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A couple of months back, NE reported the activities of Reverend Rowland who was running a gay Church underground in Lagos, Nigeria. The Church called House of Rainbow was situated at No 36/38 Yakoyo Street, Ojodu Berger, Lagos. Reverend Roland sometime ago reportedly appeared on Cable Network News, CNN, where he proudly talked about his Church of gays.

The initial reaction about his exposure was that such a Church could not exist within Nigeria as such things are common in abroad.

But an uproar in the Anglican communion in Europe on gay bishops brought up the case of Reverend Rowland, a Nigerian who was residing in Lagos. He was also operating his gay Church in Lagos.

In his plot 145 flat 1, Jakande Estate, Isolo, Lagos, where Rev. Rowland Olajide Macaulay, the gay Pastor lived, the apartment was locked. It was learnt that the Reverend left his house on Saturday, September 13, immediately after a national newspaper carried the story of his homosexual Church and ever since, he had not been seen.

According to his neighbours, the Sunday service could not hold both at the Jakande Estate branch and the Ojodu headquarters of House of Rainbow Ministries after that publication.

Right now, Rev. Rowland has relocated abroad where he is presently running his gay Church,”House Of Rainbow Fellowship”.

According to the gay Pastor, “any negative effect on the anti-gay bill will have detrimental effect on the work and mission of House Of Rainbow in Nigeria. The lives of LGBTI people and their friends, families and allies will be further frustrated with fear and prejudice. We need to pray and stand up against injustice”.

According to him, “My Church is a voice of the younger generation of citizens, activists, and diaspora, and our collective belief in a more progressive Nigeria. They are afraid of our growing influence as we gather allies not just from the West, but from people that are not afraid but powerful and resilient.

“Right now, we are spreading their tentacles to every village, town and city around the world. The Church is also calling on faithful and dedicated local leaders who believe in homosexuality and lesbianism. Ten House Of Rainbow Fellowship local leaders are in Ghana, Nigeria, UK, Burundi, and Lesotho.

“Religion is a backbone to life in Nigeria, so, we all want to go to Church,” he said.

“But we don’t want to lie to God about who we are.”

Macaulay first set up House of Rainbow in 2006 and openly held Sunday services in a Lagos hotel hall decorated in rainbow colours. A public backlash culminated in members being beaten as they left the Church. Macaulay fled to the UK after receiving death threats.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International and gay rights activists and groups have also condemned the law, calling it discriminatory and incompatible with international human rights laws to which Nigeria is a signatory.

In all, homosexuality is illegal in 78 countries worldwide and punishable by death in seven, according to the UNAIDS organisation.

“It (the law) is a license to violence,” said the gay Nigerian man spoken to by AFP.

“In this country, we have people being lynched because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.I am afraid for people who can’t even speak for themselves and who are going to end up in jail without anyone knowing about it.”

Meanwhile, some gay activists recently vowed to fight the Nigerian government after the country outlawed same-sex unions, warning the act legitimised homophobic violence and increased fears of persecution.

A gay man in Lagos, whom AFP did not identify in case of reprisals, said he was “devastated” by Jonathan’s actions and terrified at the consequences.

“I am concerned especially for LGBT people up north, in the (southern) Niger Delta… and for LGBT people in the whole of the country actually,” he added.

“They (the government) have just legalised violence, stigma and discrimination. Our situation has gone from bad to worse.”

Nigeria is a highly religious country, with evangelism popular in the Christian-majority South, while the North’s Muslim and Islamic law runs alongside state and federal justice systems.

Speaking with some religious leaders on the issue, Reverend Ayo Olawuyi said, “Same sex marriage is satanic. The word of God on it is clear. This is not an issue of human rights. Anybody that supports such is fighting against God. It is a fearful thing to oppose God.

So, there is need for everybody to shout it out that gay, lesbianism, and all what not, is just the beginning of the destroying of the fabric of our heritage. It is not our heritage. If you don’t want to marry, don’t marry, if you are a man, marry your opposite sex. It is morally wrong, criminalised in the Nigerian legal system, in the criminal code and every code of the country. It is spiritually unpardonable. That was why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone.

“There is no way they can continue in such sins and want brethren to accept them as fellow believers. No sinner is part of God’s kingdom. Here in Nigeria, we cannot, we will not, we must not allow this decadence to see the light of day. We have enough sins we are asking God to forgive us and renew us about rather than, adding these vices,” Olawuyi said.

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  2. Thanks to you Olawuyi God will deliver us in this world. Amen

  3. are these guys really serious? obviously all proponent of gay or same sex marriage are oblivious of God's view of such act and the implications. 1Cor.6:9 ,1Tim 1:8-11

  4. You don talk am finish Rev. Ayo Olawuyi -Gbam
    Case closed

  5. UK should open more of its gates to all these set of people because they have no hiding place in Nigeria.
    We will and cannot accept this abnormal and evil thing in our country.
    Yes there are people who practice this but they are considered miscreant and people who need rehabilitation and salvation through Jesus Christ.

  6. Thank God for the actions of the Nigerian President in banning same sex marriage.

    All same sex marriage supporters should go to the UK where there are no moral values and where sin is celebrated.

  7. Smart guys are already talking of asylum in the UK. David Cameron wants them and he will surely have more from Nigeria. For a typical Naija Guy, it's a one door close another opens. However, I thank God that Jonathan refuse to yield to their pressure.Same sex marriage is ungodly, dirty to think of and punishable. Let the West do their worst. Thanks folks for your great comments

  8. Is it not the UK that all your leaders run to when they steal money...wake up people, i do not support gay marriage, but would banning it change anything in that the corruption or unemployment that the Government should be concerned about..what about the several killings that goes on on a daily basis?..i do not think anybody ever clamor for gay marriage in why the unnecessary hullabaloo about same sex marriage. Do we even know the health implication of the law on innocent Nigerians? Wake up people..

  9. Christian olooodos, Jesus abolished the law and established Grace guys if you dont accept this you are not a Christian and need to re-lay your foundation. See Hebrews 10v9 , whilst it is true that homosexuality was banned under the law - the law was taken away by Christ ...maybe you all should rest a while in the books of Galatians and Hebrews , as those that are justified by the law of Moses can never enter Heaven. Jesus paid the price for Gays and lesbians to be who they are and to make Heaven.
    Where is your compassion and Love ? Jesus when He caught the woman in the very act of adultery did what? You guys and your misguided Churches dont even offer deliverance /ministration and are keen for imprisonment. God have mercy on your souls in this testing as many have failed and will fail the re take LOL
    If you come across a gay you might do well to tell them the Truth of the Cross and the works of Christ Jesus was Sacrificed for them and for the whole world Hallelujah!.He became the penalty for them ..
    If you cant then just share this ministering video with them jare --its in Oyinbo yoruba...

    1. Lizze! what r u talking about? Hebrews 10 v 9 has nothing to do with what u r saying! by the way, the woman caught in the act of adultery committed the sin with a "man"(opposite sex) not same sex! check the meaning of adultery in the dictionary. By majority, we Nigerians, irrespective of our religions, do not want gay marriage! or homosexual practices! simple!

    2. what does Hebrews 10 9 say? I was talking of bringing forth the fruit of compassion that Jesus displayed with the womancaught in the act of adultery. This is what Christians do and not put people in prison for something they are not comfortable with . It is not a crime against man but one that was against God and God has settled i ni la ra ( irritability ) by the Lamb of God.

  10. y did he relocated? he would have stayed back, least we beat that demon of gay out of him. you are lucky it was not in port harcourt

  11. The west and it's allies are sick undoubtedly,but they won't legalize polygamy, why? It's African centered, when a thing becomes a problem the way out is to make it legal.
    The world is yet to see the worst from hell... But the church do not understand this level of attack lunched from the pit of's about faith Christ and the body!

  12. This is a spiritual distortion of the human personality as made by God.....every parent at this time needs to prayerfully watch over their children, this seed is sown at birth or along this line during childhood and manifest in due time. There is a spirit lunched out from the pit of hell that lay wait to thwart destines ....marriage as is man and woman is of God and Christ and the church is depicted thus, so Gay is a satanic manipulation in the categories of prostitution, orgies and vices that are inimical to the doctrine of the Bible. Scripture says gay is a punishment from God upon a people that has over time refused to acknowledge God in their affairs. Romans 1:26-27 KJV
    [26] For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: [27] And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
    So which Bible does gay church people use?

  13. Lizzie I believe the death on the cross was to set free from sin and not to abolish the law and thus legitimize sin! Grace all lover the New Testament is all expressed as Gods given enablement to live above and to do the impossible... Philippians 4:13 KJV
    [13] I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

  14. I am getting weary and tired of pointing out the obvious to those that are supposedly saved..where is your love walk even if youdont understand this gay thing?

    In the first instance the Gay Churches uses as many bibles as the hetero churches use and yes its even disputed which one is the most reliable. Understandably many points have been adapted changed and taken out of many bibles including the KJV and others authorized by a vexed King ( Henry 8th)in his bid to break away from the Catholic Church.
    Henry also brought in the antigay stance in the bible and in the Church just like he did divorce and remarriage which was also not in it or preached before.
    The other mal infulencer of the Bible and Christian faith are the Judaizers those that want Christians to go back under the law and not remain under Grace. Tyndale was greatly influenced by them as were the Apostles who had to make a stand against them. Do you not know that the Nigerian law places Christians under the law where there is no Sacrifice there!?

    homosexuality was linked to the gentiles who don't know God, many 9jarian Christians dont want to be associated with gentiles or anything in their past which may show them to be gentiles (ex) and this is where the problem comes from. FYI Sodom was not destroyed because of Gays , Ezekiel tells us that she went down for her non love walk , and not doing justice. Infact each time the Lord God has destroyed a civilization is has been due to this non love walk. Jesus stated this the law and the prophets hangs on this : Love God and Love your neighbour. And He established the new dispensation on them esp Love thy neighbour to the extent of loving even your enemies..

    How is imprisoning Nigerian Gays a love walk?. Not one Church said to the Govt we dont feel that they should go to prison but they should come and have deliverance , healing treatment etc if they felt that it was wrong and against nature and as you put it done by Satan. Were you not all commissioned to go to the house of the sick and make them well then? You say the west and allies are sick and yet you dont offer treatment ...

    This is what Jesus did HE ABOLISHED THE BAN ON HOMOSEXUALITY BY ABOLISHING THE LAW THAT CONTAINED IT ..AND ESTABLISHED GRACE.where there is only 2 laws Love God and Love yourneighbour. If you fall from Grace you go back under the law wheresin and death reigns..

    You say its still a sin where does it say that it is a sin? bible Definition of sin is what : Sin we are told is the Transgression of the law.(1john 3:4) Are we under the Law of Moses or Grace? We are under the Law of Grace and sin is Transgression of that Grace. 1 Corin 13:1



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