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Dr Oby Ezekwesili 

Former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili, has blamed President Muhammadu Buhari for the current economy recession.

 Ezekwesili, who stated in a whatsApp message last night, said:  “I still find it funny that most people don’t know why Nigeria economy went into recession.

They love the incompetent lies of Lai Mohammed about the past government ruining everything. ‘’It’s also myopic to think that if Jonathan were to still be in power, we would be worse off. ”The truth about Nigeria’s recession is this; it was caused by the president’s unguided rhetoric and uncultured body language.

 ‘’Firstly, there is nothing we are buying today that we weren’t buying five years ago, therefore it’s not our purchase that put pressure on Naira but withdrawal of funds by foreign investors. ‘’After the election, the President created instability with his statements about how everyone is corrupt and how everyone is going to jail.

‘’The instability made foreign investors to liquidate their investment and change their money to dollars. In the process of trying to flee, they were willing to buy dollars at any price, which lead to high exchange dollar rate.

‘’Even though some of them were not ready to run away, but want their money in dollars to save their investments from devaluation, the president gave a bad signal by banning deposit of foreign currency into domiciliary accounts.”

‘That was enough for free market believers to see the draconian handwriting on the wall, that was the beginning of dollar rush. ‘’To make matters worse, the President came up with another outrageous policy of rationing dollar to certain sectors and blocking many sectors out. That was the nail in the coffin which facilitated the emergence of free fall.

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  1. Its quite a shame that you only opted to do the 'speaking out" after your group was not allowed free entrance into Aso rock. You have clearly shown that you're not a person that can be taken seriously. In just one sweep you will be singing praises of whoever is in your good books to high heaven and when the tide turns, you are raining blames on the person.
    Now everybody can see reasons why blacks will always be made to serve under a white person, even if this white has lower academic qualifications. It shows that all the degrees you "acquired" amount to nothing if you can be displaying such unstable disposition to issues.
    Whatever happens with all the humongous moneys being recovered from the past government officials? How convenient is it for you to use your Phd head to try to hoodwink people into taking your theory about economic problems we are facing in Nigeria. It simply shows how we cherish acquiring degrees and titles in Nigeria, and lack principles and good morals. Dr. my foot!

    1. Anonymous10:36am. Iam sure you are blind. All that she has said are correct. Buhari government claim they've collected over 3trillions of stolen money what impact does that has on the economy. Everything has gone high. Please advise them to stop the blaming games and face governance. My #18T can't buy a bag of rice. Iam sure you will say because of oil fall mumu.

  2. Anonymous 11:11, if your brain is functioning and you are educated at all, and if you are not living in stone age and banana republic, will the government just recover moneys from your fellow thieves and start spending it, without going through the court process? It is true that your N18,000 can't buy you a bag of rice today because your brother, yesterday, turned the national treasury into personal bank account, in connivance with people like yourself. So Xmas is over, you have to face the consequences of yesterday's misgovernance and maladministration today! The sad thing is just that we are all in it today- both the innocent and the culprits (like yourself).


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