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The Nigeria Labour Congress has challenged the wife of the former President, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, to disclose how she made the $31m found in some accounts recently frozen by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The President of the NLC, Mr. Ayuba Wabba, told journalists on the sidelines of ‘NLC National Youth Conference’ in Abuja on Tuesday, that the former First Lady had a responsibility to prove to Nigerians that the money in question was legitimately earned.

Wabba also challenged Mrs. Jonathan to tell Nigerians the kind of business she had been doing to make such a huge amount of money.

The NLC’s President said the former First Lady would have been made to forfeit the money to the government in other countries.

He said it had always been the position of the NLC that all those who stole public funds should be duly investigated and prosecuted to serve as a deterrent to others.

He urged the government to extend the fight against corruption to states and local government areas in the country.

“We have said it over and over again that NLC is the first organisation that actually supported openly the anti-graft war. We said recover, investigate and prosecute so that it can serve as a deterrent.

Our position has been clear on the issue of the frozen $31m. In this respect, the onus of prove is on the ex-First Lady. First, she must inform all of us the sources of the money. She must explain what business she has done to accumulate such wealth. In other climes, people would have forfeited such funds. This is our position and we have always been consistent about it.

“If you look at it critically, that is why we are where we are today. Salaries are not paid in many states not because the resources are not there but because of the inherent corruption in the system.

“Corruption fight should also be extended to states and local governments. Wherever there is element of corruption, whoever is involved, the law must take its course.

“There should be investigation. There should be fair trial within the confines of the law and whoever is found wanting, those funds should be recovered and prosecution should follow to serve as a deterrent.”

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  1. I agree with nlc but can you also question others?

    1. You don't wait until you have caught all the thieves before you start dealing with the ones you've caught.

      Also, state governors are supposed to investigate their predecessors and build up cases against any of their predecessors who are believed to have looted state funds. The Constitution does not empower the Federal Government to probe state finances. The S-S governors insulted OBJ when, as President, he asked them to account for the huge funds they were collecting on behalf of their people. They told him it was none of his business and accused him of trying to incite their people against them!

    2. We can't question everyone at once but one at atime.

    3. Like who... Mariam babangida or Stella obansanjo blessed memory.. We sold stop all this.. This fight will start somewher6and reasonable the past govt will be sensible.. If the past govt can't probably there pridicesors why are we asking this gives to do so.. There should be a foundation which pmb is laying so if any other govt come in they should prob the out going ones.. By these things will be reshaped

    4. How can u agree with NLC? She owes no body no explanation, she said the money belonged to me, what efcc should have done was to invite her to explain further. We all know that this is pure witch hunt knowing her utterances during the election period, it is left for efcc to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the money does not belong to her.

  2. The same NLC that lost its voice in the cases of Dogara, Buratai and Saraki now finds the lost voice in the current fraud allegations against Patience...What an irony...? I said it that APC will go down as the worst government in the history of Nigeria...Well,as events are unfolding...

  3. Simple, let her explain how she made the sum.

  4. Which NLC? Hahahaha ! APC's NLC. There is no longer any Worker's NLC. What concerns NLC with politics of EFCC and alleged corruption case? They are now part of the establishment given power to fight corruption kwo!
    This is laughable! When NLC members are dying of hunger because of lack of salaries and other entitlement. Is this the including increase in minimum wage which they supposed to ask for bearing in mind the effect of inflation fuel price and rise in general price level.Are pensioners being paid now.
    OK. Has NLC ask Buruntashi to explain the source of his money used to buy properties in Dubai?
    This NLC is as useless as their sponsors.

  5. Shame on you NLC,in fact am so disappointed with this NLC as a group. How many times have u put this clueless government on check as ur primary responsibility? With the level of hunger in the land nlc ought to the street protesting.

  6. Mr Ayuba wabba you as loose and stupid as a goat. If this is how the past leaders of nlc did the job by now nigeria will be like a zoo. Ayuba mobilise the masses afgainst the government. The masses you represent are dying of hunger bcos of this clueless government and u are there clapping hands for them fool.

  7. Chei there is Godoooooooooo!

  8. am so ashamed of so call nlc when fuel price was increase from 86 to 145 were was nlc salaries are not being paid 5 -8 months were are u nlc now that is jonathan wife u now talking abi fools.

  9. I wonder why this shameless NLC did not ask Aisha Buhari how she made N100 million naira she donated in Bornu State before election when Buhari said he did not have money to buy APC party nomination forms.

    I also wonder why this biased and tribal NLC did not ask Burutai how he made the money to buy several houses in Dubai. I think it is high time this contraption called Nigeria is divided because everything is judged with religious, and tribal sentiments. All the rubbish buhari and APC have been doing these idiots called NLC leaders have been looking away. This is because, Buhari is a northerner fulani, muslim and the NLC leader/ president is also a northerner and a muslim. That is why they look away while buhari is committing all sorts of atrocities, impunities, dictatorship, nepotism and evils against nigeria populace. Shame to you evil co-travellers of buhari and APC. You could not stand up against fuel increase because a northern president has increased it. Nigeria is already gone, keep helping to destroy it. Injustice, inequality, state sponsored terrorism (release Kabiru sokoto a terrorist so he can be used to kill opposition and christians,)nepotism, poverty, gnashing of teeth everywhere. We all know buhari is working as puppet for illuminati UK and USA govts to reduce population of christians, especially southerners. Almighty God will never allow them succeed. Imagine releasing bokoharam terrorists who killed so many nigerians, many of the christians, meanwhile he is holding innocent Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafran freedom agitators in prisons when the courts of competent juridiction have judged and found them innocent and then freed them. What is going on in nigeria is different law for different tribe/religion.


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