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Seventeen Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) Senators will this week announce their formal defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the Senate, a chieftain of the APC in Kwara state, Senator Bukola Saraki has said.

Saraki, who is the chairman, Senate committee on environment disclosed the plan while speaking with newsmen in Ilorin, Kwara State on Sunday.

“We are going to formally defect. Before we started we were already 19. Then Jigawa pulled out, so from zero. We have about 17 senators that will defect from PDP to APC. The letter has been signed. I have signed my own. Others have signed theirs. So it is not a matter of may be. It must be and not a matter of months or weeks but a matter of days,” he added.

On the fear of losing their seats, he said he: “I want you to rule out the fear of losing our seats; this week we will write the Senate President of our decision to defect. The letter is ready, only that we don’t want to go solo; there are two other senators who are to go to their constituencies this weekend and finalise with their people.

“You know when it comes to the Senate the issue is more complicated and you have to handle it so; your constituency is larger than that of the Representatives and in politics there are many things you must consider.

“But I can tell you it is not a question of if, it is a matter of when and I can assure you it will happen. It is not a matter of months but of days. The letter is ready, I have signed my own and I can show you. We know that the majority of Senators understand issues beyond the case filed by the PDP.”

He ruled out the possibility of his group returning to the PDP, saying that their commitment to APC is total.”

He said that ‘forced’ resignation of Alhaji Bamaga Tukur as PDP chairman has vindicated his group, insisting that “there is no reason to go back to the PDP which has recently done what it should have done long ago with the resignation of Alhaji Bamangar Tukur”.

On the focus of the APC on the Rivers state crisis, Saraki said there is an understanding that while the incumbent Inspector General of Police has the experience and maturity to tackle the matter, it is evident that some other factors are working to hinder him hence the need for federal legislators and other stakeholders to intervene.

He added,”I have been governor for eight years and been chairman of Governors Forum. We know the power of the governor under the law. During the time we have had occasions to look at states where the governor and the CP cannot work together and in the interest of peace and political stability we recommended the redeployment of such officers. It is necessary because the law says the governor will oversee issues of security.”

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  1. defect and go final. that does not mean the end of nigeria. pls go.

  2. nd go final 2 were

  3. Some people are so illiterate despite their paper qualifications to the extend that they have completely forgotten the benefits of a viable opposition to democratic government....the illiteracy is even more pronouced. Among the youths who are supposed to be the change agents.....I wondered if they are happy with what PDP was doing with Nigeria resources for the past 16 years?

    1. Can you now see the level of decay in our system? It has started affecting our brains, the stomach has already been affected. What else do you expect from the youth? The old viruses have already affected them and they are not willing to change.

  4. Saraki and co, if you want to defect to APC defect and stop making noise. You people lack political ideology. Do you even know the manifestoes of APC that you are going to. Those going out of PDP are the bad eggs, their inordinate desire and interests are not protected that is why they are leaving. In fact APC is where you people will submerge and your voices will not be heard again. Is not foolis
    hness for one to leave where he is deeply rooted and knows the norms and go to where he will be shallowly rooted? PDP don't receive them if the come back after defection.

  5. All these self centered and selfish masquerading so called 17 PDP Senators defect should trace their origin back otherwise, i foresee chaos in that so called APC very soon, be wise, do not leave your party all in the name of gang up, see to the progress of Nigeria and be patient and amend all that needs to be amended in your party, stop jumping as the masses did not like the idea at all because no matter their vision and mission, people see it as power by force, I am not a politician but i still see PDP as the only responsible party that exist in Nigeria for now others are just caucus

  6. APC are well coming 17 senators to perty.

  7. Freedom of association is enshrinshed in the Nigerian constitution. APC is the party to ensure fairness and equity in Nigeria.

  8. this jst politics n Nigerians shld nt lose sleep but if a party hd bn in power 4 yrs n wt less development we can try out the other Lets nt kill ourselves

  9. this is all politics let us not lose sleep at all. if a party hd bn in power for so long n no development lets try another U can never tell ...let all parties knw they can be replaced

  10. Politics shld be sweet for all. Nigeria is still evolving we must learn to try out alternatives in politics to get the best out of our system Lets put another party at both state n federal levels if they are not performing thats the beauty of politics n democracy

  11. Those who have failed their people and the country at large will keep on jumping from one party to the other .

  12. am even surprised. by now I think every Nigerian should know that PDP is useless. After about 16 years of leadership

  13. Nigeria is a funny place....what have all those defecting from PDP TO APC OR APC TO PDP DONE for their state and immediate constituencies....they have virtually done nothing than steal our money, buy the most expensive house, private jets, most expensive cars, rituals and high level abominable things..... is it the leader of APC that virtually own the whole properties in lagos and still collect toll fee,, is it kwara state that looks like a jungle or is it Otta that is almost like a Zoo... just tell me one good thing that they have done and you people are clapping for them ....... they are all fighting for one thing power and money to continuously control the masses...... my happiness is that the most richest man ever lived on earth King Solomon of the blessed memory said that ALL IS VANITY..... finally they will die and others will continue from where they have stopped. if only they can carry this wealth to their grave then I will join them and be like them.......God Bless Nigeria


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