, and maintaining that those who were after her life had stopped contacting her.

She also said the faces behind her agonizing period in Anambra would be revealed soon, adding that with God, all things are possible.

Narrating her own side of the story, she said: “Early last year, the ABS advertised for the Miss Anambra beauty pageant. I heard of it and went to make enquiry.

“My roommate was also interested, but one of the organisers told me to apply. I told them I was not interested but the man insisted that I might win the competition. He also promised to give me the form for free if I indicated interest, and he did when I agreed to contest.

“But one Jane told me that before a winner would be declared, there were certain things to be done, including the (sex) video. I consented after some persuasion from the organisers. I later went for the contest at the Marble Arch Hotels in Awka, and I was declared winner with a Kia Rio vehicle as star prize.

“When I went for my car after the contest, the organisers brought out a contract form for me to sign, but I told them I wanted to contact my lawyer to see it. I was not given the opportunity to do so.

“What they kept telling me was that if I insisted on not signing the contract or wanted to contact my lawyer, they would release the video.

“At that point, I became uncomfortable and signed the contract to avoid such embarrassment, and the car was released to me from where it was packed within the premises of ABS.

“From that moment, I became a slave to them. On October 11, 2016, they called me to come and make presentations inside the office of one the organisers. After that, the man excused some people in that room and showed me the video again.

“They told me to drop my car and removed my crown from me. I told them I would take the car as stipulated in the contract. They insisted I should pack it in the premises of (ABS).

“I told my uncle in Abuja about the situation. My uncle called them and asked them to release my car to me. Instead, they forwarded the video to him as part of the blackmail. That was what happened,” Chidinma said, crying.

She also said the scandal had weighed her down. Amidst sobs, she denied being a lesbian, saying she had never been involved in the act.

For her parents, Sir Jeremiah and his wife, Lady Nora Okeke, the incident remains a shock. According to Sir Okeke, the management and organisers of the pageant capitalised on his daughter’s “age and naivety to deny her whatever monetary gains she made while serving as Miss Anambra.”

He added: “How can a beauty queen borrow money to pay her driver, even when she is supposed to be receiving a monthly salary?

“I cannot say all that I heard or saw. Why was she not paid her winning prize of one million naira fully? Rather, they paid her on installmental basis. And up until today, the money has not been completely paid.

“They have rubbished her and rubbed the family’s name in the mud. But we have united as a family, praying seriously for my daughter and for the people behind this wicked act to be exposed.

“My family at first agreed not to tell me about the whole thing, because I am hypertensive. But they decided otherwise when things got out of hand. I told them this issue will not kill me because I have had worse experiences while in business years back.

“My God, as always, will answer me and expose the truth in no distant time. I won’t say much because the damage has already been done.

“Chidinma is a small girl who does not know anything, hence, she fell into a trap that was too heavy for her to shoulder. But I thank God she is recovering.”

All through the interview, Chidinma’s mother, who was advised by the husband to remain silent, continued to hiss, and motioning her hands towards the heavens in supplication to God.

Two of the chiefs in Ogboji community in Orumba South Local Government Area, where Chidinma hails from, Chief Obi Okoli (Idejimba) and Chief Julius Nwankwo (Nwabulu-Omee), told The Nation that the incident had left them in shock.

Okoli, who described Chidinma as a nice and well-trained girl from a Christian home, saw the entire thing as a set up, but argued that such issues would only happen if somebody presents oneself.

According to him, “she is a well brought up girl from a good family background and Christian home. There could be more to this than meets the eyes.”

Asked if the community was not going to say anything on the sex scandal involving their daughter, Okoli laughed and said: “There are ways of handling such issues, and I don’t think the community will be involved.”

Also speaking, Chief Julius Nwankwo, described the situation as a pity, adding that today’s children behave as they like.

However, he said that the people of Ogboji community were seeing it as blackmail, adding that none of them was happy with what happened to their daughter.

He said: “As an Ogboji man, I am pained that such a thing happened to one of our own, and that is why we want the authorities concerned to look into the saga appropriately, with a view to arresting those involved.

“When our daughter won the award, we were happy. For anybody or group of persons to rubbish her and our community is what we will not condone.”

Nwankwo said they heard some people had been apprehended over the sex scandal, adding that the authorities should look well in making sure that wrong people were not punished.

The Managing Director of ABS, the organisers, Uche Nworah did not comment on the queen’s allegations when we contacted him. He instead referred us to the organisation’s earlier statement.

In the earlier statement, the organisers had dissociated themselves from the scandal. Part of the statement read: “The attention of the management of the Anambra Broadcasting Service, organisers of the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant, has been drawn to a video with lurid contents purportedly showing former Miss Anambra, Miss Chidinma Okeke (Miss Anambra 2015).

“The said Miss Chidinma Okeke, who is allegedly linked to the lurid content in circulation, has served out her term as Miss Anambra 2015 and handed over the crown in line with the terms and conditions of The Miss Anambra pageant.

“We condemn in clear terms any amoral behaviour/conduct as suggested by the alleged lurid content in circulation and do not condone such.

“It is on record that The Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant has been a platform to empower Anambra women and celebrate our rich culture and heritage. Winners of the pageant are bound to contracts to be of good conduct and moral behaviour and to uphold/maintain the honour in their position as queen.

“Winners of the pageant also contract to refrain from any personal relationship that could appear to hinder their ability to perform the duties of their office as queen and role model, and we do not expect any less.

“We, therefore, wish to dissociate The Miss Anambra pageant from any discussions on the said allegations.

“We feel sufficiently perturbed by the mere reference already made to the pageant and hereby state that we are in no way connected to the controversy.

“We apologise to the government and good people of Anambra State, our sponsors, supporters, friends and all those associated with the Miss Anambra project for the embarrassment the mere reference to the pageant in the controversy may have caused whilst reassuring of the good intentions of the Miss Anambra pageant franchise.”

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  1. I feel for you, I took time to Watch the clip and I discovered that you were really lured into though you were greedy too. I will keep what I saw to myself.

  2. I feel for you, I took time to Watch the clip and I discovered that you were really lured into though you were greedy too. I will keep what I saw to myself.

  3. Well, the love of money is the root of all evil. Chidinma you sold your birth right for money that will perish one day. You need. Christ in your life.

  4. If your daughter was not too desperate for fame she wouldn't have made the embarrassing video. Let's train our kids well. There is no excuse though .

  5. I don't feel for you cos a well trained and intelligent gal would not shoot a sex video to becoming miss Anambra knowing blackmailing is the order of the day.
    U r only being stupid to have done that for a cheap car.
    U rubbished urself.

  6. The girl is a big fool after they gave you there conditions and you went ahead and do it,honestly you are a disgrace to ndi anambra

  7. you are too greedy. it is d greed dat landed you to ur doom. l pray dat God will help u out in this.

  8. The organizers I seriously suggest they be investigated. From experience I had with my client, most of the organizers will do anything humanly possible to ensure their successful and eventual winners go home with nothing through their contract/terms of agreement or even set up these unsuspecting applicants with conditions similar to the situation here. Younger generation should inculcate the culture of consulting experts before they involve themselves in any first time contests or whatever. You should have backed out initially than this present mess. There are still hope and big future if you believe. Some of your detractors and destructive critiques do worse than this. I don't conclude or judge any case based on the past. Learn from your mistakes and move on dear.

    1. They should be arrested for the act, it shows they are not sincere with the contest thereby making it a fraudulent arrangement.

    2. They should be made to face the music especially the so-called Jane mentioned by her. She was used, duped and dumped by these monsters who having noticed how inexperienced and naive she was ab initio lured her into this lurid acts with the sole aim of eventually blackmailing the young woman. Criminals exploiting young innocent damsel.

  9. Why will you have to consent to acting a sex video before going for the competition..That is where value comes in.. Our attitude are driven by our values and what we believe on..I'm so sorry for you and I pray God redeem back your glory

  10. Ashawo no be work. In the video you were enjoying the thing. Beside you did it to win so for you to do that video you must have been servicing all of the organisers and those that they want you to service. So they pimped you equally for money. You want to claim innocent and naive but your demeanor, size and length of the cucumber that you were tossing in and out of your vagina for your age will make anyone cringe. Therefore the penis of an average man will be like pencil to you. So stop trying to find excuses.Ashawo no be work. I know how men in various hotels in Awka order you people from unizik like one orders plates of leper soup. It is a shame. Na God catch una.So traditional ruler Iam sure if she was offered to you by the organisers you will do too.

  11. But what was she thinking while accepting such offer? And you Mr Okeke, how did you brought your daughter up? May be, your quest for money was her mentor, do anything as far as money or fame will come out of it. We parents should always monitor our wards. The head head is already off and so no need crying. Chidimna my daughter, this is a lesson.

  12. Igbo people and money. Nna! You people just must make it by fire by fire. Unfortunately, the issue that is connected to this video can be compared to a case of an egg that dropped and broke. It could be a blessing in disguise though.Kim West (Kanye west wife) came to limelight by same type of video leak of her sex didplay with her ex Ray Jay. I still watch that video till today whenever I feel like.And sane shall it be of Miss Anambra too. This girl thing can swallow sha. A whole Cucumber.

    1. My dear, no mind some UmuIsrael, who can do anything for money.
      However, I admire her courage for coming out to speak. She owe her plea for forgiveness to Jehovah. As for some people who are condemning her, I bet some can do worse for even a used peugout 404 car.
      Go and sin no more my sister.

    2. El-Matosky, this is the best piece I ve ever read from you....
      Good of you on dis..... Thanks!

  13. You cannot eat breakfast with the devil and dodge lunch, anything that comes with such as offer should be fled from .to the organizers of beauty peagant , why release the video to the public after she did what she was asked to do? It was an agreement in which she kept her part of the deal you guys ought to keep your part as well . This should be a lesson to all the ladies out there pls and pls don't sell your integrity for one useless fame cos you might never be able to retrieve it again .

  14. The organizers should be arrested for the act, it shows that the contest is not genuine and it is fraudulent and if is so , they may have by it defrauded innocent people who bought and pay for the contest form .

  15. This family has no shame at all. I guess chidinma was only following family protocol. They told you that winning the pageant involves not just sleeping with one of the organisers which any well brought up child would have rejected but a sex video and you were smiling for the camera cos it was a job I like. What you did not envisage I mean what you and your family did not envisage was the blackmail part. And collecting the car back. Success by all means don back fire. Useless family.

  16. The deed has been done, let's pray along she and her family that they get out of it.


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