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Many African girls are working as prostitutes in Europe especially Italy to send money home to their families, Many of them Nigerians, However,people back home can not even begin to imagine the kind of suffering they have to go through. Because they are in the country illegally they have to hide out in the forest and in fields. 

View more pictures by photographer Paolo Patrizi below.

Migration linked to prostitution
The phenomenon of foreign women, who line the roadsides of Italy, has become a notorious fact of Italian life. These women work in sub-human conditions; they are sent out without any hope of regularizing their legal status and can be easily transferred into criminal networks.
Many are Africans working as prostitutes to send money home to their families. 
For nearly twenty years the women of Benin City, a town in the state of Edo in the 
south-central part of Nigeria, have been going to Italy to work in the sex trade and every year successful ones have been recruiting younger girls to follow them.
The Nigerian trafficking industry is fueled by the combination of widespread emigration aspirations and severely limited possibilities for migrating to Europe.
The term Trafficking of persons is restricted to instances where people are deceived, threatened, or coerced into situations of exploitation, including prostitution. This contrasts with Human smuggling, in which a migrant purchases services to circumvent immigration restrictions, but it is not a victim of deception or exploitation.
Most migrant women, including those who end up in the sex industry, have made a clear decision to leave home and take their chances overseas. They are headstrong and ambitious women who migrate in order to escape conflict, persecution, environmental degradation, natural disasters and other situations that affect their habitat and livelihood.
Ensuring a better future for one’s family in Nigeria is a principal motivation for emigration within and outside the trafficking networks. Working abroad is therefore often seen as the best strategy for escaping poverty. The success of many Italos, as these women are called, is evident in Edo. For many girls prostitution in Italy has become an entirely acceptable trade and the legend of their success makes the fight against sex traffickers all the more difficult.
One concern is that the anti-trafficking crusade is causing effects opposite to its objectives. What presents itself as a campaign to protect migrants from harm is actually making their efforts to flee home, to find work, to make the most of their lives in often difficult and unforgiving circumstances, much harder.

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  1. Cathfo Global ConceptsFebruary 19, 2013 at 8:25 PM

    Na wa o, dis is suffering of d highest order, ur mates are in the city,and u're sleeping in the forest. Shame on u.

  2. Is nt possibble how do they take their bath,why not show us where their cloths are kept.hmmmmm

  3. @ the writer, are you sure this is Italy? I don't think anybody can survive the condition of finding a shelter in the forest. Italy is a country where almost 9 months of the entire 12 months weather condition aren't summer. So tell us, how can someone now live on the forest inside the fucking harsh weather? I live in Germany and I can tell you that in the summer, everybody, white or black people, enjoy adventures. People do crazy things ranging from forest camping etc. Fine, Benin girls or whatsoever have their own way to survive but not to this crazy life style. Sorry but this article isn't the real revelation of the Nigerian Benin girls.

  4. Their mindset has been twisted from childhood that many made money through prostitution.this is a general problem,

    but Edo(bening),Delta(urhobo) are the major people into this business. In there state you will see many houses own by women who live abroad. And the young ones also want to be like them.

    They just have to start a sensitization program to change the orientation of the young ones. Nobody becomes truly wealthy through prostitution.

    Just last 2month a young girl who just finish secondary school from edo state just left the country to london for prostitution. Am not trying to tarnish the image of any tribe.

    But this particular people need sensitization program for the young one's.

    1. Emmex Urhobos dont do such i may not know of other tribes but i am very certain that travelling abroad for prostitution is not an Urhobo kind of thing pls take note.

  5. Fuckshit colored...fuckers
    Poverty stroke them like thunder.......


  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. This is nonsense. May God delivered them

  8. This publication didn't make any sense at all. Why didn't they show us where the take their bath and their human can survive in such a forest
    Unless the writer wants to tell us that those girls are ghost. Complete nonsense


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