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Most of the Immigration jobs that hundreds of thousands turned up trying to get on Saturday have already been allocated to well-connected politicians, including state governors and federal lawmakers, sources told Daily Trust in Abuja yesterday.

Only 240 of the 4,556 slots at the Nigerian Immigration Service remained for the 522,6752 “ordinary” applicants who trooped to the test centres and caused a stampede in which at least 16 of them died.

The Immigration Service had said a total of 522,652 applicants turned up at the venues spread around the country, battling for 4,556 jobs.

A source briefed about the recruitment process, which is being handled by the Board of Immigration, Customs and Prisons, told Daily Trust that among those who were already allocated job slots are governors, senators, House of Representatives members and ministers.

“They shared all the positions among governors, senators and others. What remains for those ordinary job seekers was 240,” the source said.

Another source from one of the top anti-corruption agencies said the money collected from all the applicants amounted to about N7 billion.

“Look, each applicant paid N1,000. From the record 7 million applied, so they generated about N7 billion,” he said.
When contacted, spokesman for the Immigration Service Mr. Chukwuemeka Obuah said he was not aware of sharing of the job slots, as the recruitment process was not even handled by the service itself.

“I don’t know about that, I don’t know about the issue of slots. The issue of this recruitment exercise was undertaken by the board, the Nigerian Immigration Service did not operate the board,” Obuah said.

“What I know is that Nigerians lost their lives and it is tragic and unfortunate.”
Efforts to get Senate’s position were not successful as chairman of the Senate Interior Committee Atiku Bagudu did not answer telephone calls.

But the House of Representatives Interior Committee said if National Assembly members were given any allocation of job slots, they were entitled to them.

Committee chairman Rep Umar Bature (PDP, Sokoto) told Daily Trust by telephone yesterday: “People can say whatever they want to say. The National Assembly members are members of the public. So if they are given slots, I think they are entitled to it. But that is the issue that we would look at when we meet with the Senate committee. But I think we should not be looking at the scapegoat,” he said.
He said the committee would investigate to find out causes of the incident.

On the criticism over monies collected from applicants, Bature defended the Immigration Service, saying all agencies routinely collect application form fees from job seekers.

Daily Trust

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  1. I feel ashamed of myself being a Nigerian. Shame on Nigerian government.

  2. How much is A4 paper size in the market? Corrupt Politicians. Ajob seeker paying N1000 for what he/she is not eve sure of. Think of the pains he went through, and what to eat after giving u heartless pple the N1000!

  3. We voted for you house cmtt and you are telling Nigeria you have all right to have slots thn those who put u in the office............

    1. My friend we did not put them into office o - 99.9% of them bought their office. We just went through the masquerade of believing we had voted.

      "Free and fair elections" only exists on paper in Nigeria.

  4. It all revolves around the same corruption in the country. If the positions were already assigned to lawmakers and their cohorts, why let these poor people die in vein? The country is holding a national conference whichn is a total waste of time. Nigeria should not tinker with constitutional changes until we see a need for change in us and our behaviors.. The place is rotten, and changing or re-writing the constitution will make no difference. Any changes will still be implemented by the same corrupt and incompetent individuals. So, why waste our time and money rewriting the constitution?

  5. Shame on Bature.So even if the slots are shared among you only,is because you are entitled to at the expense of the larger society you are representing.

  6. mind u,customs is not included in that board.BE WARE!!!

  7. Bature must be a bastard

  8. Can u imagine this man called bature he said people can say whatever they like,why did the NIS collect money from pple wwhen the slots are already been given out,corruption!corruption!!corruption!!!

  9. If slot hv been shard,why then colecting1000 from poor mases .when u no that you will sell ur slot .u should hv sold it without .duping poor people.only God Will judge u leders.

  10. Seriously why bother telling us all this. When nothing will be done to correct it!!

  11. Something quick has to b done in dis naija and REVOLUTION is the solution coz if not we will never escape from the slavery of our bad leaders. Youth shuld have use the stampede as a medium to revolution buh am sure it will cum soon. We have to chase them all away. We have to make changes by ourselfs and stop being a coward let us let God aside from this issue and face the consequences for better.

  12. We the youths of this country have the strength. Just imagine that the 70,000 job seekers marched from Abuja stadium to Aso Rock, I bet you, not even the Brigade of Guards would be able to stop them. The human tsunami has the capacity to sweep any unwanted government away from office. The time is near when all the people benefitting from the blood of innocent Nigerians will look for shelter and they will find non to take refuge in. The great REVOLUTION is near and it will consume them. Shameless dealers that call themselves leaders.

  13. It is a shame that when our leaders suppose to make remark in the life of masses rather they are leading us astray.

  14. Sincerely it is wickedness from inception, if almost all the slots have been shared and you said hundreds of thousands of people should compete for 240 slots. Bature, your right my foot. Where is the interest of Nigerians then and that means not only the minister and NIS Boss that is involved in this mess. It is all of una. Revolution is coming to sweep u guys off your feet, YOU ARE SElFISH.

  15. Since slot is already shard.why dicieving people by selling form for 1000 and to 70
    .000. Thousand people.what a wicked p d p leader people deceive and minesters.this time we need change.

  16. Having people like this man, Bature in the house is big shame not to talk of him beign chairman.

    He talked arrogantly with thinking of those innocent souls that we lost.

    By the Great Power of Allah, Nigeria will get better people to lead us.


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