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Babatunde Fashola, minister of power, works and housing, says Sango, despite being the god of lightning and thunder, does not have the capacity to generate a single kilowatt of electricity.

Delivering the convocation lecture at the University of Benin on Friday, Fashola urged the graduands to free their minds from fear, and stop deifying resources that can be harnessed for the good of the society.

“Traditional medicine, from herbs, roots, and other endowments of nature have their place of pre-eminence in the assurance of our well-being and good health. I cannot say the same thing about divination and sacrifices,” he said.

“We must choose to work our iron ore to produce steel and build skyscrapers, machines and tools like others do instead of worshipping the god of Iron.We must use engineering to manage and control flooding and erosion.

“We must probe the treasures of our forests and depths of our oceans as bastions of possibilities that we must manage and dominate instead of worshipping the god of the sea.

“If we continue to fear the sea, oceans and waters we will perpetuate the practice of sacrifice, instead of undertaking the enterprise of understanding; and dominating them for energy and transport.

“We must approach our rock formations as treasure troves of building materials like marble, tiles and granite rather than treat them as totems of salvation that require animal sacrifice.

“We should stop deifying the moon and stratosphere beyond the visibility of our eyes out of fear. Instead we should develop the courage and resolve to send men and women to land a space craft there.”

He said prayer is good when combined with hard work. He added that all the divination and sacrifices made to Sango, the god of lightning, has not generated a single kilowatt of power.

“I urge you to free your mind from fear, reach for the skies, choose by conviction and not by fear; trust in your abilities and God given talent, take responsibility, work hard and pray if you believe.

“Yes, Sango is the god of lightning and thunder, but all the sacrifices made to Sango has not generated 1 (ONE) kilowatt of electric power.

“Electricity is produced by using nature’s gifts , such as gas, water, solar and wind, harnessing their capacity through turbines made from steel to serve our energy needs, not by making animal sacrifices.”

Fashola also urged his audience to “look for the book titled ‘Start Up Nation’ by Dan Senor and Saul Singer, saying: “It would provoke your thinking as it did mine.”

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  1. You press people sha. Even you wrote what the man said, yet just for the sake of sensationalism you gave it a headline that will now make everyone misjudge his entire speech. See what Fash said here and see what you NE used as headline. Na wa o
    “Yes, Sango is the god of lightning and thunder, but all the sacrifices made to Sango has not generated 1 (ONE) kilowatt of electric power."

    1. You are a semi literate fool. The headline is in order.
      It is sad that a person like Fashola would be making this sort of statement about people's religion. If it is a certain religion by now they will shout blasphemy and call for Fahola's head. A one time Thisday correspondent will explain better.
      Back to your stupid explanation. If Songo is god of lightening and thunder and all the people give sacrifices to Sango, yet Sango cannot give 1 mW of electricity. What again are you saying. You be ba turenchi? A bi ko gbo grammer?. In Yoruba traditional religion, they believe that Songo is responsible for lightening and common sense will tell one whether a lightening bolt is not up to 1mw.
      Now trying to compare lightening with electricity is deceitful and fallacious. It is comparing apple with orange.
      Therefore, Fashola's comparison here is not proper logic. It is a fallacy.

    2. Mr. Isiaka I am really struggling to make sense of what you said. Anonymous 1:31PM made perfect sense but you, either due to your anger or anxiety to fulfill your target for today to your paymasters, who pay you per insulting comments, you couldn't make any sense.
      Did you even read Fashola's speech at all. Maybe you should go read it. Oops sorry that will be an intellectual torture for you.
      By the way how much do your paymasters pay you per comment?

    3. Why is Fashola playing with people's intelligence? For crying out loud, you are the minister of power.How many KW of power have you generated? What an irony? If Sango cannot produce whatever KW of power nko? Go and give Nigerians power that you promise as a power minister. Must Nigeria remain in dark age?

    4. As always. The imposter "Abi ko gbo grammar " idiot, no true Yoruba son will say it like that. And for you to refer to the Yoruba's as "They" when you claim to be one is not only deceitful, it is criminal.
      Your comments always lack substance but full of garbage, insult and irritable.
      I will not easy time in explaining Fashola's intent and the logic behind his assertions on Sango the his of thunder and lightning because you lack the cereal matter up stairs to comprehend and think on the level of the SAN.
      You are just an empty void but full of s***t , a tout, lay about internet troll that is just regurgitating the same junk everytime on NE.

  2. Thanks. It is motivating. I will buy the book and read it, to learn more. Knowledge is power.

  3. You always have excuse, go and source for remedy that's why you where appointed

  4. Yes I also recommend this book to all progressive youths irrespective of tribe, tongue or faith. It is the secret of how Israel became the world power in science and technology, medicine and Information technology.
    This is a must read for anyone who wants to liberate his mind from the shakles of ignorance, prejudice and superstition and replace it with realistic thoughts and beliefs

  5. Dis speech is motivating, he is trying 2 give motivate ppl 2 see beyond wat we are looking @ and some stupendous ignoramus are refusing 2 pick points from dis intellect.abeg Fashola if u know wat will improve our individual and collective lives don't hesitate 2 say in as much as I hate APC and all its affiliates I commend u on dis 1.

  6. Thanks, Anonymous 7:25am
    Don't mind him (Isiaka) he's just mixing things together unnecessarily..... Without making sense..... Lol.
    He said, someone doesn't understand grammar..... He should go and work on his own grammar too, especially, spellings .....

  7. Is it possible fashola deliver a speech without making sense? This man is a genious. And if you wanna criticize try to do something better.


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