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The Federal Government has berated the Peoples Democratic Party for demanding the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, in a statement on Thursday by his Special Adviser, Mr. Segun Adeyemi, said the PDP was shameless.

He described the former ruling party a shameless irritant, which was bent on distracting the government from its rescue mission and returning the country to ”Egypt”.

Mohammed stated, ”We are on a rescue mission to resuscitate Nigeria after the PDP left it in a coma, and the noise from the same PDP seems designed to sabotage the rescue efforts. But we are not deterred.”

The minister said if the PDP had understood the meaning of shame; it would not have dared to even make a single comment on the economy that it did everything to kill.

He added, ”While the PDP was emasculating Nigeria on all fronts, including social, economic and political, the rapacious party was deceiving Nigerians by giving them the illusion of growth and prosperity.

“Instead of showing remorse and rebuilding itself to a strong opposition party, the PDP has continued to blame the successor Buhari Administration which is left to pack their mess.

“PDP undertakers have continued to engage in a blame game, when they should be hiding from the shame they brought upon themselves and the nation.”

Mohammed said what the PDP had consistently put up as a vibrant economy under its watch was nothing but a bubble that was buoyed by massive corruption and chronic incompetence.

According to him, under the PDP government, someone without any known means of earned livelihood will boast of $31.5m.

He stated, ”They keep saying we should stop talking of the past, yet the past will not stop rearing its head. They keep saying we should no longer refer to the past, but how can we forget so soon that our foreign exchange reserves plummeted from $62bn in 2008 to $30bn by 2015, at a time when oil prices were at a historic high, reaching a level of $114 per barrel in 2014.

“By comparison, Indonesia, another oil producing economy with a high population, increased its reserves from $60bn in 2008 to $120bn in 2015.

”The candid truth is that we failed under the successive PDP administrations to save for the rainy day, and we need to constantly remind ourselves of that so that we won’t repeat the mistake.

“Take the excess crude account which fell from about $9bn in 2007 to about $2bn in 2015. The argument that it was the State Governors that depleted the account does not hold water since there were Governors in place when the account was being built up.

”Worse still is the fact that up to $14bn in revenues from Nigerian LNG remains unaccounted for and indeed until the Buhari Administration came to office, State Governments never got any allocations from this source of funds which properly belongs to the Federation Account.

“The naked fact on the revenue front is that there was just a failure of leadership. This was compounded by the non-transparent uses of funds. We are all witnesses to the sacking of a Central Bank Governor because he raised an alarm about $20bn that had gone missing.

”We are indeed still trying to recover huge sums looted from the national treasury under the PDP’s watch, with $15bn stolen from the defence sector alone.

“Perhaps most painful is that because of the way funds (about $322m) returned from Switzerland were mishandled, we now have to accept conditionalities before our stolen assets are even returned to us.”

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  1. Shameless liar.Even in your grave you will have one or two lies to tell. S fool at forty.

  2. Reasonable people no longer listen to this manbecause he is the Great grandfather of all fools and liars. He is no longer credible despite his age. Agba jaguda ni ooo! Tori pe agba lier ti pe ti pe! May God save us oo! If old men will be acting and behaving like this what will their children and grandchildren be doing. It is the foundation and bedrock of corruption, Yet they are telling us that change begins with us. They are all saints even...Amaechi... Thief...bu... Fabu...yemi... Parrot..Aliru..fai....Gorrilla...Oshio....etc.May God save Nigerian from these wolves and thei party becaause they agents of sorrow misery poverty hunger unemployment starvation and hopelessness. Their national leader was even captured on video dancing Shoki and shakiti bobo in a lavish owambe party while millions of Nigerians are dying due to current apc induced hardship.. national leader and nationalist indeed! Selfish Sadists to the core! God save us ooo! APC! change dole! sai Baba! Baba till 2024!

  3. Apc has no shame. This is a party of never do wells. Pdp which they claim ran the economy into a coma has been winning all elections since the Saudi sponsored apc took over although ose have been later falsified to reflect an apc win. Rice was affordable when we were in "Egypt", same for petrol, kerosene, diesel, cooking gas, beans, milk, flour,tomato etc but now the Wahhabi inspired northern government has taken over , starvation has taken over and they still claim rubbish. Excuse after excuse for nearly sixteen months, is thàt what government is all about? Torturing people into relinquishing monies on their accounts which are disbursed to their chosen northern clique has become the order of the day. This government is a shame and I believe it will be a good idea for the British to come back instead of this disgraceful people ruling us.

  4. They are not shameless....o the old fool shuld resign now b4 hunger take us one after the other

  5. Thou there's no need for Buhari to resign yet, we Nigerian's must learn to do so when it becomes necessary. Prime Minister of Greece resigned when he lost control of the Economy of which Greece is yet to recover. Resignation for whatever reason is not in Nigerian's blood at all. Even in death, Late Yaradua's family didn't allow him to "resign and RIP".

  6. When will this trade blame stop? PDP is a big thief, we all know but do something and bring us out of this shambles called 'Economic Recession' na beg we beg.

  7. LAI MOHAMMED only your name is shameless,you are a very BIG fool with old brain. BUHARI should fix this country how he met it or RESIGN is simple. Nigerians are crying and hungry, today 1 dollar is 480naira why? why is APC so wicked like this, all the blame is PDP because if their failure, God help us.

  8. My friend leave that place for someone else to manage. U are not capable.

  9. If the PDP keeps mute, which other opposition party do we have to checkmate ur excesses? Buhari should quietly resign and relinquish power to a capable hand. At least between PMB and GEJ, we now know who is clueless.

  10. The man should resign Nigerians'are tired of him

  11. If u are comparing GEJ'S time and Buhari's time on global economic comparisim,Buhari is better because if it were to be during GEJ that price of crude oil fall so low like this,we would have seen more hell than this.


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