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The alleged gay, Sadiq, being whisked away from the scene.

There was commotion thursday morning at Kotodayo community in Ota, Ogun State, western Nigeria, as a young man, simply identified as Sadiq was beaten to a pulp for allegedly being gay.

The incident happened at 1 Kotodayo in the Iyana-Iyesi area of Ota after Sadiq’s friend, Ibrahim (surname withheld), allegedly raised the alarm declaring that his male organ had disappeared.

The alleged gay, Sadiq, being whisked away from the scene.
The alleged gay, Sadiq, being whisked away from the scene.

According to Ibrahim, who was seen naked before some men, Sadiq had paid him a visit last night and deep into the night, he began to have sex with him.

When reporters visited the scene, Ibrahim’s penis was of normal size, but he was making efforts to make it turgid as a proof that it was fully restored.

Ibrahim, who is also a squatter in the house, alleged that it was the first time Sadiq would be visiting him.

Though they have been friends for some time now, Ibrahim said he never knew his friend was gay until last night.

Sadiq, in a confessional statement to local vigilantes at the scene of the incident, said he has been homosexual for the past three years.
Crowd in front of the house
Crowd in front of the house

He denied snatching his friend’s male organ, but said he had engaged only men in sex since then and further indicted a prophet whose white garment church is within the community as the one who prepared the concoction with which he engages in the act.

However, the prophet, who was invited by the vigilantes, denied the allegation.

He said he had known Sadiq as one who never chased after women and did not know that the man was gay.

Neighbours told a source that the owner of the one-room apartment where the incident occurred lives and works in Lagos and only visits the place at weekends.

Sadiq was later whisked away by the vigilantes after much plea to stop beating him was rebuffed by the people of the area.

Nigeria frowns at gay practice and recently passed a law that stipulates a 14-year jail term for offenders.

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  1. Mare allegation that someone is gay is enough to expose them to violent attacks in Nigeria what a shame. I don’t think there is any law that will change the sexuality of homosexuals. Human rights for all please.

  2. Mr speaker the day we will catch u, u are gone for life. your own beating will be worst than that of the said fellow, that demon that is inside you will come out. evil people

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  4. You can’t come close to me, I am too powerful. I have respect for human dignity and I respect human rights too. Those who are secured in their sexuality have no reason to worry about homosexuality. Loves not hate please my people. Hold onto your religion and beliefs but don’t think everyone will share those views. Homosexuality is not new to Nigeria, the sooner we stop pretending the better for us. Two consenting adults doing their thing do not affect me in anyway.

  5. Mr speaker, u are a FOOL!!!****

  6. Mr speaker,3 bedroom apartment is waiting 4 u in hell...

  7. Anonymous

    The owner of this space did make it clear that we respect each other when expressing our views. I have been threatened and now been insulted still I maintained that fellow Nigerians should learn to respect the human rights of others. No one is asking you to turn to homosexual but the fact remain that we don’t know who is behind the masks and that homosexuality does exist in our society. Live and lets live is the way to go. It’s not easy but that’s how it should be respect the rights of others if you want yours to be respected.

  8. Mr Speaker, homosexuality is not natural. You should not be going into the rectum to have sex.That is what God made women for and that is why women carry eggs and men carry sperms. The rectum is for passing feaces not for sex. You will soon be wearing diapers when your rectum can no longer hold stools.

  9. Mr Spoker,
    Either you are a ....... or .......... A fool is wiser than you are, so another name is needed for you . You are of " my fellow ADOFUROs(widows)" clan.
    Only God can judge but my opinion about you is you are .............................

    Pls explain whether its gay right or human right you want. Even animals are yet to descend to this level of senility.


  10. Mr custom car dealer,why don't u go sell those cars to ur useless mothers and brothers. Last week a friend of mind discovered only too late that ure a big time 419ner,u shuould be ashame of urself for posting this nonsense online. Idiot!

  11. Speaker, we dare you come out and claim your "rights". Pig.

  12. When we want review certain issues we must not forget that other similar issues may be affected. Mr speaker,you don't see any thing wrong with homosexuality as long as the participants are consented of their act. Could it also mean that if some convinces his daughter to marry him,it will be acceptable? One can also be consented to allowing his child become a thief,burglar or robber etc. Those who take part in rituals where humans are used can also with the consent of their children,use them for human sacrifice. Boko haram members who with their consent execute suicide attacks is not condemnable. Haba! Objectivity justifies human actions. The essence of engaging in sexual act is not only for pleasure. The anus is not meant for sex,homosexuals cannot pretend to be ignorant of the impact frequent indulgence in this act has on their anus. Most of them end up using pampers as their anal muscles can no longer with hold stool. When homosexual couples need to make children,why do they still engage surrogate mothers? Why not get themselves pregnant & have children themselves? This is enough to let them know that they cannot counter God's will. The west has brought a lot of good things our way,but we can't take this one. Homosexuality does not fit in anywhere in African culture & this must be respected......Chris Abara.

  13. Mr Anonymous Small Boy, all you are good for is making noise.
    Be a man and take care of your starving children, its not the rest of the worlds responsibility to feed them.
    Facebook and Google software was written by homosexuals, you are gayer than you think.

  14. Mr spearker if I catch u, I will roast ur pennis and feed it to the dogs, thunder fire you wia ever u are

  15. Follow Nigerians while speakin on this matter, we shld learn to apply some level of reasonin... Mr Speaker homosexuality is against the laws of nature and laws of our Great country Nigeria pursuance 2 section 214 of the Criminal Code sub section 3 2be precise.. Homosexuality an unnatural offence which in turn is carnal knowledge against the natural way of sex whch is sex through the vagina ( I.e btwn the penis and vagina).. This is nt an issue of religion or believe. It is against the law of the land, and as a citizen of this great nation I bliv u owe ds nation a duty of respctin the laws of the land for no one is above the law and ignorance of the law excuses no one.. LET'S LEARN TO DO THE RIGHT THING & BE LAW ABIDING.
    . ALVIN

  16. We are praying4our country Nigeria, that GOD will turn our Captivity&have mercy on us,&some people want to to our country to become a land of Sodom&Gomorah. In the Mighty Name Of JESUS, they will not succeed.

  17. Most of the comments here are appalling; it also exposes fellow Nigerians poor understanding of human sexuality and public health. In the world of the internet anyone can be king. So abuse me as you are able to but the facts still remains that homosexuality is not sinful, neither is it harmful to health, because been gay is actually homosexual natural nature. Most of you protesting too much are the actual homosexuals, please fellow Nigerians let’s stop the pretend and accept our homosexual citizens. As some here asked, I am fighting for Human Rights and be it known that Gay Rights are Human Rights too.

  18. Kill all gays everywhere beginning from obama!

  19. not gay but I don't think this sort of violence is necessary... wasn't it the colonial British who brought the anti-gay laws to Nigeria?

  20. Thanks Wt! I actually thought of you when I was writing parts of this. I knew you'd have some thinky thoughts as well!
    "gay men


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