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One would have thought it ironic that President Muhammadu Buhari would joke about his wife belonging to his kitchen while standing next to the Angela Merkel, the female German chancellor.

Buhari made this statement while responding to a question about the interview granted by Aisha Buhari, his wife, to BBC Hausa, during which she said she would not campaign for him in 2019 if things did not change in his government.


At the start of the 2015 presidential election campaign, Aisha Buhari was absent on the political scene until her husband introduced her at a rally in Ogun state.

After their victory, she described her husband as a “gender-sensitive man with many daughters”, saying she was absent at the campaigns because she had to focus on the home.

In the same vein, she accepted that she would perform her duties traditionally as the wife of the president if her husband scrapped the office of the first lady and also expressed trust in her husband’s ability to make Nigeria great again.

During a visit to Kubwa general hospital in 2015, Aisha Buhari pleaded with Nigerian men not to abandon their wives in times of trouble.


Not taking the women in the Nigerian senate and house of representatives into consideration, President Muhammadu Buhari has made a total of 11 female appointments in his government.

This is far less than the 35 percent stipulation of the 2006 national gender policy.

These 11 appointments are six female ministers, Amina Zakari as acting INEC chairperson, Abike Dabiri and Maryam Masha as special advisers, Hadiza Bala Usman and Esther Nnamdi Ogbue as directors of Nigeria Ports Authority and Petroleum Products and Marketing company respectively.

Citizens, especially females, have been clamouring for a balance in the appointments. Most notable is Aisha Buhari who “seeks fair representation”.

“This is not fair; we are not asking for equal representation but fair representation in governance,” she said.


While campaigning for her husband’s re-election in 2015, Patience Jonathan, wife of the immediate past president, told supporters that Buhari would sideline women.

“During Buhari’s era, he said women should be confined to the kitchen but under Jonathan’s administration, women have been liberated to contribute to national development,” she said in Enugu.

“If you vote for Buhari again, you will return to the kitchen. It is not our portion to go back to the kitchen. We have women that are capable. We can contribute our quota to the development of Nigeria.”

Buhari’s image maker may have already dismissed his kitchen comment as a joke, but what if he meant it and he was only fulfilling Patience Jonathan’s prophecy?

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  1. When people who were knowledgeable had foresight and were sincere saw it coming the few selfish corrupt power hungry sadists mobilised people and parties and here we are.
    Now even the first Lady is a wailing wailer.
    When Mama P was there same power hungry sadists abused and maligned her even till today. But the reality has now downed on many Nigerians.
    Mama P's prophecy has been fulfilled.
    Change dole!
    Sai Baba!
    Sai Tinubu!
    Sai Aisha!

  2. He is a muslin so must be anti women. Islam wants women to be in isolation, in fact in the kitchen.

  3. He is a Muslim, so must be anti women. Islam wants women to be in isolation, in fact in the kitchen, while the men works and marry many of them.

  4. Can you hear that...??? What a prophetic warning...!!! And it is now happening before our very eyes...Well,as events are unfolding...

  5. most of u ppl are clueless in the sense that, u just write things to mislead common Nigerians but mind u, we are wise now, whether Aisha belongs to Buhari's kitchen or bathroom, we are less concern, we voted Buhari and Oshimbajo not Aisha, so Aisha may not know how gvt is run. or u want us to go back to when we voted Jonathan and Sambo but Patience was controlling and ruling us and led us to this state of bad economy? God will reward each of us according to our deeds to this Nation!

  6. Someone joked about his wife belonging to the kitchen and you guys are here looking for how to change the story and read useless meaning to it. Mcheeeewwww.

    Aisha Buhari was born Aisha Halilu, on 17th February 1971, in Adamawa state. She did her primary and secondary school education in the same state.
    When Aisha married Muhammadu Buhari on 2nd December 1989, she only had a secondary school leaving certificate at the time.

    Based on his pragmatic outlook to life and a zeal to empower women, especially his wife, Muhamamdu Buhari continuously sponsored Aisha's education up to masters degree level.

    Furthermore, he encouraged her to pursue business, so that she could be independent and make contribution to society.

    These are some of Aisha's achievements while living with Muhamamdu Buhari his wife:

    1. Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

    2. Master's degree in International Affairs and Strategic Studies from the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna.

    3. Diploma in Beauty Therapy from the Carlton Institute of Beauty Therapy, Windsor, United Kingdom.

    4. Post-graduate diploma in Cosmetology and Beauty from Academy Esthetique Beauty Institute of France.

    5. Member of the United Kingdom Vocational Training and Charitable Trust.

    6. Member International Health and Beauty Council.

    7. Founder/Managing Director of Hanzy Spa and Principal of Hanzy Beauty Institute.

    8. Resource Person to the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

    9. Published a book titled "Essentials of Beauty Therapy: A Complete Guide for Beauty Specialists”.

    10. Patron of various charity organisations at home and abroad.

    Regardless of the joke he cracked in Germany, that his wife belongs to his kitchen, living room and the other room, this man, Muhammadu Buhari, has done everything conceivable to assist his wife attain fulfilment, independence, and thus become a proud contributor to human society.

    Muhammadu Buhari has remained a faithful husband and a great father to Aisha's 5 children.

    Ask yourself this sincere question; how many men out there on the planet are this good to their wives?

    Fellow compatriots, I solicit for your fervent prayers for our President.

    May God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

    1. Amen. Case closed

    2. Amen. Thanks a lot. May God bless you for your information.

    3. Aboki your dogo turenci damage control no hold water.So he sponsored her up to Level of professororial seat for her to belong to her kitchen kwo? Hear yourself again.
      The issue here is his treatment of woman ci kena! It shows that you people are blinded by whatever sentiment you hold. Unfortunately and ironically he made the sad comment while visiting a woman chancellor, one of the most powerful political leaders in the world and in full company of international press.Otherwise, people like you and APC would have denied that he ever made such a comment. Iam sorry for you. May looking at your picture one would have thought that you were reasonable but it shows that looks and dress alone don't define a person and can be misleading.
      If you like wear Gucci's 2016 winter two piece suit or Qatari complete turban and dress, you are just a hollow ignorant sentimental follow follow apologist the way you come across.
      Mr apologist why must you all keep dissipating your energy over and over again in defending every actions and statement of Baba?... From certificate saga and the list goes on to this particular one.
      Have you ever asked yourself this question? If it were the Chancellor of Germany or American President that made this sad remarks about their wives what would have been the result?
      Aboki please grow up?
      Chanji dole!
      Sai Baba!
      Sai Tinubu!
      Sai El Rufai
      Sai Aisha

    4. Sanusi you must be a mad man did you know whether her parent insist on buhari to send her to school

    5. You have not mentioned what Aisha contributed to Mohammed. Stop this rubbish. So I should start clapping because Buhari supported his wife to go school. Women in this northern Nigeria has been blind folded

    6. Story to the birds of the air.. where u there? And were u certain dt it was ur Baba dt initiated all these? Then why didn't he ur baba at least complete his own sec.school education then obtain 1 Diploma to flow along side wt his wife?.. abeg save ursef d stress cos u gat no talk!!

  8. we voted for GEJ but patience took over and carried out mother of all frauds by owning hotels and buildings worth billions of naira. what is she talking here?

    1. u bliv wat u read from d media without reasoning if it is d fact. Govt 2day bliv in lies n propaganda 2 destroy democracy.if theres no opposition then theres no democracy.

  9. Is only Patience Jonathan you people have power to say any thing , what of Abacha wife?.. IBB wife? .....OBJ wife.....And other formal president wives ? You people can talk because she from south south , Stupid Nigerians , we have seeing change now we can talk open mouth and talk .

    1. Abacha and Obasanjo wives were from south south also.

  10. Is only Patience Jonathan you people have power to say any thing , what of Abacha wife?.. IBB wife? .....OBJ wife.....And other formal president wives ? You people can talk because she from south south , Stupid Nigerians , we have seeing change now we can talk open mouth and talk .

  11. Patience Jonathan, Nnenadi Usman, Alison Madueke, Ngozi Iweala and Stella Odua were all women who worked under Jonathan, what came out of them? They all simply abused their powers and messed up their offices and the nation in general.
    Until we get women like Dora Akunyili, let them be confined to their primary role of being "home makers".

  12. Until Benjamin buys a bag of rice 60k d reality dat gej is far ahead wit his wife will not done on him. Agbaya.

  13. If you think you can fool God go and bring stupid mama pee, all of you have suddenly forgot that she stole our common money.
    Foolish Nigerians, ignorant is a disease.
    Or did she share the money with you and your fathers?
    You will ever remain poor in your entire life.

    1. See this one...which your money did she steal...go and sit down jare...

  14. To me, it was only a joke and I believed he made the comment just to show that nothing will separate them. He did it to wave out the heat it will generate. The man didn't mean any harm or neither did he want to degrade women folk. Every person has a he right to joke even our comedians do joke with their fathers and families.

  15. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Before nko? Are we not Nigerians? No matter how a man claims his wife's place is by his side, she's still the CEO of the kitchen and bedroom. Please leave Buhari and his wife. All you men talking trash here I'm sure your wives still serve you food and service you in the bedroom so what has the president said wrong?

  16. Training your wife through education is it an achievement? You have made her useful to your family. Until you buy a tuber of yam three thousand Naira we will believe that change has really come.

  17. Enter your comment... perhaps your kids have the ears to listing to you.


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