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Ex-governor of Niger State, Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu, has said that although it is widely held that the place of the woman was in the kitchen, “men also belong there.”

 President Muhammadu Buhari had, recently in Germany, declared that women belonged to the kitchen and the inner room in reply to his wife’s protest that some unknown politicians had taken over the administration from her husband.

Aliyu, who spoke in Minna, Niger State capital, at the annual lecture series organised by Newgate College of Technology, said: “Looking at the issue critically, and in Islamic terms, it is actually the man that should be in the kitchen as provided for in the Holy Quran.

“The woman should only be in the ‘inner room,’ while the men should provide all the needs of the woman, including making purchases from the market for the use of the family. “Islam does not permit women to go out indiscriminately, as they are supposed to be in the house taking care of the children.”

Dr. Aliyu, however, said that no matter the situation, especially during recession period, both husband and wife were supposed to work hand-in-hand by supporting each other for the good of the family and society. He also faulted men who took many wives under the guise of religion, saying “the era of men taking many wives has gone.

“Those that have married more than one wife and claimed that the scriptures allow it are doing so ignorantly and out of the tenets of Islam. “What the law says is that if you can be faithful and fair to two wives, you are allowed to take more than one wife. But I don’t see how a man can be faithful and fair to more than one wife at a time.”

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  1. Very Very Low Understanding Man.
    How Many Prophet(s), from the ones you know, do such related work for their wive??
    Al-Quran said Man Should take a very good Care of His Wife by Clothing her and provide her All her needs.
    So where do u read that said u can be in the Kitchen when ur wife is at Home??
    And I think No one need to tell us that we can Enter the Kitchen when our wife is not available (Common Sense)...
    Nowadays, some people just talk to get a Support from IDIOTS that full everywhere now.
    Truly, People Perish Because They Lack KNOWLEDGE.

    1. And you feel that a woman's need does not include sometimes receiving breakfast in bed wise king Solomon? Obviously you are the one that lack knowledge. Where in the Quran say a man should enter the kitchen only when the wife is not available? I'm sure by now it's clear to you that you are the idiot.

  2. Well spoken. But pls my ppl. Are there two Islam or is this another of your deceptive schemes? cos you guys knows how to say one thing and sponsor a shekaus to do the unthikable. Like Islam is a religion of peace and you behead ppl who did not blasphem and those who did. And even kill ya fellow Muslims. How the own be self?

  3. So Aisha Buhari No Belong to Kitchen and other room then. So Why is this APC people misleading Nigeria?
    Sai Baba!
    Sai Tinubu!
    Sai Aisha!

    1. Elmatosky stop this nonsense. I repeat stop it! Jay2 abuja

  4. are you being serious like for real? a man in the kitchen?

  5. That is my miss my sound governor, the chief servant, astute scholar per excellence. African men mostly see women as object for exploitation. Usually we are always lookingbfor convenient ways to manipulate and cajole them at our whimsband caprice only for selfish reasons. The time has come for us to really reconsider what is fair and just when dealing with women. I ask my self if I were created a woman would I be comfortable in these I'll treatment from the candid response is NO. Please, love, respect and support them. We have them asnour Mother,Wife, sister, daughter, niece, colleagues in office and business partners etc


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