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In a bid to douse the outrage that greeted its midnight arrest of two Supreme Court Justices and three other judges, the Department of State Security (DSS) yesterday said the sting operations yielded a mind-boggling N93, 558,000.00, $530,087, £25,970, €5,680, from three of those in its custody.

Those under arrest are Justices Sylvester Ngwuta and Inyang Okoro both of the Supreme Court , the suspended Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeal, Ilorin Division, Justice Mohammed Ladan Tsamiya , Justice Kabiru Auta of Kano State High Court and Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court, Abuja.

Justice Tsamiya had earlier been recommended by the National Judicial Commission (NJC) for retirement for meeting a litigant thrice and demanding N200million bribe.

The commission also recommended the sack of Justice Auta for receiving N125million from a litigant through an account approved by him and recommended that he be handed over to the police for prosecution.

Briefing reporters at the DSS headquarters in Abuja yesterday, spokesman for the organisation, Mr. Abdullahi Garba said attempt to recover another $2million cash from an unnamed judge was thwarted by the governor of the state.

Garba alleged that the governor mobilized thugs and operatives of an unspecified ‘sister agency’ against DSS operatives and craftily relocated the $2 million.

He said: “The Department of State Services (DSS) in the past few days, has embarked on series of special sting operations involving some Judges of the Supreme, Appeal and High Courts.

“These operations were based on allegations of corruption and other acts of professional misconduct by a few of the suspected Judges.

“The service action is in line with its core mandate, as we have been monitoring the expensive and luxurious lifestyle of some of the Judges as well as complaints from the concerned public over judgment obtained fraudulently and on the basis amounts of money paid.

“The judges involved were invited, upon which due diligence was exhibited and their premises searched. The searches have uncovered huge raw cash of various denominations, local and foreign currencies, with real estate worth several millions of Naira and documents affirming unholy acts by these Judges.

“Meanwhile, some of them have made useful statements while a few have declined even with the glaring evidences that were found against them in terms of material cash, documents and property recovered pointing to their compromise.

“In one of the States where the Service operations were conducted, credible intelligence revealed that the Judge had Two Million United States Dollars ($2,000,000 USD) stashed in his house.

“When he was approached for due search to be conducted he, in concert with the State Governor, mobilized thugs against the Service team.

“The team restrained itself in the face of unbridled provocative activities by those brought in by the Governor; unfortunately, the Judge and Governor also engaged the tacit support of a sister security agency.

“The Service surveillance team noticed that upon frustrating the operation, the Judge with the active support of the Governor craftily moved the money to an unknown location which the Service is currently making effort to unravel.

“Meanwhile, large amount including foreign/local currencies have been recovered and summaries of these include:

NAIRA – N93, 558,000.00
DOLLARS – $530,087
POUNDS – £25,970
EURO – €5,680

“Other foreign currencies were also recovered; the above were recovered from just three of the judges.

“These in addition to other banking documents, including real estate documents have been recovered.”

According to the DSS, the new initiative to cleanse the judiciary of corrupt elements will be sustained while those found culpable will be prosecuted.

The DSS spokesman dismissed speculations that the operation was aimed at stopping Justice Walter Nkanu Onnoghen of the Supreme Court from succeeding Chief Justice Mahmud Mohammed who is due to retire next month.

He said the operation did not affect Onnoghen at all and he is not under any investigation whatsoever.

“The Service would want to clearly state that it has never invited Justice Walter Nkanu Onnoghen for investigation; neither is he being investigated by this Service,” Garba said.

“In addition, the Service would like to put it on record, that it has tremendous respect for the Judiciary and would not do anything to undermine it or its activities.

“The Service will also join hands with this noble institution in its fight to rid it of few corrupt Judges whose actions is undermining not only the Judiciary but the common bond of our national life.

“This current operation will be sustained and followed till sanity and sanctity is restored to the esteemed third arm of government and public confidence is regained.

“Members of the public are also encouraged to avail the Service of any information which could assist in this drive to rid our nation of corrupt practices and tendencies,” Garba said.

The DSS spokesman declined to take questions from reporters after reading his prepared text.

He said the operation is a continuing exercise and that reporters would be invited later for further briefing.

However, further investigation by The Nation showed that the service had actually traced N1.5billion to one of the arrested Supreme Court justices.

The DSS had also submitted a confessional tape and a security brief on Justice Pindiga’s alleged involvement in a N500m deal to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mahmud Mohammed.

The NJC was said to have cleared him of any wrongdoing.

A highly placed source said the sting operation was informed by alleged low response of the Judiciary to reported cases against some of the judges.

The source said: “We have all the records intact. In the residence of one of the Supreme Court justices, Justice Sylvester Ngwuta, about N35, 208,000 raw cash $319,475 and other hard currencies were found during the operation.

“The second, Justice Inyang Okoro had N4,350,000 cash and about $38,833.

“We have been able to trace about N1.5billion mansion to one of the arrested judges of the apex court.

“All the affected judges will be arraigned in court on Monday (tomorrow) with evidence against them.”

Responding to a question, the source added: “In the case of Justice Pindiga, we have been conducting investigation on him in respect of alleged N500million inducement and two houses in Abuja.

“When confronted, he admitted and the confessional tape was forwarded to the CJN for consideration by the NJC.

“But interestingly, the NJC gave him a clean bill of health. No government will sit idly and allow such a judge to remain on the bench.

“We adopted due diligence in investigating these judges. Nigerians will hear more when their trial begins.”

Found at the residence of Justice Ademola, according to sources were: N54million,$171, 779.00,£80.00, 1,010.00 Indian Rupees and €4,400.00.

At the residence of Justice Ngwuta the following currencies were allegedly found: N35,208,000,$319,475,£25,890,€280,UAE 380,GAMBIA DALASI 420,ARGENTINE PESO 4, and GHANA CEDIS 20,while the followings were allegedly found in Justice Okoro’s:N4, 350,000,$38, 833,£25,890 and €1,000.00.

Justice Ngwuta was later released late last night.




DOLLARS——$171, 779.00


RUPEES—- 1,010.00



NAIRA——–N35, 208,000









NAIRA——–N4, 350,000

DOLLARS——$38, 833







NAIRA—N93, 558, 000.00






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  1. Please DSS, keep up the tempo.

  2. Obedience is better than sacrifice . They must follow what the law says

  3. Useless media trial to divert the attention of the gulible and Buharimaniac from the main issue - hunger starvation incompetence dictatorship and hopelessness brought about BG this useless clueless APC government and people.
    Changi dole!
    Say Baba!

    1. Isiaka continously showing his stupidity here. Did you ever think getting out of this rot was going to be easy?. Oops I forgot your daft brain would not have been able to fathom that. Ok let me break it down for you it was going to be tough, it is tough now and then it will get better.The only thing is that when Buhari is through you and your thief masters would NEVER be able to steal our money again, NEVER.

    2. Wailing wailer. Na hunger dey worry you and hunger affect reasoning. I can understand your disappointment and frustration because you are one of those trekking to Futa Jallon for Baba! Trek now make we see. Hunger don de show you shege. Hahahaha!. It is not going to easy my foot ( OSI)
      You are hopeless semi literate idiot. A bigot and hopeless tribalist. That is why you have been blinded by sentiment. Mark you in democracy there are basic standard and rule of law ought to reign supreme. I am interested in rule of law cikena!
      Change dole!
      Sai Baba!

  4. Obedience is better than sacrifice . They must follow what the law says

  5. If such highly privileged individuals could succumb to the allure of corruption, then something is seriously wrong with our renumeration/reward system!!!

  6. No wonder Nigerian judges were unable to find James Ibori guilty of corrupt charges levelled against him.

  7. Why this media charade? Are we no longer innocent until proven guilty? This happenings of these days remind me of Idi Amin. Pls, let us put a stop to these media trials

    1. My dear Friend, leave the Hollywood version of Idi Amin. Go listen to and watch the real Idi Amin on youtube. The guy had his excesses but he meant well for his people. He like other African leaders before and after him (Nkurumah, king Koko of nembe, Ghadafi, etc) he refused to bow to the west so they demonized him

    2. You are cursed! What other proof do you need. Buying and selling justice is nothing but injustice

  8. Africa does not seem to be ripe enough for democracy. We are hiding under it to perpetuate crime upon crime. Western nations underwent monarchical autocracy before they gradually adopted democracy. We need a benevolent dictator.

  9. Ok. Nigeria now has another source of revenue generation: the DSS. Thank you. Has buhari put it in 2017 budget?

  10. It is unfortunate things have degenerated in my country, Nigeria. It is sad to see Nigeria's wealth being kept in the hands of a few while wealth is almost evenly distributed in advanced countries. People seem to be selfish and self centered when they do not care about corruption. I believe they undermine the negative impacts of corruption and I sense they do not understand the monster. It is killing and quite destructive. These are stupid judges and we have them all in other professions. If Nigeria must develop, then Nigerians must rise up against these people. Unfortunately, they are so many that are retrogressive and until Nigerians rise up, we should forget about progress and development. I am tired of the country's retrogressiveness.

  11. Well done DSS. Justice must be restored in my country.

  12. Right in the open, in a Church Wike informed everyone how the Odilis helped him in securing the Governorship seat. We kept quiet as usual.
    Where truly is the hope for the masses. Evil people are dominating the public sector! Do we continue to disturb God via prayers or take concrete action by supporting what is obviously right.

  13. With the recent burglary and kidnap of judicial officers by men of the DSS or whoever they were, it is now confirmed that democracy is under severe threat in Nigeria. This has become the worst rape on democracy since independence, not even during military regimes did we witness such a brazen, crass and most embarrassing show of force. To worsen matters the DSS issued a statement that clearly shows their ignorance of their duties. All security agencies are creation of the Law and therefore MUST operate within the bounds of the law.
    First it was the Invasion of Government House,Uyo now it's the invasion and kidnap of Judges of all ranks, even Justices of the Supreme Court.
    The law clearly specifies how Judicial Officers who breach their oath can be punished, there is a self-purging process. Recently the NJC wielded its big stick against many judges, including a serving Chuef Judge of a State,without any external interference.
    I make bold to declare that this action by the DSS is criminal, unconstitutional and affront on the doctrine of separation of powers.

    We must rise in defense of democracy. Who will be the next?

  14. Pls continue the good work president buhari.Even if it is witch hunt,am sure the next administration will return the favor.We now have accountability.This president is the best president we have ever had in our country,if the only blemish he has is the accusation of witch hunting and dictatorship,pls continue.All the people claiming witch hunt,tribalism,religious bigotry etc,may the biggest calamity befall u and your family.Nigerians are suffering because of the excesses of past administration,and yet people want the statue quo to remain just because buhari is plugging all the loopholes in which the country's resources were being siphoned!!!people are blind to the fact that the law is the last hope of the common man,if this crooks have this judges in their pocket,how are will going to have law and order ? Will their be justice for the common man ?

  15. That is why the rich will always ride on the poor bcos the Judges were being bribe by their corrupt practices. They take ur land, beat u up and nothing happen with even their children doing the same thing to u.

    That is why the Leaders will steal money and be walking and talking bold on the street in confidence. And nothing is done to them.

    When will some Nigerian be wise enough to stop supporting the evil leaders.


  16. Congratulations to the DSS, but please permit me to ask this question. What happens to ex-governors now serving as ministers, Senators and maybe, if any, Reps, who have looted their states and other agencies, and are now under the so-called immune to arrest? And also, those who are still receiving salaries from such places today in the same capacity as the incumbent, yet in some of such states where they are from, civil servants salaries are not paid regularly? Are they going to continue walking and driving past, splashing water on the people? Please, also take a look at this very seriously.


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