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Hate campaigners got a bloody nose yesterday. Former President Ibrahim Babangida protested against attacks by President Goodluck Jonathan’s supporters on his person and others.

He cited other generals under attack as former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, the late ex-Head of State Gen, Sani Abacha, ex-Head of State Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar and a former Minister of Defence, Gen. T.Y Danjuma.

Although Babangida did not mention names, First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan, Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi and Peoples Democratic Party Campaign Council spokesperson Femi Fani-Kayode have been criticised by many for championing hate campaign.

He said those promoting hate documentaries are “intellectually delinquent or they suffer memory loss”.

He said nothing forbade former military leaders from contesting presidential elections, adding that leadership training is better grounded in the military than any other profession.

Gen. Babangida, in a statement he personally signed and released by his media office, said the stigmatisation of past military leaders accounted for “espirit de corps amongst ourselves in support of our military institution and colleagues when the stakes are high”.

The statement said: “In clear attempts to whip up support for President Goodluck Jonathan, certain persons, groups and individuals have embarked on several campaigns of calumny against former military Heads of State and presidents who have had the opportunity to govern this country.

“Of particular reference is a one-hour documentary aired on Silverbird Television on Tuesday night; 24th March, 2015 that deliberately impugned the integrity of Generals Olusegun Obasanjo, Muhammadu Buhari, my humble self; Ibrahim Babangida, the late Sani Abacha, Abdulsalami Abubakar, and T.Y. Danjuma; all of whom have had the privilege of presiding over the affairs of this great country at various levels.

“It is either that those promoting the hate documentary are intellectually delinquent or they suffer memory loss; or a combination of both.

“I have my very strong reservations about the contents and thematic focus of the said documentary. Apart from promoting hate campaign which clearly undermines the modest contributions of these former presidents, the commentaries in the documentary against the former presidents leave a sour taste in the mouth.

“Nobody is stopping anyone from campaigning for their preferred candidates contesting various positions in the elections, but to do that at the expense of the reputation, contributions, patriotism, loyalty and sacrifice of former presidents to the Nigerian state is, to say the least, immature.”
The ex-Military President said nothing forbids ex-military leaders from contesting presidential election.

The statement said: “The military is at present combating the dreaded Boko Haram sect to restore Nigeria’s territorial integrity. What law under a democracy forbids retired military personnel from participating in politics and presenting themselves for election? Over 90 per cent of American Presidents have military background.

“Leadership training is better grounded in the military than any other profession. And the military parades some of the best brains in any country, including Nigeria.

“In fact, some of my military students that I tutored have Doctorate Degrees.

“It is, therefore, callous, wicked, out-of-sync, cynical and a show of crass ignorance for anyone to undermine the military institution by embarking on mudslinging campaigns against former presidents and leaders with military background.

“While those campaigners are pointing their accusing fingers at us, they forget to recall that the present Director-General of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation is actually a retired military officer.

“It is this form of demonisation and stigmatisation that often compels us to exhibit esprit de corps amongst ourselves in support of our military institution and colleagues when the stakes are high.
“As disciplined military officers, we are patriotic Nigerians and must be treated with utmost respect and decorum.”

He said irrespective of any insinuations against the military, he remains proud of the institution.
Gen. Babangida said: “The military is an institution that is so dear to my heart. It is an institution that nurtured my growing up and my achievements in life. I am not only sold to the military institution and by extension the Nigerian state, I am betrothed to it.

“As a profession, retirees are bound to participate in politics and democracy as an all-inclusive process, same way that doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, and civil servants get involved in it. It is the reason why I ventured into politics in 2003 before I quit in 2010. It is the same reason why General Obasanjo participated and got elected; and now General Buhari.

“It is therefore very curious that promoters of President Goodluck Jonathan’s aspiration would attempt to demonise and stigmatise former military leaders and cast aspersions on them in order to malign their reputation. This is very unfair.

“Fact is; the military fought a civil war to keep this country together. What I suffer today is a consequence of the injuries I sustained during the Nigeria Civil War. I am not sure there is any patriotism that is more than that. Some of us were prepared to die for the country.”

Babangida reminded pro-Jonathan campaigners that the idea behind the formation of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) started in his home.

He said those parading themselves as democrats today had all participated in military governments
The statement added: “For record purposes, and without sounding immodest, the idea of a PDP that has now become the ‘largest party in Africa’ started in my home, here in Minna.

“With the support of my fellow colleagues, we prepared the way for this democratic process that has now led us to where we are presently.

“We built the democratic infrastructure and architecture. Those who are parading themselves as democrats today, all participated in military governments.”

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  1. This is one of the best write-ups from the Great Maradona. I agree with you totally.

  2. IBB, it is not the fault of hate campaingners but that of the person they campaign for. Recall that GEJ said he's going to expose former military rulers.

  3. I hope these nut heads now understand the language the military are speaking, Nigeria sai Buhari!

    1. Whatever may be his faults and weaknesses, no one can fault IBB's intelligent analysis and methodologies. That made him to assemble the best of intellectuals and successful professionals into his administration. We are virtually back to his political framework of a little to the left and a little to the right 2 party state that he crafted. He was the initiator of privatization of problematic govt agencies among other things. Unfortunately he allowed personal interests to rob him of the credits in the manner some of these ideas and initiatives were implemented.

  4. I hope these nut heads now understand the language the military are speaking, Nigeria sai Buhari!

  5. Esteemed general, why did it take you this long to react. Is it because this time the documentory directly attacked your person?You should have spoken out when the heat was on GMB. It is almost irrellevant now. It is true of the saying that a stitch in time saves nine. All the same GMB all the way!

  6. The general has spoken. They will alway support their own.when the stake is high. So GMB is their choice Jonathan beware of hate campaign

  7. We expect other Statesmen to join IBB in the condemnation of these inglorious conduct by government officials. These loquacious ingrates that eat where they did not sow, have decimated the Nigerian State by their mediocrity in governance and malicious incitements. They lack respect for anybody and have rubbished the lofty ideals of our forbearers in desperate attempts to remain in power and continue the looting of our treasury. The antics of these bigots/cabal have debased the dignity of the hard-working Nigerians in the eyes of the world, that one is ashamed of being a Nigerian. I am yet to identify a legacy institution or projects that could be ascribed to this administration, in spite of six years of unprecedented revenue from oil. In particular, a country that contracts the protection of its territories and waters to thugs will further endanger our lives, economy and undermine professionalism of our military institutions. Experience has proved that awarding these contracts to individuals will lead to the evolution of MAFIAS that may haunt us in future. The Nigeria Navy must be well trained and equipped to play their traditional role of policing our waters.

    1. Anonymous 8:07. You have just hit the nail on the head and I am in total accord with all you have said. Its unfortunate that GEJ only listens to Sycophants and opportunists who have done more harm than good to his reputation (if he had one). This was a man who was opportune to mount the leadership position of this country on the good will of every nigerians irrespective of Religion or Ethnicity but today he has revived the divide which we all has fought and toiled to erase in June 12 when we voted irrespective of our differences. GEJ will be SACKED on Saturday March 28th by the same people who entrusted him with our wealth and future keeping the unity of the country which he swore an oath to. This was a man in normal circumstance wouldn't even have won a ward election if he wasn't just appointed and foisted on the electorate by the same people he he has betrayed. Never shall we make this same mistake ever again. We have already paid for it with six years of bitter experience in the hand of a clueless, visionless and heartless opportunist who has lead this great country on a rudderless stewardship to where we find ourselves today.

  8. What will GEJs supporters now say? Afterall He has been saying that IBB has been supporting him......Generals will always be Generals.

  9. IBB built no democratic structures. He was only trying to manipulate the nation and it backfired. Taking the nation through series of dismantling political parties and annulments does not amout to building structures.
    You actually frustrated true politicians until rascals rose up and took over. The rascals have been so empowered that we are suffering the consequence today

    1. IBB is a fool , He refuse to hand over to MKO Abiola after he win , Now you people has come again fool, GEJ will be there till 2019 . APC change there father sincere 1960 till OBJ hand over you did not remember your father statement change .

    2. What are you saying? It doesn't make any sense.

  10. IBB they have gotten you where they wanted, hahhahahaha so good for you. big thief, you are amongst the looters of our treasury and I really careless about your endorsing GEJ. GEJ all the way for me!

  11. The write up by IBB is one of the best and most objective in recent history. The esprit de corps concept should facilitate the desired change, now a sine-qua non for the very survival of our beloved nation now pushed to the brink by a corrupt, clueless, visionless, irresponsible, INNEPT and reckless Jonathan presidency. OBJ has since similarly spoken out.

  12. IBB is a fool , He refuse to hand over to MKO Abiola after he win , Now you people has come again fool, GEJ will be there till 2019 . APC change there father sincere 1960 till OBJ hand over you did not remember your father statement change .

  13. It is absurd that people will attempt to bring down institutions just to achieve their own selfish ambitions. These hate campaigners don't care if Nigeria fell apart, so long their pockets are well oiled.
    IBB has done what is expected of a good statesman, observe well and then speak.
    PDP started in the home of a "jailer" and now they accuse GMB of what?
    The very idea that conceived them is totally of the same ideology! At least an ideology true to its origin, not some clueless people who are not proud of their founding fathers.
    Sai Buhari!!!

  14. The General, I salute you-the Army have the best of leaders because that is what the training is all about. But I stand totally against the quota system, which puts the north ahead every other tribe, for instance I tried to join the Army in 1987/1988 through NDA but I was denied all these accumulations is what is playing out today. Whoever that wins either Buhari or Jonathan must have learnt a big lesson during this ongoing transparent election. JEGA you are the man that have instituted true democracy. If buhari wins remember it will be the only opportunity you have to heal the wound you inflicted on the IGBOs. Obama in the white house, will be like IGBO man in ASO ROCK. 2019 here I come seek me

  15. Why shouldn't Abacha be criticized. IBB are you okay?

  16. Lets all of us return our loots back to NIGERIA i dont care BUHARI OR GOODLUCK.....please ibb help us recover our dignity starting from you.

  17. Pls let all country pray for buhari victory both muslems and christians. Mokwa city, N/state.


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